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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-28 23:15:00

Amazing Red, Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooko Goto vs. Gedo, Chase Owens and Jay White

Ishii was worked over a lot early on by Bullet Club, including being double teamed on the floor by White and Owens.  White drilled him with hard chops but Ishii didn't go down.  Bullet Club continued to tag in and out, working over Ishii.  Red finally made the hot tag and it spinkick and a nice rotation into a DDT on Owens for a two count.  Red went to the ropes and nailed a tornado DDT.  Red controlled Owens and scored several two counts.    They were both down and tagged out to Goto and White, who battled back and forth.  Gedo tagged in and poked Ishii in the eye, then slammed Goto for another two count.  Owens teased bringing in a chair but the referee stopped him,  Ishii and Owens battled back and forth.  Owens went to the top but was nailed.  Red came off the top.  Goto drove White over his knees.  Gedo went to attack Goto but he turned to face him.  Goto lifted him and drove him down over his knee.  CHAOS held off Bullet Club as Goto nailed the move again and scored the pin.

Your winners, Amazing Red & Tomohiro Ishii & Hirooki Goto!

A good six man tag.

KENTA vs. YOSHI-HASHI for the NEVER Openweight Championship

HASHI's shoulder is taped up.  They battled back and forth until KENTA gained control.  He brought HASHI to the floor and sent him into the guard rails several times.  He brought HASHI up the aisle and nailed him, returning to the ring and preening to the fans.  HASHI was almost counted out but made it back to the ring before the 20 count.    KENTA continued to control him with strikes but HASHI battled back, only to be struck back down to the mat.  KENTA worked over HASHI got a long time.  HASHI got to his feet and fired away with a series of forearms.   He went for a suplex but KENTA blocked.  HASHI drilled him hard with chops and finally nailed a big suplex.  

HASHI hung KENTA across the top rope and nailed him with a dropkick for a two count.  KENTA nailed several strikes including a spinning backfist.  He nailed a running dropkick on HASHI, who was sitting down in trhe corner after being hit with a strike.  KENTA ascended to the top with a big kneedrop, but against HASHI kicked up at two.  HASHI came back with several kicks and a clothesline for a two count.  KENTA cut him off with a series of strikes and locked on a Crossface for a submission.  HASHI tried to fight out KENTA kept appying pressure and pulling him back.  HASHI finally made it to the ropes, which the crowd booed.  Dueling chants started.

KENTA nailed a running knee to the back but HASHI came back with a kick to the gut, then a superkick to trhe head,  He lifted KENTA and nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.  HASHI went for a move rebounding off the ropes but KENTA pulled the referee in front of him and the ref was bumped down.  KENTA nailed a low blow and called for the referee to get back in the ring    The Guerrillas of Destiny hot the ring and attacked HASHI.  They set up for a Superbomb but Tiger Hatori hit the ring, admonished them and dragged them out of the ring by their hair, then forced them back up the aisle.  The crowd loved that.    KENTA rolled the referee back in and went for the GTS but it was turned into a takedown into a cattle mutilation variation.  KENTA tried to reach the ropes but was dragged to the center of the ring.  He made his way back to the ropes but again was pulled back.

KENTA made it to the ropes but was nailed with a lariat and a brainbuster for a two count.  They battled back and forth until KENTA nailed the GTS for the pin.

Your winner and still NEVER Openweight Champion, KENTA!

They fought a hard physical battle here.

Kota Ibushi and IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. EVIL and SANADAh

Ibushi carried his Wrestle Kingdom 2020 main event contract with him to the ring.

Okada easily got the biggest pop of the night for his entrance.

The crowd chanted "All these guys" at the bell.

Ibushi started with EVIL.    Okada tagged in but EVIL tagged out to SANADA.    They had a back and forth sequence that was the best thing thus far on the show in my opinion.  Okada got caught with a dropkick to the faced as EVIL took out Ibushi.    EVIL worked over Ibushi on the floor.  SANADA tied up Okada in the ring, trapping him on the mat.  SANADA set him up and dropkicked him in the rear.  Ibushi finally got tagged in.  The crowd chanted his name.  He controlled SANADA until EVIL tagged in.  They battled back and forth with forearm strikes.  SANADA and Okada return to the fray.  Okada kicked him off in the corner.  SANADA nailed a moonsault into an dragon sleeper and cinched his legs around Okada.  He picked him up for a backbreaker and went to the top but Okada rolled out of the way of a moonsault.  Okada nailed his dropkick but SANADA ducked the Rainmaker and hit a back suplex.

EVIL tagged in and dared Okada to come fight him, banging on the mat and wanting the champ to rise to his feet.  Okada stayed down in the corner so EVIL nailed a Bronco Buster for a two count.  Everyone battled.  Okada hit a tombstone on SANADA.  EVIL wiped out Ibushi with a sick looking back suplex.  Everyone was down at the end of the sequence and the crowd chanted for New Japan.  Ibushi and EVIL beat the hell out of each other, with EVIL wiping him out with a big lariat.  He covered Ibushi for a two count.  EVIL folded Ibushi in half and scored the pin.

Your winners, EVIL and SANADA!

A really good main event.  The best thing on the show by far.

The show closed with EViL cutting a promo, saying the show was late but it was fine.  He said NY is EVIL and everything is EVIL.

It was a solid but unspectacular show.  To me, it felt like a house show where you pretty much could feel out who was going to win and who was taking the loss for most of the show.  That's not a bad thing, because NJPW has an internal logic it almost always follows but this didn't feel like a history making night the way the G1 in Dallas or G1 Supercard in NYC did.

NJPW closes out their Fighting Spirit USA tour tomorrow in Philadelphia.

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