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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-24 21:59:00

After the match, the Female version of the Benny Hill Chase Crew go after Carmella and she rides Truth to the back.

Charlotte goes after Sasha and Bayley but Sasha with a lungblower.

Becky Lynch's music plays and she comes out and hits an exploder on Sasha and Bayley.  Becky wtih DisArmHer but Bayley pulls Sasha out of the ring.

Shane and his attorneys are in the office looking at papers as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Mustafa Ali versus Shinsuke Nakamura (with Sami Zayn) in a Non Title Match

Nakamura with a kick to the leg and an Irish whip but Ali floats over and hits a drop kick. Ali with a suicide dive and he sends Nakamura back into the ring and hits a cross body for a near fall.  Ali is sent to the apron and Ali with a kick and he kicks Zayn away.  Nakamura sends Ali into the ring post.  Zayn taunts Ali.  Nakamura puts Ali on the apron and Nakamura with a knee to the back of the neck.  Nakamura gets a near fall.  Nakamura with a knee to the head and Nakamura kicks Ali.  Nakamura with a front face lock.  Ali punches Nakamura but Nakamura with a snap mare and knee drop for a near fall.

Ali blocks a kick and hits a spinning heel kick.  Nakamura misses a splash into the corner and Ali with a kick and rolling X Factor.  Ali with a running double knee strike in the corner and then he puts Nakamura on the turnbuckles.  Ali goes for a Frankensteiner but Nakamura pushes Ali off the turnbuckles.  Ali lands on his feet and hits a drop kick as Nakamura comes off the turnbuckles.  Ali gets a near fall.  Nakamura misses a round kick but hits a back heel kick. 

Nakamura with a kick and sliding German suplex.  Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Ali with a super kick and both men are down.  Ali gets a near fall.  Ali goes up top and Nakamura with a kick to the head and a running knee to the ribs.  Nakamura goes for the reverse exploder but Ali lands on his feet and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Ali with a tornado DDT and he goes up top for a 450 splash but Zayn pulls Nakamura to the floor.  Ali with a flip dive over the referee onto Nakamura.  Ali sends Nakamura back into the ring and then he goes after Zayn.  Zayn goes back into the ring and Nakamura with Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

We take a look at the situation between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens that led to this Wrongful Termination lawsuit.

Shane is in his office with his attorneys as we go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will face Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell.

Match Number Five:  Xavier Woods and Big E versus Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Axel and Woods start things off and Axel with a kick.  Woods with a drop kick.  Woods floats over on an Iris whip and Woods with a kick.  Dallas distracts Woods and Axel with a forearm and kicks.  Bo tags in and kicks Woods.  Axel tags in and Bo with a snap mare and Axel with a reverse chin lock.  Axel with a belly-to-back suplex attempt but Woods lands on his feet.  Axel backs Woods into the turnbuckles  Axel with a DDT after knocking Big E off the apron.  Bo tags in and gets a near fall.  Woods is sent to the floor.

Bo calls for the B Train and Big E joins in and sends Axel into the ringside barrier.  Woods with a rollup on Bo for a near fall.  Woods with a kick and Big E tags in.  Woods with the Midnight Hour on Bo for the three count.

Winners:  Big E and Xavier Woods

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are walking in the back and they talk about Mandy being on the cover of Maxim Australia.  Mandy is handing out autographed magazines to people.

Otis Dozovic wants a selfie with Mandy.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six:  Asuka and Kairi Sane versus Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Asuka and Sonya start things off and they lock up.  Sonya runs her forearm across the bridge of the nose.  Sonya with a waist lock take down.  Sonya with a kick to the back.  Asuka blocks a kick and kicks Sonya in the leg.  Asuka with a back heel kick but Sonya with a kick to the leg.  Sonya with a side head lock.  Sonya with a shoulder tackle but Asuka with a shoulder tackle of her own.  Sane tags in and they hit a double hip toss followed by a drop kick and kick to the back combination for a near fall.

Sane misses a spinning back fist and Sonya with a punch.  Sane is sent to the floor and Mandy tags in.  Mandy decides to show everyone her magazine instead of working over Sane.  Sane kicks the magazine away and chops Mandy.  Sane with a forearm and chop.  Mandy is sent back into the ring.  Sane with a head scissors take down.  Sane sets for the Sliding D and hits it.  Sane knocks Sonya off the apron and then Sonya pulls Sane down when Mandy distracts the referee.  Mandy with a forearm for a near fall.

Mandy with an Irish whip and forearms.  Sane with forearms to get out of the corner.  Rose keeps Sane from making the tag but Sane kicks Mandy away.  Asuka tags in and hits a drop kick followed by a pop up knee.  Asuka with a hip attack into the corner followed by a kick and bulldog.  Asuka with a Shining Wizard but Sonya breaks up the cover.  Sane takes care of Sonya.  Mandy with a rollup for a near fall.  Sane tags in and Asuka with a Codebreaker followed by an elbow drop from Sane for the three count.

Winners:  Asuka and Kairi Sane

Shane is in the back with his attorneys and they walk together into commercial.

We are back and we are told that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will be facing Sasha Banks and Bayley next week on Smackdown.

Shane McMahon is in the ring with his lawyers and one of them has a briefcase.

Shane asks for Kevin Owens to make his way to the ring.

Kevin makes his way through the crowd and he is handling this segment pro se.

Shane introduces Kevin to his attorneys and Shane mentions Kevin's frivolous lawsuit.  Shane says he has a proposition for Kevin.  Option 1:  He keeps Kevin in court for years and he pays millions of dollars in legal fees.  It will be appeal after appeal after appeal.  Shane says there is Option 2.  Shane says Option 2 is that Kevin drops the lawsuit and Shane will reinstate Kevin on the spot and he will drop the fine.  Shane says it is clear what the smart choice is.  Shane wants to start with a clean slate and Shane offers his hand.

Kevin tells Shane he is a real idiot.  You don't get it.  Kevin says the idea of a lawsuit makes him sick, but the only thing that makes him sicker is Shane in the back.  Kevin says he does not want to be in the same locker room as Shane.  This is not about money.  It is about getting under Shane's skin and getting what he wants.  He wants to see Shane's ass get fired.

Kevin suggests settling this with a match.  If Shane wins, he drops the lawsuit and he is gone.  Kevin says if he wins, Shane is gone from WWE.  Kevin says he does not want a regular match.  He wants a match that will hurt Shane as much as he wants to hurt Shane.  Kevin says this has been hanging over his head for years.  Kevin says you talk about climbing the ladder.  Why not put the fate over our heads and have a ladder match.

Shane tells Kevin he's got it.

Becky Lynch is in the back and she is asked about whether Sasha has an advantage.  Becky says Sasha better hope she has an advantage.  Sasha attacks Becky from behind and Becky sends Sasha into a production case.  Sasha with forearms and she backs Becky into the production case.  Becky is sent into some plywood and then she puts Becky's face against a fence.

We go to credits.


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