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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-23 22:59:00

We are back and we are told that next week on the Season Premiere of Raw, Brock Lesnar will be there.

The Street Profits are in the back and Angelo mentions Brock Lesnar.  Angelo talks about Seth Rollins versus Braun Strowman tonight.  Montez mentions the Elimination Match to determine who faces Seth next week for the Universal Title.  Montez mentions the participants.  Angelo brings up Ricochet's reaction last week when Maria said he was the father.

Miz shows up and he mentions that he has another daughter as of Friday.  Next week, Miz will be hosting MizTV with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.  

Montez wants them to show what happened last week on Smackdown when Brock Lesnar challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on next week's Smackdown.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Ember Moon versus Lacey Evans

Lacey backs off and she has to towel off and she litters in the ring so Ember with a drop kick.  Ember gets a near fall.  Ember with a side head lock.  Ember lands on her feet on a hip toss attempt and sends Lacey to teh mat.  Ember with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Lacey kicks Ember into the corner and Ember sends Lacey to the apron.  Lacey with a slingshot kick that knocks Ember off the apron.  Ember is sent back into the ring.  

We see Natalya in a room with a monitor as the match continues.

Lacey with a sleeper.  Lacey with a knee drop to the arm and she kicks Ember in the corner.  Lacey with a hesitation Bronco Buster for a near fall.  Lacey with forerms.  Ember with a Samoan drop.  Ember with a short arm clothesline followed by a series of kicks.  Lacey with an Irish whip and Ember goes to the apron.  Lacey with a leg sweep.  Lacey misses a kick when Ember ducks and Ember with a cutter from the apron.  Ember gets a near fall.  Ember gets another near fall.  Ember goes up top but Lacey stops Ember and hits a Woman's Right while Ember is on the turnbuckles.  Lacey stands over Ember and applies the Sharpshooter and Ember taps out.

Winner:  Lacey Evans

After the match, Natalya is asked about Lacey using the Sharpshooter.  Natalya says imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Lacey hasn't perfected the move and if Lacey wants a rematch, she better be ready to tap out.

We go to the Firefly Funhouse and the wall of victims.  Another photo is put on the wall but it has not been revealed who is under the cover.

Bray takes a Seth Rollins action figure from Huskus.  Bray tells Huskus and Ramblin Rabbit to be friends.  Ramblin says they both love Seth so much.  Bray says sharing is not easy and you don't want to get too attached to something.  If you get too attached to something, you get weak and you feel disappointment, neglect, and loneliness.  Bray says he knows what it is like to be abandoned by someone who loves them.  Ramblin says they don't want the Fiend to hurt Seth Rollins.  Bray says maybe HE wants to protect Seth.

Bray says Ramblin and Huskus can share Seth and Bray breaks the action figure in half.  He says sharing is caring.

Bray tells everyone he will see them in hell.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the announcers talk about last week's NXT on USA Network.

R Truth and Carmella run to the ring as they look for the Benny Hill gang.  Carmella tells them to stop and she asks for a mic.  She tells them to stop chasing them.  She cannot take that any more.  They are on the run to capture and retain the 24/7 Title.  Truth says they are going to get out of here thanks to his clown friend and he will take them to Derry Lane.  Carmella says she cannot do this any more.  

Truth hugs Carmella and Carmella with a rollup for the three count.

Carmella celebrates and then she gets on Truth's back and they go to the back and we have women chasing the new champ to the back.

Bayley talks about destroying Nikki and Alexa at the same time.  Sasha says she heard what Becky said.  Sasha says that Becky talks about this as a cat and mouse game.  Sasha says she is looking forward to gettting back what is hers. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sami Zayn is with Shinsuke Nakamura and he reminds Nakamura who he is.  Nakamura speaks in Japanese and Sami apologizes.  Nakamura stares into the camera.

Before our next match, starts, Baron has something to say.  He is not out here to be making fun of people.  He won't be out here long because this match will be short.  Baron says he will no longer have to compete against any sawed off runts or anyone under 5 feet 5 inches.

Match Number Five:  Baron Corbin versus Chad Gable

Corbin misses a clothesline and Gable with a punch.  Corbin misses another clothesline and Gable with punches and kicks.  Gable with a waist lock and Corbin misses an elbow.  Gable with a kick to the knee and he returns to the waist lock.  Corbin sends Gable through the ropes to the floor.  Corbin with a back elbow.  Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock.  Gable with a punch but Corbin with an elbow and hard Irish whip.  Corbin with a forearm to the back and he chokes Gable in the ropes.  Gable floats over and hits an arm drag followed by a drop kick to the knee.  Gable with a swinging neck breaker and Corbin goes to the floor.

Corbin pulls Gable to the floor and Gable with a forearm.  Corbin with a kick and he sends Gable into the ring steps.  Corbin biels Gable over the ringside barrier onto two members of the security detail as we go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with punches but Gable with a forearm.  Corbin slides around the ring post and hits a back elbow for a near fall.  Corbin with elbows to the upper chest.  Corbin returns to the half nelson and chin lock.  Gable goes for the leg and Corbin with a hard Irish whip for a near fall.  Corbin punches Gable and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Gable flips over Corbin and hits a cross body on Corbin.  Gable with European uppercuts and kicks.  Gable runs into a boot from Corbin and Corbin gets a near fall.  

Corbin with a splash into the corner.  Corbin with another splash into the corner.  Corbin slides around the ring post when Gable moves on a splash.  Gable with a series of rolling kicks to Corbin.  Gable goes up top but Corbin crotches Gable and then slams him to the mat and gets a near fall.  Gable with a kick to the knee.  Gable with more kicks to the leg and Gable with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Corbin with a choke slam and he gets a near fall.  Gable with punches and Corbin punches back.  Corbin goes to the turnbuckles but misses and hits the top rope.  Gable with a German suplex.  Gable with a moonsault for a near fall.

Corbin grabs Gable by the throat but Gable escapes.  Gable with an ankle lock.  Corbin gets his scepter and he hits Gable with it and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Chad Gable (by disqualification)

After the match, Corbin continues to attack Gable with the scepter.  Corbin hits Gable in the back of the head with the scepter.  

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