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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-23 22:59:00

We begin with a look back at what happened last week between Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and The Fiend.

We are in San Francisco, California and your announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves.

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.  

Seth says he has to level with you.  Over the last seven years, he has seen a lot of things in this ring, but he has never felt the way he felt last week.  He was defenseless last week aftering being attacked by five guys.  Then he has the living embodiment of a nightmare in his face.  Seth says he closed his eyes hoping it was a bad dream, but it was not.  In less than two weeks, he has to defend his title inside Hell in a Cell against Bray Wyatt.  Seth says he does not need to tell you what that structure is capable of, it shortens careers.  Being in there with Bray is a different story.  What does he do?

Seth says he does what he always does when his back is against the wall.  He survives.  Nobody gave him a chance against Brock Lesnar but he survived and prevailed.  Braun Strowman gave him the fight of his life at Clash of Champions, but he survived and prevailed.  Inside Hell in a Cell, it does not mind what mind games Bray uses, Seth says he will survive and prevail.  

Braun Strowman's music interrupts and Braun makes his way to the ring.

Braun says if Seth has something to say to him, he prefers that Seth says it to his face.  Braun says he does not pretend he is Mister Rogers with psycho puppets.  Braun suggests that Seth tell him face to face.

Seth starts to talk about the tag titles and Braun says he is not done talking.  You cost them the titles and then Braun reminds Seth that he said he hopes that Braun doesn't get a rematch.

Seth says that with all he has to do, he was saying that he was hoping that he did not have to face Braun for a while, but he has Bray at Hell in a Cell and then he has to face the winner of the Five Way Match tonight.  Seth says now he wants to face Braun.

Braun says if that is the case, then you are going to get these hands.

Match Number One:  Erik and Ivar versus Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (with AJ Styles)

Erik and Anderson start off and they lock up.  Anderson with punches but Erik with a knee.  Anderson with a side head lock and Erik with a double leg take down and a waist lock take down.  Erik runs Anderson into the corner and Ivar tags in.  Ivar with a knee and Erik with a knee of his own.  Ivar with a cross face and shoulder tackle.  Ivar gets Anderson up and slams him.  Erik tags in and Erik slams Ivar onto Anderson.  Erick with an arm bar.  Gallows tags in and he punches Erik  Gallows with a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall.  Gallows with elbow drops to Erik.

Gallows with punches.  Erik with a forearm and Ivar tags in and Ivar with a shoulder tackle and side slam.  Ivar with a cross body onto Gallows.  Ivar punches Gallows and Gallows with an Irish whip but Ivar goes to the apron and he stops Anderson and Gallows.  Styles cannot succeed in his interference, but it distracts Ivar long enough to allow Gallows to kick Ivar off the apron.  Styles is sent to the back by the referee.  

Cedric Alexander attacks Styles and sends him into the ring entrance.  They fight to the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Anderson kicks Ivar in the corner.  Gallows tags in and he punches Ivar.  Gallows kicks Ivar in the corner.  Ivar punches back and he kicks Gallows.  He elbows Anderson off the apron and hits a seated splash on Gallows.  Anderson and Erik tag in and Erik with forearms to Anderson.  Anderson with a forearm and Erik iwth a knee and rolling elbow.  Erik with an exploder to Gallows followed by a hip lock and knee to the head.  Ivar tags in and hits a clothesline followed by a double knee strike by Erik.  Erik sends Ivar into the corner and hits Anderson but Ivar can only get a near fall.

Gallows pulls Ivar over the top rope to the floor and Anderson with a spinebuster to Erik for a near fall.  Anderson with the Boot of Doom for a near fall.  Anderson tags in and they set for Magic Killer but Erick kicks Anderson and he punches Gallows.  Gallows with a punch and Ivar tags in and hits a clothesline on Gallows.  Anderson with a kick but Ivar and Erik hit the Viking Experience for the three count as Erik hits a suicide dive on Gallows.

Winners:  Erik and Ivar

Robert Roode is in the back and he is asked about his match later tonight.  Roode says he thinks he is going to come out on top because he pinned Seth Rollins on the night that he won the tag titles.  He beat Seth already.  With his Universal Championship on the line, the result will be absolutely GLORIOUS.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole is in the back with Becky Lynch.  Cole asks about Sasha making the challenge, but Becky asking for the Hell in a Cell match and whether it is a good decision because of her hot streak.  Becky says she wants Sasha at her best.  Becky says she saw the Raw division in shambles after she won the title.  Ronda left the division in shambles.  Sasha on a hot streak is what Becky wants.  Cole reminds Becky that Sasha has been in a Hell in a Cell match, but Becky reminds Cole that Sasha did not win.  Cole brings up Bayley.  Becky says the goal is to keep Sasha from getting out.  Cole mentions the steel chair from Clash of Champions and her fine.  Becky says you sometimes go into the ring for a victory, but sometimes, you go in looking for revenge.  

Match Number Two:  Rusev versus EC3

EC3 with punches and a clothesline.  EC3 with a kick and punches.  EC3 runs Rusev into the corner and Rusev with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow.  Rusev catches EC3 on a cross body attempt and Rusev with a uranage.  Rusev with a suplex and he follows with a second suplex.  Rusev sets for the Machka Kick and hits it.  Rusev sets for the Accolade and applies it and EC3 taps out.

Winner:  Rusev

Rey Mysterio is in the back and he says a few weeks ago, he almost retired.  This business has been his entire life.  Rey says he was experiencing a moment of doubt.  Thanks to his son Dominic he did not retire and he is still here.  Rey says he has a chance to face Seth Rollins next week.  Rey tells Dominic that tonight's match is dedicated to you.

Match Number Three:  Sasha Banks (with Bayley) versus Nikki Cross (with Alexa Bliss)

Nikki charges at Sasha and Sasha runs away.  Bayley tries to distract Nikki but it does not work.  They lock up and Banks backs Cross into the corner and connects with punches in the corner.  Sasha slaps Nikki and Nikki comes out of the corner with forearms.  Nikki with a shoulder tackle and a monkey flip.  Nikki with a drop kick for a near fall.  Sasha goes to the floor to talk strategy with Bayley and Nikki waits for Sasha to return to the ring.  Sasha gets back into the ring and she sends Nikki to the mat and Sasha with punches.

Nikki blocks a suplex and gets a near fall with an inside cradle.  Cross with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Sasha with forearms and an Irish whip but Nikki floats over and takes Sasha down with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Nikki with a crucifix for a near fall.  Nikki with a La Magistral for a near fall.  Nikki with another arm drag into an arm bar.  Nikki with a cross body for a near fall.  Banks goes to the floor and Nikki gets on Sasha's back and applies a sleeper.  Sasha falls back and Nikki lands hard on the floor as we go to commercial.

Sasha with a straitjacket choke.  Nikki escapes the hold and Nikki with a rollup for a near fall.  Nikki with a head butt to the midsection but Sasha with an Irish whip.  Sasha puts Nikk in the ropes but Nikki kicks Sasha away on the double knee drop.  Sasha with a knee and a hesitation double knee strike.  Sasha gets a near fall.  Sasha with a head scissors and arm bar submission.  Sasha runs her boot across Nikki's face and Nikki with a jaw breaker and punch.  Nikki with an elbow.  Sasha misses a splash into teh corner and Nikki with forearms.

Nikki with a splash into the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall.  Sasha goes to the apron to avoid Nikki and Sasha sends the leg into the ropes.  Sasha with a running double knee strike for a near fall.  Sasha with a snap mare and she drops a knee to the leg.  Sasha with a spinning toe hold.  Sasha with a knee to the hamstring.  Nikki grabs Sasha's hair and Sasha punches Nikki.  Nikki kicks Sasha away and Sasha grabs the leg and Nikki sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Nikki kicks Sasha from the apron and Nikki with a cross body off the apron.  Nikki with a neck breaker in the ropes.

Nikki with a neck breaker in the ring and Nikki gets a near fall.  Sasha with a drop kick to the temple for a near fall.  Sasha with a drop kick to the ribs and Nikki goes to the floor.  Sasha goes for a baseball slide but Nikki pulls out the ring skirt and connects with forearms.  Sasha avoids a tornado DDT and Sasha goes for the lungblower but Nikki avoids it.  Nikki with a swinging neck breaker and Bayley gets on the apron and the referee forgets what his job is.  Alexa takes care of Bayley and sends her into the timekeeper's area.

Nikki with a cross body from the turnbuckles but Sasha rolls through and applies the Banks Statement and Nikki taps out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, Sasha attacks Nikki and then she kicks Alexa on the apron.  Sasha with a lungblower and Banks Statement on Alexa.

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows are in the back and AJ asks when will they learn that they are not in his league?  They say that Cedric is not on his level.  Luke says none of the other four are in AJ's league.  AJ says nothing will get in his way of getting that Universal Championship.

We go to commercial.

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