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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-04 23:26:00

Impact Wrestling sources have confirmed to that Killer Kross is not booked for this week's TV tapings.  The company remains steadfast in their belief that they offered Kross a six-figure deal (we are told by one source the six figures are in total over three years, broken down as $40K, $60K and 80K; another source declared those numbers "outdated" and that the final rejected offer was much higher) in a new deal, which Kross declined and that he is being held to his existing deal, which has 18 months left.  We are also told by Impact sources that Kross has hired an attorney and is using that attorney to facilitate all communication between the two sides.  In regard to the blading issue, Impact sources claim that their side were the ones who offered the fake blood to Kross when he declined to blade and there was no issue with his choice.  While conceding there were no doctors at the Slammiversary event, Impact sources stated they did have EMTs present at the show.  

Impact will tape TV on Thursday 9/5 and Friday 9/6 at Samstown in Las Vegas.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking live reports.

Rob Van Dam has agreed to an extension of his current deal through January.  Van Dam will be traveling to Colombia at the end of September to undergo stem cell therapy to help him in overcoming a number of lingering injury issues, including issues with a wrist he broke back in 1995 while wrestling Dory Funk Jr. in All Japan Pro Wrestling.  Brian Cage, Kevin Nash, Johnny Impact and Rey Mysterio, among others, have been going to Colombia for the therapy of late.   PWInsiderElite subscribers can listen to a brand new conversation with RVD discussing this weekend's TV tapings, his feud with Moose, returning to the Odeum in VIlla Park, IL for Bound for Glory, the athleticism of the younger generation he's influenced, his health today and tons more at this link.

Former WWE, WCW and ECW star Johnny Swinger has signed a deal here.  The plan is to use him as a veteran performer who can help others.

There are plans to use Sabu in the future.

Impact Wrestling will hold their 2019 Victory Road iPPV in conjunction with Oklahoma's World Class Revolution on 9/14 in Enid, Oklahoma at the Stride Bank Center with Michael Elgin vs. TJP and Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary for the Knockouts Championship.  The show will air on Impact+ and FITE.TV.

Impact will be assisting AAA in all aspects of their 9/15 event at the Hulu Theater in New York City.

Mahabali Shera was backstage at the Mexico taping and should start anytime.

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