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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-25 13:24:00

Bruce Prichard and Adam Pearce produced the WWE 24/7 title changes that took place in Los Angeles over this weekend.

There are LOTS of commercials promoting Smackdown's 10/4 debut on FOX running across every FOX platform.

Pat Buck, who has been hired as a Producer for WWE, will have a farewell match on 9/14 in his WrestlePro promotion at their Rahway, NJ event:

The Rock appeared at Disney's D23 yesterday in Anaheim, CA to promote the forthcoming Jungle Cruise film, revealing the first footage of the film.

The latest edition of artist Rob Schamberger's Canvas 2 Canvas focuses on Kevin Owens:

Locally advertised for the 9/1 WWE White Plains,  NY event is Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, The Miz vs. Samoa Joe, plus  Lacey Evans, Ricochet, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Drew McIntyre, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and more.

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