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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-14 20:07:00

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival vs. The Usos

Scott Dawson and Jey Uso went back and forth with some nice back and forth wrestling before facing off again.  Dawson worked over Uso’s arm.  The Usos maneuvered Dawson into the corner, tagging in and out as they controlled him.  Dawson was able to tag out but Wilder and Dawson were both nailed with right hands.

The Usos went to nail a double superkick but the Revival escaped to the floor.  The Usos tried to nail stereo dives but was nailed as they came through the ropes.  The Usos regained control and were able to nail stereo dives on the other side of the ring. 

Back in the ring, Dawson made a blind tag, allowing The Revival to gain control. Jey Uso went to the floor but was blasted and almost counted out.   He returned to the ring but was nailed with a Dawson legdrop.  Wilder tagged in and blasted him for a two count.  They worked over Jey tagging in and out. 

Jimmy tried to get into the ring and help but the referee admonished him, allowing The Revival to work over Jey in the corner.  They placed Jimmy on the top rope, drilling him over and over across the chest.  Dawson set up for a superplex but Uso nailed him and they each crashed into the ring with Dawson tumbling into the ropes.  Jimmy made the hot tag and cleaned house.  He nailed a Fall Away Slam and a hip attack on Wilder.

Wilder nailed a pop-up powerbomb for a two count.   Uso nailed a corkscrew moonsault off the top and covered Dawson, who kicked up at the last minute.  Dawson was sent into the Usos’ corner but nailed Jey Uso off the apron.  He took control and nailed a brainbuster on Jimmy for a near fall.

The Revival nailed the old Power & Glory finisher, the Powerplex but Jimmy broke up the pinfall.  He covered Wilder but Dawson broke up the pinfall.   Everyone brawled in the center of the ring.  The Usos superkicked them out of the ring.  They went for dives but one of them was tripped by Wilder.  The Revival nailed the Shatter Machine and scored the pin.

Your winners and still Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival!

Very good, old school, back and forth physical bout.  Good pacing.  Reminded me of a 1980s NWA tag match.

Aleister Black vs. Cesaro.

They went right at each other with uppercuts and kicks.  Cesaro ducked a roundhouse kick.  Black sent him to the floor and nailed a moonsault from the second turnbuckl  e to the outside.  When they returned to the ring, Cesaro sent him into the buckles.

Black quickly rebounded with a double knee strike and a kick to the head.  Cesaro gained control and worked him over on the floor.  Cesaro brought him back into the ring and drilled Black with a springboard uppercut for a two count.

Cesaro sent Black into the ring and nailed a lariat for a two count.  Good match thus far.   Cesaro nailed a gut wrench suplex for another two count.    They battled back and forth.  Black began scoring with kicks to the chest.  Black tried to nail a double knee strike out of the corner but was caught and elevated into an uppercut for a two count.  Cesaro peppered Black with several uppercuts.  Black ducked one and scored a two count with a backslide.  

Cesaro went for another springboard uppercut but Black finally scored with a big knee to the jaw in mid-air for a two count.    Cesaro's knee showed a litttle damage.  Black went for a small package and scored a two count.  Black snatched him in a kneebar in the center of the ring.  Cesaro battled through and reversed it, turning it into a Sharpshooter.  Cesaro then maneuvered him into a crossface submission.  Black fought his way out and scored several two counts, then drilled Cesaro with another big knee.  Good stuff.  Lots of nice reversals and grappling.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

They battered each other with uppercuts and forearms.  Cesaro scored with a series of shots and tried to go for the Giotch Neutralizer.  They battled back and forth until Black nailed Black Mass and scored the pin.

Your winner, Aleister Black!

This was a really good physical bout, sort of a modern day take on Dave Finlay vs. William Regal with less brawling and more grappling.  Really fun mix of strikes and grappling.  A nice introduction to Black's singles run on Smackdown.

R-Truth and Carmella were looking for Drake Maverick, putting up flyers.  They came across Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.  They told Truth that he was in the women's bathroom and Truth charged away.  Bliss gave Cross a t-shirt and she was touched.  Street Profits saw all this and did their promos, putting over the women's title match and the issues with Bayley.  Cross said they were going to win the Smackdown Women's title tonight and be co-champions.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross - Handicap match.

 Bayley and Bliss started out with Bayley controlling her until being blasted in the back with a forearm.  Cross tagged in but was nailed with a clothesline.  Bayley tossed her to the floor and sent her into the guard rail, not realizing that Bliss had tagged in.  Bliss nailed her as she returned and sent her into the ring steps.

This allowed Bliss and Cross to tag in and out, beating down Bayley.  The Champion was stomped in the corner by Bliss.  Cross nailed a suplex and cinched in a straightjacket chinlock.  Bayley knocked her out of the ring and went for a sliding kick but Cross pulled the ring apron out, trapping Bayley.  Bayley fought back but Bliss nailed her with a sliding kick from behind.

Bliss brought Bayley back into the ring and scored a series of near falls.  Bliss controlled Bayley for a long time, but the champ kept getting her shoulder up and kicking out.  Bliss rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a clothesline.  Bayley nailed a dive to the outside on Cross.  She worked over Bliss but Cross tagged herself in.

Bayley fought off both challengers and locked up Cross in an inverted figure four.  Bliss charged to break it up but missed and Bayley locked her in a Crossface at the same time.  Cool spot.  Bliss bit her on the hand to break it.  Cross remained trapped and just as she looked to be ready to tap, Bliss hit the ring and attacked Bayley.  Cross nailed a tornado DDT for another near fall. 

Bliss went to the top and attempted Twisted Bliss but Bayley pulled her knees up.  Cross tried to come off the top but was nailed with a knee.  Bayley nailed the flying elbowsmash and scored the pin on Cross.

Your winner and still Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley!

Solid match.

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