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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-07 19:28:00

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan (with Sawyer Fulton)

Blanchard looked every bit of a star and main eventer for her entrance. 

They faced off.  The crowd chanted, “Tessa’s gonna kill you.”

Tessa took him down but Callihan escaped, only to be hit with a head scissors takedown.  She nailed a dropkick off the buckles that knocked him off the apron to the floor. Tessa hit a pair fo topes to the floor but on the third, Callihan caught her, slammed her into the ringpost by swinging her head-first into it several times, then hit a DVDR on the floor.

Callihan returned to the ring.  When Tessa finally recovered, he dumped her back outside to the floor.  He nailed a powerbomb on the apron and left her on the floor. Callihan expected she would be counted out but was shocked to see Tessa returned to the ring.  She was kicked in the face. The crowd chanted for Blanchard.

Tessa began to mount a comeback but was rudely kicked down as she rebounded off the ropes.  Callihan stomped her ankle hard. He continued to work over Callihan, slamming her and tossing her outside the ring onto the entrance aisle.  He teased powerbombing her off the entrance ramp into the crowd but she escaped and nailed a cutter on the ramp. The referee teased counting them out as they crawled back to the ring, hitting each other.  They returned right before the 10 count.

They faced off in the ring.  Callihan challenged her and she nailed a series of forearm shots, really beating him down, until Callihan drilled her in the mid-section.  Tessa came back and nailed a Samoan Drop. Tessa went to top. Callihan tried to cut her off but Tessa avoided him and nailed a big DDT for a two count.  The crowd chanted for Tessa.

Callihan cut her off and nailed a series of powerbombs before locking Tessa in a STF submission.  The crowd chanted for Blanchard. She made it to the ropes. Callihan pulled her up to the top and teased a piledriver but Blanchard escaped and caught him with a Codebreaker off the ropes.  

Callihan spit at her and she began beating him with right hands in the corner.  The referee tried to stop her and she nailed him. She looked at the referee, allowing Callihan to strike her with a right hand.   He went for the cover but there was no referee. A second ref hit the ring and Callihan got a two count, so Callihan hit that referee.

Blanchard, her nose bleeding, spit on Callihan and low blowed him.  She nailed him with the bat and nailed another inverted Codebreaker, then  locked him in a Crossface submission. The crowd live was super into this.   Callihan escaped and caught her with a package piledriver but Tessa kicked up.  All the facial expressions here have been awesome.

Callihan caught her with a leaping piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Say what you want about inter-gender wrestling, but that was a hell of a match.

Callihan sat in the corner with his baseball bat watching over Tessa as the referee checked on her.  He finally kicked the referee away and clunked his and her bats together.  He handed Tessa her bat out of respect, then walked out of the ring, leaving her alone in the ring.

The crowd gave Blanchard a HUGE standing ovation.


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