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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-07 19:28:00

Backstage, Rich Swann was all psyched up about it being the biggest show of the summer.  Johnny Impact showed up and said he was taking the X-Division title to Slamtown and they were going to party all night long.  They sang the song, which is what Swann used on the independents forever.  Swann got all serious and said he was going to take Impact out and the only person who's going to sing all night long is him.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact (with John E. Bravo)

They went back and forth until Impact went to the floor for a breather.  Swann was controlled but nailed a rana and a superkick that sent it into the buckles.  There were still thumbtacks in the ring and he complained to the referee. As the ref removed them, Impact crotched Swann on the middle of the top rope and forced him forward, giving him rug burn to a place there should never, ever be any.  No babies tonight!

Impact hit a springboard kick on Swann, sending him crashing to the floor.  He elevated and dropped Swann on the guard rail, then brought him back into the ring, where he nailed a spinning high kick to the face.  Swann was dumped to the floor, where Bravo worked him over and tossed him back into the ring as the referee was distracted.

Impact locked in a side chinlock for a long time.  Swann fought to his feet and escaped, firing up with a series of rights.  Impact sent him to the apron, but was caught with a leaping kick and an Implant DDT.  Implant tried to cut Swann off on the ropes but stumbled and was swept off the ropes. Swann hit a big spinning splash for a two count.  The crowd chanted for Swann.

Impact was sent to the floor, where Swann nailed a flip dive.  The crowd chanted for Impact Wrestling. Swann nailed a flying elbow off the top.  Impact came back with a Razor’s Edge inta twisting slam for a close two count. The battle continued with Impact going for a springboard move but eating a back elbow in mid-air.  The crowd chanted for Swann.

They battled on the top rope, battering each other.  They each nailed each other with punches and fell off the ropes to the floor.  They were almost counted out. Bravo tossed Impact back into the ring. Swann barely made it in but hit the ring at the last minute.   

Impact nailed a Spanish Fly off the ropes, then followed up with a standing version for a close two count.  The crowd began chanting “Johnny sucks.” They chopped the hell out of each other. Swann was sent to the ropes but flipped over and wiped out Bravo on the floor.  Impact attacked him on the floor and they battled back into the ring.

Impact nailed the Moonlight Drive kick off the ropes and hit Starship Pain but Swann kicked up.   Impact battled Swann with punches and scored with a knee to the head. Swann psyched himself up and nailed a series of strikes and kicks.  He caught Impact with a pair of handspring cutters and came off with a twisting splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Rich Swann!


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A HELL of a match.  Just incredible work from both men.

Michael Elgin cut a promo promising he was going to pin Brian Cage for the belt.  He left Japan because he was tired of waiting.  Cage is going to hear 1-2-3 tonight.

Impact Champion Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Cage walked slowly to the ring.  

They began slugging it out in the center of the ring.  Cage was caught with a boot to the face several times and went down.  He shoulderblocked Elgin down and they slugged it out. Cage got the better of it and nailed a series of clotheslines in the corner.  Elgin went down but was whipped into the opposite corner. 

Cage nailed a big elbow, a kick and a back suplex.  Cage sent him to the floor and hit a tope con hilo on Elgin, landing on his feet on the floor to a BIG pop.  Cage brought him back into the ring but was caught with a back suplex that flipped him over. Elgin drilled him with two big clotheslines in the corner and placed Cage atop the ropes.

Elgin nailed a superplex into the ring.  He covered Cage for a two count. Elgin tried to muscle him for a powerbomb but Cage backed him into the corner.  They battled to the floor where Cage was slammed into the guard rail, then on the apron. Elgin brought him back into the ring, but missed a move off the top when Cage rolled out of the ring.

Cage went after Elgin but was caught with a backbreaker over the knee.  Cage screamed and grabbed at his back but blocked a superkick, hitting one of his own.  Cage hit a springboard tornado DDT, then a 619. Cage nailed a pumphandle into a slam that inverted Elgin for a two count.  

Elgin drove Cage into the buckles.  He caught Elgin in the buckles, trapping his head under one and superkicking him in the face.   Cage went for a powerbomb but was backdropped. Elgin grabbed Cage, powered him up and nailed a powerbomb.  The crowd chanted for “Big Mike.”

They battled back and forth until Elgin scored with a lariat.  He wound up and drilled Cage with another, then nailed a Razor’s Edge into sit-down powerbomb for a two count.  Cage was hit with a bucklebomb but rebounded back into a discus clothesline. The crowd popped and chanted for Impact.

They charged and nailed each other with clotheslines.  Neither budged an inch. They beat the crap out of each other.  I don’t know how else to describe it. Cage nailed a bucklebomb and was going for an F5 but was caught with a Canadian Destroyer.  He kicked out at the last second and the crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.:

They went back and forth.  Cage nailed a big knee to the face, drilled Elgin with a knee and scored an F5 for a two count.  The crowd chanted, “Fight forever.” Elgin escaped a suplex attempt and nailed a DDT. They continued to battle until Cage scored a surprise win with a forward rollup.

Your winner and still Impact Champion Brian Cage!


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They beat the living hell out of each other here.  Cage was, undoubtedly, working hurt and put on a super-human effort here.  Elgin was right there with him.  This was a hell of a match!

Elgin grabbed the title belt and smashed Cage with the title.  He grabbed Don Callis and tossed him into the ring. Elgin went to powerbomb Elgin but Rhino, wearing a mask and not identified, hit the ring and gored Elgin, then left through the crowd.

They announced Bound for Glory for 10/20 in Chicago.  No pop in the venue.

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