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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-07 19:28:00

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan will be main eventing.

KIller Kross vs. Eddie Edwards: First Blood Match

Kross came out wearing face-paint.  He and Edwards brawled on the entrance ramp, then into the ring.  Eddie knocked him to the floor, then hit a dive to the outside. Edwards drilled him with a series of chops on the floor.  The crowd was super behind Edwards, chanting for him. Kross cut him off as Eddie grabbed a chair, chokeslamming him on the ring apron.

Edwards was brought back into the ring, where Kross charged but was caught with an armdrag.  Kross caught him with a suplex but Edwards absorbed it and nailed one of his own. He knocked Kross to the floor and went for a dive but was smashed in the head with a chair as he came through the ropes.

Kross nailed a Gut Wrench suplex off the apron onto chairs on the floor.   He went to hit Edwards with a chair but missed and nailed the guard rail, then the ring post.  Kross was drilled in the face with a chair and rolled back into the ring checking his face. Eddie followed and went to use a chair.  Kross kicked him but Eddie caught it and slammed him harshly down on the mat.

Edwards unloaded with punches.    Kross cut him off with a pair of kicks to the head and began screaming where was Edwards’ stick as he beat him down with right hands.  He stomped on Edwards’ hard and beat him down.

Edwards was placed on the top rope.  Kross tried to nail a belly to back suplex off to the ramp below but Edwards broke free and kicked him.  Kross was crotched on the center of the top rope and nailed with a leg lariat.

Edwards went for the Singapore Cane but was snatched in Kross' choke.  They tumbled through the ropes to the floor.  Eddie hit a double underhook powerbomb on the floors.  He brought Kross back into the ring and nailed a pair of Shining Wizards.  He grabbed the Singapore Cane and prepared to nail Kross with it.  He broke it over his knee and stabbed Kross with the jagged edges of one of the piece.  Kross bled from the mouth and the referee rang the bell.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

A solid brawl to seemingly end the feud.  


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Tessa Blanchard was asked about her match with Sami Callihan tonight.  She tossed him against the wall and walked off.

Rob Van Dam was interviewed about his match with Moose.  He said he can respect Moose wants to make money by wrestling RVD.  He said Moose is mocking him and calling him out.   He said Moose probably has a great future if he can get past RVD.  He said he's going to show Moose the consequences of his actions.  Moose is a bully and he's going to show Moose what he thinks of bullies.  He's going to back up being Mr. PPV tonight.

Rob Van Dam vs. Moose

Big reaction for RVD.  Moose attacked him as he entered the ring but Rob nailed a series of spinning legdrops.  He went for Rolling Thunder but Moose went to the floor. RVD nailed a tope con hilo. Moose cut him off with a big boot on the floor.  Van Dam nailed a flip off the apron onto Moose and stomped him on the floor.

They brawled on the floor. They returned to the ring, where RVD nailed several shoulderblocks and a spinkick in the corner.  He went to the opposite corner but was killed with a big one-legged dropkick. Moose controlled RVD in the corner and worked him over, scoring several two counts.   Moose trashed him and sent him to the floor.

Van Dam returned to the ring, where Moose used his boot to smother him.    Moose continued to work him over until Van Dam caught him charging and backdropped Moose onto the entrance ramp.   Rob caught Moose with a series of clotheslines. He went to do his iconic RVD pose but was thumbed in the eye.

Van Dam nailed Moose and hit the Hollywood Star Press for another two count.  The crowd chanted, “You still got it.” He nailed a spinkick into the corner. Moose cut him off and hit a sit-down Chokenstein.  Van Dam kicked out and they battled back and forth with right hands. Moose nailed RVD with a kick to the gut and a DDT.

Moose mocked him with a frog splash off the top but RVD rolled out of the way.  He nailed a tornado DDT. Van Dam went to follow up but Moose low-lowed him. The referee was out of position and didn’t see it.  Moose grabbed a chair but the referee pulled it away. Moose took it back and RVD hit the Van Daminator. The crowd chanted for RVD.

Van Dam covered him but Moose put his foot on the ropes to break up the pinfall.  Van Dam hit a drop toe hold, sending Moose onto a chair. He went for the Five Star Frog Splash but missed and hit the chair.  Moose speared him and scored the clean pinfall.

Your winner, Moose!


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A solid match that really showcased Moose’s athleticism.  The right person won here.  The crowd loved seeing RVD.  At times this was rough, but they were laying it all out there.  

They plugged the 7/14 Fallout event, announcing Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard would be forced to team on the show, as would Michael Elgin and Willie Mack.

Big RVD chant as he left the building.

Chae from the WCW NItro Girls is in attendance.

Backstage, Impact Knockouts Champion Taya was interviewed.  She said that being in a Monster’s Ball match was like putting the Lamborghini in a demolition derby.  She promised she would still be the champion at the end. Good promo.

Monster's Ball: Knockouts Champion Taya vs. Rosemary vs. Havok vs. Su Yung.

Jim Mitchell gave the match a grand introduction.  He was trying to get Su and Havok on the same page before the bell.  

Everyone brawed.  Rosemary did the Tarantula on Yung.  Taya nailed a double knee strike in the corner.  Weapons were brought into the equation in the form of trash cans, chairs and trash can lids.  Taya used a staple gun that matched her outfit on Yung, even stapling an Impact flyer to Yung’s forehead.  EWWWW.

Havok returned to the ring and attacked Taya, tying her to tree of woe.  She placed her in a chair and nailed a hip attack into the chair. She followed up with a pair of Boots to the face.  Rosemary hit a missile dropkick into the ring and nailed Havok across the back and shoulder until being attacked by Yung.

Yung wrapped a dog dollar around Rosemary and then attached herself to the other side of the chain.  They pulled themselves towards each other and batted. Yung used a headscissors takeover to send Rosemary into a chair in the corner.  She went for the Mandible Claw but Taya returned to the ring and ran them down with a ladder.

Taya then nailed a wheelbarrow slam on Havok into the ladder.  The crowd chanted for tables. I would think you are getting them folks.   Havok was placed on the ladder. Taya went to the top but had her legs knocked out from underneath her by Yung.  Rosemary nailed Yung and hit a superplex off the top onto the ladder. That was nuts. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**” and then  followed up chanting, “This is awesome.”

Havok charged Taya but missed and hit a chair wedged in the corner.  Taya psyched herself up but was speared by Rosemary. She brought a bag of tacks into the ring.  The crowd chanted she was a sick f*** and she agreed. As long as we are all in agreement. Rosemary and Taya battled with Taya nailing a back suplex that flipped her over.   Taya positioned her over the tacks and nailed a curb stomp. JEEEEEZ!

Havok and Yung took out Taya but got into it with each other.  Jim Mitchell tried to intercede but was knocked off the apron. Havok sent Yung into the corner after ducking the mist.  Taya and Rosemary battled on the apron. Taya was almost suplexed backwards off the apron but saved herself. Taya nailed a Side Effect off the apron through a table.

This left Havok battling Yung.  She nailed a tombstone off the ropes.    Taya flung a chair at Havok’s face and took her out, then covered Yung for the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion, Taya!


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A super strong brawl with everyone bringing it and doing all sorts of insane spots.  I could have done without the staple gun stuff but when in Rome, I guess? This was such a damn great brawl with everyone really putting it all out there.

Su Yung got a big reaction as she finally left the ring.

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