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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-18 14:10:00

As noted last week on, Major League Wrestling dropped Daga from their roster, unhappy that he had told them he was unavailable for dates due to a vacation when they were starting a heel turn for him, only to learn he had wrestled in Mexico.

In speaking today with Tessa Blanchard, who is dating Daga, was told that MLW was informed well in advance that Daga was not available for the date in question, 6/1, as he was going to be in Guadalajara, Mexico for the christening of Rey Fenix's son.  Fenix was involved in an event the next day in the same city and since Daga and Blanchard were in town for the christening, they stayed and worked the show as a favor for Fenix, as did Puma King, Pentagon Jr. and others who were in town for his son's christening.

Blanchard noted that Daga loved working for MLW and would still want to continue there if given the opportunity.    She also noted that one of his goals is to get more work this year inside the United States and there was concern that the MLW situation would lead to other promoters thinking Daga couldn't be trusted to take dates in the States.  She felt that there was a belief in MLW that Daga didn't take the date because he'd be more comfortable staying in Mexico, but he was only in Guadalajara for the christening. has reached out to MLW for comment and should they choose to respond, we will add it to this story.

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