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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-18 11:00:00

A month after Scarlett Bordeaux requested a release from Impact Wrestling, the promotion issued the following:

IMPACT Wrestling Releases Scarlett Bordeaux

IMPACT Wrestling confirms that it has released Scarlett Bordeaux from her commitments to IMPACT. We wish her every success in her future endeavours.


Bordeaux officially came on board with Impact last year and had been given a strong push as the sexy temptress "Smokeshow."  Originally trained by Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini, Bordeaux broke into the business in the Chicago area and has worked previously for Ring of Honor and AAA, among other promotions.  Of late, she had been aligned with Fallah Bah and appeared at the most recent Impact taping in NYC cornering him as well as filming backstage vignettes as the host of "The Smokeshow" interview segment.

Bordeaux, 28, was offically under contract through the summer of 2020.  She can be booked at

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