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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-23 10:00:00

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Obviously, he is no longer with us, but I was wondering why Willie Gilzenberg was removed from his post as WWWF President?

Gilzenberg held the post until he passed away of cancer in November 1978.

I thought it was stupid when they called it the "Hardcore" title, so now they call it the "24-7" title. It was a waste of time before; now it is just a silly time-waster. Well, at least it will give me a chance to go get something from the kitchen. What do you think?

I don’t have an issue with the name, but the execution of the introduction of the belt was silly.  I think that as a vehicle for undercard talents to do something and to add a little levity to the shows, it will be fine, but fans believed, just for a second, this belt was going to be something that was unveiled that brought a gritty, edge back and when that wasn’t what it was, the balloon didn’t deflate, it imploded.  I thought they did a better job on night two with R-Truth and all the social media videos.  We will see whether they can make this something that is an entertaining undercard attraction, as the Hardcore title used to be.  I wouldn't say it's a complete waste of time yet.

My favorite feud of all-time is Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels and those two hated each other. Would you agree with the notion that if two guys have legit animosity, it would make for a great feud and match?

I don’t think it’s needed to make a great feud or match, but certainly when there is some legitimate dislike, it adds another dimension.  There was a Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle match on a TNA PPV in North Carolina that had sort of feel and grit to it.  It’s something that just has to happen.

Loved the Bret Hart-Tom Magee match and documentary, but for a match that was meant only for the crowd and was never going to be shown on television, how does it have commentary with Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan?

They may have later voiced it over to use on one of the syndicated shows but for whatever reason, never used the match.  WWF used to voice over old content all the time and re-use it for Prime Time Wrestling, Home Videos, etc.  so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

I was wondering why TNA doesn’t have a current action figure line?

They have had action figure lines in the past, but they have never been big sellers.  Obviously, the company would have to have a new licensee come along and pay them for that, but they aren’t in a position to really attract a major buyer.  If and when they rebound on a larger TV outlet, it’s possible that could change.

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