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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-21 13:55:00

Rey Mysterio was spotted yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama, likely there to get his shoulder examined and his injured diagnosed.  Mysterio suffered a separated shoulder at Money in the Bank.  WWE has teased they will update the state of the United States title on Monday's Raw.

There will be a distinct move to try and change the look and feel of the third hour of Raw going forward in an attempt to bring up the rating.  Last night, they experimented with different lighting, had Mick Foley tease things would be different in the third hour and specifically teased all night that Brock Lesnar would return for the third hour.  

Mick Foley commented on the lack of a reaction for the unveiling of the WWE 24/7 title last night on Raw, blaming himself:

Drake Maverick posted a number of times on social media last night after Raw, putting up videos looking for R-Truth so he could try and win the WWE 24/7 title:

Waffle House got in on the 24/7 fun:


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