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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-18 22:46:00

The word making the rounds tonight at the Impact Championship Wrestling event in Queens, NY is that Scarlett Bordeaux officially requested a release from her Impact Wrestling contract late last week.

In checking with multiple sources this evening, has confirmed that Bordeaux indeed asked for a release from her deal, which is said to pay her per appearance and is not a guaranteed contract.

Bordeaux officially came on board with Impact last year and has been given a strong push as the sexy temptress "Smokeshow."  Originally trained by Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini, Bordeaux broke into the business in the Chicago area and has worked previously for Ring of Honor and AAA, among other promotions.  Of late, she has been aligned with Fallah Bah and recently completed a program with Disco Inferno.

Bordeaux, 28, is believed to be under contract to Impact until later this summer.  There is no word yet whether the release will be granted.    She recently worked the TV tapings in Philadelphia and would next be scheduled to appear for the company at the NYC TV tapings in early June.

As reported last week, Killer Kross recently requested his release as well, but has been told the release will not be granted.  The promotion, however, recently granted the contractual release of Gursinder Singh.

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