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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-04-23 21:58:00

We are back with comments from Roman Reigns.  He is asked about Elias' challenge for Money in the Bank.  Roman says Elias got his licks in and he hopes he enjoyed them because he will break Elias' jaw.  He accepts the challenge.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring and she is dressed for a fight.

Charlotte says in the main event of Wrestlemania, three of the very best, not very best women, very best in this business, went head to head.  You had Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and her.  So Becky pinned Ronda and she won both titles.  She pinned Ronda.  Charlotte says she did not tap out and she did not get pinned.  That means Ronda lost her championship.  Becky did not beat her for the Smackdown championship.  Charlotte says she wants Becky to come out and explain to her why she thinks she is the rightful champion for the Smackdown championship when Becky did not beat her.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring.

Becky says Charlotte wants an explanation.  Becky reminds Charlotte it was winner takes all.  Becky did not beat Charlotte because she was busy beating the woman that Charlotte could not beat.  

Charlotte says she was in that match too, but Becky says she has beaten Charlotte more times than she can remember so she wanted to beat Ronda.  When it was all over, Becky had both titles and there wasn't a damn thing either of you could do about it.

Charlotte says the only injustice you talk of is that you hold the Smackdown title and you did not beat her.  Charlotte says that she is the one in Becky's head.  Whenever that new challenger is knocking you out on Raw, all you see is Charlotte Flair.  It is all over your twitter and your promos.  

Becky says since this battle began, she has beaten Charlotte many times.  You have been on your worst winning streak so who is in whose head?  

Charlotte says she has not had a good winning streak, but your days are numbered.  You have everything to lose and Charlotte says she has nothing to lose.  After you face Lacey Evans at Money in the Bank, Charlotte says she is next in line and she will get her title back.

Becky wants to know how Charlotte is next.  She wants Charlotte to move aside for Bayley, Ember Moon, and Mickie James.  You are the web that management will not untangle her from.  When she runs through Lacey Evans, if you want to work your way from the bottom you can do it.

Bayley's music plays and she makes her way to the ring.  She says the Superstar Shakeup was supposed to be about new starts, but all she sees is reruns.  Bayley says you might have lost count of the number of times you have beaten Charlotte, you have beaten Bayley zero times. 

Charlotte tells Bayley to go to the back of the line and not listen to Becky because it is her show.  

Bayley says Charlotte should earn a title match so we should see who deserves one.

Charlotte says Bayley does not deserve anything and Bayley knocks the mic away.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Charlotte Flair versus Bayley in a Winner Gets a Title Match at Some Non Specified Time in the Future Match

They lock up and Charlotte pushes Bayley on the break and Bayley pushes back.  Bayley with a side head lock but Charlotte with a knee and Bayley escapes a slam and connects with forearms.  Becky with an Irish whip and Bayley with a cutter in the ropes and Charlotte goes to the floor.  Bayley with a baseball slide through the corner and they return to the ring.  Bayley with a cross body for a near fall followed by a clothesline from Bayley.  Charlotte sends Bayley into the ropes and hits a neck breaker.  Charlotte kicks Bayley in the ropes.  

Charlotte sends Bayley into the turnbuckles.  Charlotte slaps Bayley and Bayley slaps back.  Charlotte with an Irish whip and Bayley floats over and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Bayley wtih a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Bayley with an elbow into the corner followed by a shoudler and running back elbow.  Bayley misses an elbow in the corner when Charlotte moves.  Charlotte with an elbow and then Charlotte with a knee drop to the leg in the ropes.  Charlotte with knees to the hamstring.  

Charlotte wraps the leg in the ropes and then Charlotte kicks the leg.  Charlotte with more kicks to the leg and she continues to set up the leg for the figure four.  Charlotte continues to use the ropes to work on the leg.  Charlotte wtih a chop but Bayley with a forearm.  Charlotte slaps Bayley and chops her again.  Charlotte dives at the knee and gets a near fall.  Bayley wtih a forearm to stop a figure four leg lock.  Charlotte with a kick to the knee.  Bayley sends Charlotte to the apron and Charlotte goes for a slingshot rollup but Bayley with a knee to the head.  Bayley with a clothesline for a near fall.

Bayley with forearms and punches.  Bayley avoids a boot and Charlotte lands on her feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Charlotte wit a boot to the head for a near fall.  Charlotte goes for a moonsault and she lands on her feet when Bayley moves.  Bayley with a German suplex.  Bayley plays possum when Charlotte goes for a knee in the ropes.  Bayley with a sunset flip buckle bomb for a near fall.  Bayley goes up top but Charlotte knocks Bayley off the turnbuckles.  Charlotte goes for a figure four leg lock but Bayley with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Charlotte with a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Charlotte Flair

We see Becky watching near a monitor in the back and she is asked about having to face Charlotte again despite facing Lacey Evans at Money in the Bank.  Becky says she can beat both of them.  Becky asks if she is overconfident but Becky says she bets on herself.  Becky says she will defend the title against both women at Money in the Bank.

We see New Day in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Firefly Fun House.

It is time to run through the card for Money in the Bank.

Match Number Four:  Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods and Big O) versus Shinsuke Nakamura (with Rusev and Lana) in a Non Title Match

Nakamura with a side head lock but Kofi with a side head lock of his own.  Nakamura leans against Kofi on a break and he kicks Kofi.  Nakamura with a side head lock.  Nakamura with a head butt and he misses a kick and drop kick.  Kofi with a jumping back elbow and drop kick that sends Nakamura to the floor.  Kofi teases a dive to the floor but Nakamura moves and Kofi bounces off the ropes.  Nakamura returns to the ring and Nakamura with a kick and knees.  Nakamura with boots in the corner.  Nakamura with a snap mare but he misses a knee drop.  Kofi with a kick and a hesitation splash for a near fall.  

Kofi with an arm bar and splash onto the arm.  Nakamura with elbows and a cross arm breaker attempt but Kofi blocks it.  Nakamura with a triangle but Kofi rolls over and gets a near fall.  Kofi with a pendulum kick in the corner and he goes up top and hits Shadows Over Hell for a near fall.  Nakamura goes to the apron and Kofi with a kick and drop kick to knock Nakamura off the apron.  Kofi goes for a suicide dive but Nakamura with a kick to the head.  Nakamura with a knee drop to the back of Kofi's head on the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Nakamura with a front face lock on Kofi.  Kofi iwith punches but Nakamura with a knee to the chest.  Nakamura with another knee.  Kofi goes to the apron.  Nakamura with a kick to the chest.  Nakamura sends Kofi to the floor and Nakamura follows and Kofi leaps over the ring steps on an Irish whip.  Nakamura with a punch to the midsection as Kofi comes off the steps.  Nakamura with a sliding kick to Kofi.  

They return to the ring and Nakamura gets a near fall.  Nakamura kicks Kofi in the chest.  Kofi blocks a kick and Nakamura with a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet.  Kofi tells Nakamura to COME ON and Kofi with chops and a drop kick.  Kofi misses a splash into the corner and Nakamura iwht a kick and then he hits a sliding German suplex.  Nakamura signals for Kinshasa but Kofi with a double stomp.  Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Nakamura avoids it.  Kofi with SOS for a near fall.  Rusev attacks Kofi and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Kofi Kingston (by disqualification)

Woods goes after Rusev and Owens joines in.  Owens sends Woods onto Rusev and Nakamura with Kinshasa to Woods.  Kofi pushes Owens out of the way and Kofi with Trouble in Paradise on Nakamura.  Owens with a super kick to Kofi and he rips off the New Day shirt.  Owens sends Kofi to the floor.  Owens sends Kofi into the secondary announce table.  Owens sends Kofi into the ring post.  Owens sends Kofi into the ring and Kevin gets the WWE Championship belt.

Owens says he hopes Kofi's kids had a good time because Kevin says he is coming for the title.  Kofi with punches but Owens punches back and kicks Kofi in the corner.  Owens sends Kofi to the floor again.  Owens goes for the power bomb on the apron but Woods makes the save.  Owens clotheslines Woods and power bombs Woods on the apron.

We go to credits.

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