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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2019-04-14 20:25:00

Attorneys for Riki Paul Johnson, the ex-husband of WWE star Charlotte Flair filed a Notice of Settlement with the The United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina on 4/4, informing the court that all sides have come to a settlement in regard to the lawsuit he filed last year against WWE, Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair and Brian Shields in regard to claims made about him in the book Second Nature, which told an intertwining story about the careers and lives of Ric and Charlotte.  Johnson stated he was requesting to dismiss his lawsuit with prejudice, meaning he would not be able to bring additional legal action against the parties.  The settlement had been expected and the case should be officially dismissed shortly, closing that legal chapter.

Paul Jordan sent the following videos:

Rob Schamberger's latest "Canvas 2 Canvas" video, focusing on the Wrestlemania 35 main event:



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