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By Stuart Carapola on 2019-04-07 00:20:00

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

The crowd is going nuts for Kofi as they feel each other out to start.  Bryan tries a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on his feet and dropkicks Bryan to the floor where he takes him out with a dive.  Big E and Xavier are cheering Kofi on at ringside, and we see the wrestlers in the locker room watching the monitor in support of Kofi.  Bryan has a word with Erick Rowan, then tries to lock Kofi down with a side headlock.  Bryan counters a leapfrog to a surfboard, Kofi rolls out, and starts firing kicks in Bryan's face.  Bryan takes Kofi back down, gets his back, and hammers forearms into the back of Kofi's neck.  Kofi catches Bryan with a clothesline and a boom drop, and Bryan rolls to the apron, so Kofi baseball slides him to the floor.  Kofi tries a springboard dive, Bryan moves, and Kofi's face bashes right into the broadcast able, and he goes down like a bag of rocks.  Bryan hangs Kofi on the top rope and hits a top rope kneedrop to his back for 2.  Bryan with a series of gutwrench pin attempts to force Kofi to expend more energy, Kofi fights his way free, but Bryan drop toeholds Kofi into the middle turnbuckle and hits the charging dropkick in the corner.  A second one connects as well, but a third one runs into a leaping meteora...BUT BRYAN CATCHES THE LEGS AND ROLLS THROUGH INTO A BOSTON CRAB!  AWESOME!  Kofi makes the ropes, so Bryan puts him on the top rope and Kofi fights him off, then turns around and comes of the top with Shadows Over Hell for 2.  They trade right hands, Bryan blocks Trouble In Paradise, Bryan counters to a small package, Kofi reverses for 2, Bryan blocks the SOS and counters to a rollup for 2.  Kofi hits a crossbody for 2, Bryan turns the kickout into a rollup for 2, he goes for the LeBell lock, and Kofi fights out.  This is a great match.

Bryan gets his boot in Kofi's face when he charges into the corner, mocks the Yes chants as he comes in for the running knee, but Kofi ducks and rolls Bryan up for 2, then he hits the SOS for 2, Bryan counters into the LeBell lock on the kickout, and he has Kofi right in the middle of the ring.  Kofi keeps fighting, so Bryan hammers elbows into his ribs, but Kofi makes the ropes anyway.  Bryan with a series of Yes kicks, but Kofi makes it to his feet and dares Bryan to do it again.  Kofi fires back with kicks of his own, but Kofi steps over a superkick from Bryan and hits an inverted suplex for 2.  Rowan steps in Kofi's way as he chases Bryan to the floor, and Woods and Big E try to come to the save, but Rowan lays them both out.  Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Rowan, then Big E and Kofi hit the Midnight Hour on Rowan on the floor.  Bryan goes for a dive on the New Day, but Kofi catches him with a right hand.  He waits for Bryan to get his feet, goes for Trouble In Paradise, Bryan ducks and hits the running knee, but Kofi gets out at 2.  Bryan hits the stomps, takes his time turning Kofi over, and gets the LeBell lock, in the middle of the ring, and Kofi has almost nothing left.  He keeps fighting, so Bryan hits some hard crossfaces and gets the lock back on.  Kofi pries his way out of the move, Bryan tries to grab him by the hair, Kofi punches his way free, then just hammers Bryan with right hands.  Kofi grabs Bryan's hands and starts giving him stomps of his own, measures him, and hits Trouble In Paradise!  Kofi makes a cover, and we have a new champion!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston

WHAT A MATCH!  This was a great match, the right finish, and a hell of a moment for a guy who has paid more than his fair share of dues.  Big E and Xavier come in to celebrate, then they go get Daniel's belt and toss it out, pulling up a drape to reveal the real WWE Title belt underneath.  They hand it to Kofi, and lift the new WWE Champion up as fireworks go off to celebrate.  Kofi's kids are brought into the ring, and Kofi hugs his kids with the belt draped over his shoulder.  What a terrific moment.

Tom and company take us back to the events of the Kickoff Show, then Booker T joins us for the next match...

US Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

Joe tries to get the jump on Rey, but Rey gets him on the second rope, hits the 619, and tries a flippy thing and gets caught in the Kokina clutch.  Ref checks the arm and calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Well, Rey came in hurt, I give him credit for coming out and at least getting through what he could.

The show continues on Page 4!

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