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By Stuart Carapola on 2019-04-07 00:20:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Wrestlemania 35!

We start off with Yolanda Adams singing America the Beautiful, then we get a helicopter show and fireworks, followed by the opening video package.

Out comes the host of Wrestlemania, Alexa Bliss, who says a show like this doesn't just need a host, but a goddess, and she has the show and everyone here in the palm of her hands, and if she wants a Wrestlemania moment, all she has to do is snap her fingers.  To demonstrate, she snaps her fingers, and out comes Hulk Hogan.  He says it's great to be back at Wrestlemania, and also right here in the Silverdome. HA!  He says okay, it's great to be here at Metlife Center with the Hulkamaniacs.  Everyone dreams of having a Wrestlemania moment like the one we're having right now, which leads him to ask what we're gonna do when Hulkamania, Alexa Bliss, and Wrestlemania run wild on us?  Hulk and Alexa have a posedown as I realize that the first WWF PPV I ever watched, Summerslam 1991, had Hulk Hogan on top and took place before Alexa was even born.

Paul Heyman brushes past Hulk and Alexa and bursts into the ring to say that if his client isn't on last, they're not hanging around all night to wait, and are getting their business done and getting on a jet to Las Vegas where his client is ultimately appreciated.  He says we're doing it right here, right now.  Wow!  Well then...

Universal Title Match: Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Lesnar attacks Rollins as he comes to the ring, then they go to the floor where Brock rams Seth into the barricade before hitting an F5 on the floor.  Rommins is in a bad, bad way all of a minute into the match.  Brock continues just ragdolling Seth into the apron and barricade, then dumps him over the German announce table as Corey points out the bell hasn't even rung yet.  He pulls him back to ringside, then tosses him over the table again.  Lesnar tosses Seth into the ring, and the ref goes to check on Seth while telling Brock to back up.  Brock picks Seth up and now ragdolls him over the top rope, with Seth taking a sick bump to the floor.  Brock goes after him and sends him across the table yet a third time, and this time into the actual announcers.  Brock leans the hood from the announce table over the apron, then tosses Seth through it, laughing when the ref goes to check on his opponent.  Back into the ring again, and again he orders the ref to ring the bell, and now the match officially begins.

Brock starts unleashing German suplexes that each come within a hair of breaking Seth in half.  Brock goes for the F5, Seth gets out and pushes Brock into the ref, knocking him to the ground.  Seth takes the opportunity to hit Brock low and superkick him in the face.  Seth hits the curb stomp, but Brock almost gets up before Seth.  A second curb sotmp, and Brock still won't die.  Attempt #3 finally puts Brock down for 3.

Winner and NEW Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Very interesting way to open the show, and glad to see the title back on someone who is there every week.

Jerry "The King" Lawler joins the announce team for our next match...

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

As good as I'm sure this will be, I would be just as happy listening to these two trade snaps for an hour.  We meet the Spanish and German announce teams during entrances, then they start the match with a tie up.  What a concept!  AJ dishes out a few chops, Orton goes for the RKO, and AJ barely avoids it.  Orton goes to the eyes, then dropkicks AJ in the mush.  AJ returns the favor with a dropkick of his own, then knocks Orton to the floor and connects with a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor.  AJ rolls Orton into the ring, but Orton gets up in time to knock AJ off the apron and into the barricade.  We go to a chinlock, but AJ fights his way out and hits a sliding Phenomenal Forearm.  A third forearm into the corner, and the neckbreaker over the knee gets 2.  AJ goes for the Styles Clash, his knee gives out, and Orton catches him with a snap powerslam for 2.  AJ goes for the calf crusher, but Orton rolls through and just boots AJ in the face.  AJ gets the calf crusher on the second attempt, but Orton somehow makes it to the ropes.  AJ fakes out a Phenomenal Forearm attempt to get Orton to go for an RKO, but he pulls back and Orton lands hard.  AJ hits a springboard 450 splash for 2, then goes for another springboard move, but Orton ducks and catches AJ with the over the back neckbreaker.  Orton puts AJ up top and hits a H-U-G-E superplex for 2.  Orton hits the hanging DDT, then stops to mess with the fans for a bit before going for the RKO.  AJ blocks and hits an enziguiri, then rolls Orton up for 2.  Orton hits the RKO, but AJ kicks out at 2.  Orton goes for a super RKO, AJ slips out and hits a leaping enziguiri to knock Orton to the floor.  AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm  to the floor, then he goes for a forearm into the ring, Orton grabs him for the RKO, AJ slips out, and he hits the forearm on the next attempt to get the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Really good match, great psychology on the finishes.

Lacey Evans comes out to walk, twirl, and leave, then we head to our next match...

The show continues on Page 2!

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