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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-03-04 23:00:00

We are back and we see comments from Batista for Triple H.  He apologizes for not making it to Raw but he does not want to be there.  He does not have other obligations and he is not afraid of Hunter.  He does not like Philly.  He will think about how much he doesn't like Pittsburgh and maybe he will see him there or maybe not.  They are going to play this game by his rules until the Game's Over.

Hunter is in the ring.  He says he had the opportunity to bring out one of the biggest legends in the business on his 70th birthday.  He could stand out here for an hour and sing his praises.  Hunter says he is not upset because of Ric Flair.  He was not there for Ric Flair, he was there for Richard Fliehr.  He was there for the man behind Ric Flair.  He was there for the man he drove up and down the road and was there for Hunter's best and worst times.  Hunter says he was there for his best and worst times.  Ric was there for Hunter's wedding and Hunter was there for a few of Ric's weddings.  Hunter says he was there when Ric buried his son.

Richard Fliehr is a man who a little over a year ago was lying in a hospital bed in Atlanta in a coma.  During that time, every time the phone would ring, he would get that sense of dread because he thought it was the call that Ric was gone.  He was there for a man who was not supposed to be alive on his 70th birthday for the thing he loved more than anything else in this world, to stand in the ring in front of you.

Hunter was there to walk Richard Fliehr to the ring so he could be the Nature Boy Ric Flair because that is what he lived for.  It didn't happen because of that piece of . . .  Dave wanted his attention and we know why.  You have cried about it online for the last two years.  When he got injured in November, you thought it had gone away.  You couldn't do what you always did, you quit.  When they didn't cheer for you, you quit.  You couldn't quit because you couldn't get what you wanted.  You attacked a 70 year old man, lucky to be alive and to live his dream in front of the people one last time.  You took that away from him.

Now you want to pop up on the screen and go Bad Guy 101 with him.  Hunter says he really doesn't care where you want to go or what you want to do.  Hunter says he will come to Dave's house.  He will invite Dave to come to his home.  He will go to a movie set if he has to.  He will be waiting for Dave and he tells Dave to have some balls.  Hunter tells Dave for every drive down that road and every moment with them, when you step in front of him and wanted his attention.  It is not The Game.  It is not something they are selling or putting out there.  This is not characters.  When you stand face to face with him, you are not looking at the character, you are looking at the man.  Look him in the eyes like a man if you can.  Stand up if you can and tell him what you want.  Hunter will give it to Dave. If you want his attention, you have it.

We take a look at what happened with Ronda Rousey last week.

Stephanie McMahon is asked about the status of the Raw Women's Title.  Stephanie says that when Ronda laid that championship on the mat, it was blasphemy.  That is why WWE is going to do what is best for business.  All charges have been dropped against Becky Lynch.  The suspension is lifted.  Stephanie says she invited Becky to come to the arena to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement for when Becky faces Charlotte Flair for the now vacant Raw Women's Championship.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman Reigns asks Dean Ambrose if they were past meeting in places like this.  They have locker rooms and they can talk about anything.  Dean says if you want to talk, let's talk.  Dean says he has to get ready for his match and he walks away.

Match Number Three:  The Heavy Machinery Respect Gauntlet Match

Segment One:  Heavy Machinery versus B Team

Otis and Axel start things off and Axel dances.  Otis with a shoulder tackle and he sends Axel into the turnbuckles and connects with forearms.  Tucker tags in and he hits a splash into the corner and Otis with a shoulder tackle and Tucker gets a near fall.  Axel avoids a splash into the corner and Axel kicks Tucker. Bo tags in and Tucker kicks Axel and then he kicks Bo.  Tucker with a clothesline to Axel and it leads to a DDT on Bo.  Bo kicks Otis and Otis and Tucker with Compactor for the three count.

Segment Two:  Heavy Machinery versus Ascension

Tucker tags in and they punch Konnor and hit a running double splash after Bushwhacking around Konnor.  Konnor with punches and Viktor tags in and he gets a near fall.  Konnor tags in and punches Tucker and gets a near fall.  Konnor chops Tucker and connects with forearms.  Konnor with a hard Irish whip.  Konnor gets a near fall.  Konnor misses a splash into the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first.  Viktor and Otis tag in and Otis with a shoulder tackle or two.  Otis with a fallaway slam and splash into the corner.  Otis with a Vader Bomb for the three count.

Segement Three:  Heavy Machinery versus Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Hawkins with a reverse DDT and Ryder with a slingshot splash for a near fall.   Ryder with punches and Hawkisn tags in.  They hit a side Russian leg sweep and STO combination for a near fall.  Tucker punches Ryder and both go over the top rope to the floor on a Foley clothesline.  Otis with a power slam and then he does the Caterpillar for the three count.

Winners:  Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight

We see the announcement that Torrie Wilson will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

We are back and next week Triple H will be face to face with Batista.

Colin Jost and Michael Che are walking in the back.   They walk past EC3 spraying himself in front of a mirror.  Titus O'Neil stops them and he wants a picture and he has Colin take it.  The conga line walks past Michael and Colin.

We have a video package for Torrie Wilson.

Charlotte Flair is in the back and she is asked about the announcement about the Raw Women's Championship Match.  Charlotte says someone might be an if.  Becky and her stubborn Irish pride and ego, she will sign on the dotted line.  Charlotte says Becky is arrogant to think that she will be the next champ.  Becky was crushed when she heard her suspension would end after Wrestlemania.  Charlotte says she will put Becky on the shelf for good.  Charlotte apologizes for dashing Becky's hopes.  The good news is that the WWE Universe gets to bask in her glory when she becomes the Raw Women's Champion.

We see Dean Ambrose in the back and Seth Rollins stops by his Les Nessman tribute office.  Seth says brothers fight and even after everything they have been through, there has been mutual respect.  Seth says that Dean is his wrestling soulmate.  They have one chance and one shot to do it the right way.

Dean says to put the Shield back together again?  No can do.  Dean says he appreciates the help last week, but he has something to do in the ring tonight and he has to do it on his own.

Elias is in the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Elias says that he knows he is in Philly because the Stanley Cup is nowhere to be found.  He knows that he is in Philly because everyone takes such pride in this city.  Do you know how he knows he is in Philly because everyone' mom looks like Gritty.  Do you know how he knows he is in Philly?  Everyone is a fat load.  Do you know how you know he is in Philly?  He saw an Eagles fan eating horse manure on the side of the road.  Do you know how he knows he is in Philly?  The children have no future no matter how hard you try.  He says Bryce Harper told him this is where his career was going to die.

Match Number Four:  Elias versus Dean Ambrose

Dean with punches and forearms but Elias with a knee and chop.  Dean with a flying clothesline and punches.  Dean with kicks in the corner but Elias with a kick.  Dean sends Elias to the mat and he clotheslines Elias over the top rope to the floor.  Dean goes to the floor and he kicks Elias and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Dean with a side Russian leg sweep into the ringside barrier and then Dean breaks the count.

They return to the ring and Dean clotheslines Elias over the top rope to the floor on the other side of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias goes Old School on Dean.  Dean is sent to the floor and Elias with a baseball slide.  Elias misses a pescado and Dean with a suicide dive onto Elias.  Dean sends Elias into the ringside barrier and then they return to the ring.  Dean with clotheslines and a running forearm into the corner.  Dean with an Irish whip and forearm.  Elias sends Dean sternum first into the turnbuckles and then Elias with a Northern Lariat.  Elias with kicks and a knee drop for a near fall.  Elias punches Dean and Dean blocks a suplex and gets a near fall with an inside cradle.

Dean with a neck breaker   Dean goes to the turnbuckles but he feels the pain in his back.  Dean goes up top and is met with a jumping knee as he comes off.  Elias with Drift Away for the three count.

Winner:  Elias

After the match, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins make their way to the stage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns enter the ring.  

Seth wants to have one more shot at this.  Dean walks through Roman and Seth and leaves the ring.  Dean exits through the crowd.

Baron Corbin's music plays and he comes to the ring with the other members of the CorreBin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

Baron wants them to stop the broken record and he says this is pathetic.  Drew says the fabled hounds of justice are three stray dogs fighting for scraps at their table.  This is not the return that you were expecting.  Drew says they were going to give them the opportunity for an epic match at Fastlane but they are going to end this tonight.  They are going to end this right now.

Bobby, Baron, and Drew surround the ring and Roman and Seth fight them off as Dean has a crisis of conscience in the aisle.  Dean makes his way into the ring and he goes after Drew, Baron, and Bobby.  Roman with a Superman punch to Lashley while Seth super kicks Drew and Dean sends Corbin to the floor.

Dean, Roman, and Seth are in the ring and they set for the Shield Fist but Dean paces behind them.   Dean comes up from behind and adds his fist to the salute.

Becky Lynch is in the back as we go to commercial.

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