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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-27 10:00:00

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Why would WWE debut 4 new NXT stars when the haven't been successful in getting the previous callups?

It's as simple as this: Because that's what Vince McMahon wanted to do!

Ruby Riott is solid in the ring and is presented as the tough leader of a faction, yet the fact remains that she has never won a single big match or title during her entire WWE and NXT career.  Do you think this fact will at some point hurt her in the eyes of the fans?  And why would the other members of the Riott Squad choose to follow her as a leader if she is perceived as the one who never wins in big matches?

If they don’t give her some important wins, sure I could see that happening down the road.  That is an interesting point about Sarah and Liv.  I guess until they start getting some big wins on their own, it will be a non-issue.

I recently asked a question you answered about WWE's poor promotion of its own brand NXT to the point many main roster fans know little to nothing about the brand or it's stars.  Fast forward to the 2/18/2019 Raw and I'm watching Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, Ciampa, and Aleister Black debut on Raw to little crowd reaction and Michael Cole having to over explain each one's history and credentials.  How is it that a company that promotes things to death can't property expose its own audience to the talented NXT superstars under its own umbrella?  Also, were these actual call-ups or an attempt to do what I've suggested?

The problem lies in Vince McMahon doing things spontaneously.  Could they do a better of job of giving the talent a chance to get over?  Absolutely.  But when decisions are made at close to the last minute, like these debuts, well it makes it harder to plan.  The problem is that Vince can be reactive at times.  The word we got was that they were going to be on the main roster.  But as I type this on Sunday, would I be shocked if none of them made TV this week?  Not in the slightest, that is just how Vince is.

Is it time to add a  205 live and a NXT match to WrestleMania, with neither being a kickoff show match?

I think it’s definitely time for the Cruiserweight Title to be defended on Mania (and every other PPV).  I hate that they are always on the kickoff show. It tells the fans that the Title doesn’t matter.  That is a shame but it’s even worse when you watch the excellent work Buddy Murphy is doing.  As for NXT, I would have no problem with a match being on Mania as long as it didn’t take away from that weekend’s Takeover event.  I love the Takeover shows and want to make sure that they don’t get shortchanged in any way.

Given the way WWE has mishandled Becky Lynch, do you think there's a chance she gets booed at WrestleMania? It seems to me that they're determined to take something that had organic support ("hey, the other ladies had their chances, why not give Becky her turn") and ruin it. From jobbing her cleanly at the Rumble, to handing out "Free Becky" placards, to having her heel Ronda with a crutch, to dedicating Raw and SmackDown to her while forgetting the woman's champion who just made her tap out exists, WWE is presenting Becky as a less credible Rattlesnake knockoff who is being forced down our throats at the expense of better (according to their own booking) talent. They're trying to make it something beyond what it is, and I can anticipate backlash from the New York/New Jersey crowd.

I haven’t loved a lot of Becky’s booking either so I see what you are saying.  My take is that she is more in the role Daniel Bryan was, except that they were really against elevating Bryan.  The fans didn’t let the bad booking make them lose faith in Bryan.  I don’t see them doing that with Becky.  They know it’s not her fault.

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