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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-22 10:37:00

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson has departed World Wrestling Entertainment. initially reported the departure. has independently confirmed Anderson's departure.  Anderson was not at the TV tapings this past week and those who asked were told he was off this week.

Anderson had been behind the scenes as a Producer for the company, which has brought in a number of new Producers over the last month, seeking to bring a younger, fresher vibe to their in-ring content.   The departure of Anderson has led to discussion within the company about whether some of the other "old guard" producers may also be on the way out.

Anderson, 60, was a founding member of the original Four Horsemen, first breaking into the business in the early 1980s.  His tag team with Tully Blanchard held both the NWA and WWF Tag Team Championship during their run in the late '80s.  Anderson returned to WCW in late 1989, spending the rest of his in-ring career there, where he was consistently one of the best in-ring performers and talkers in the company. Neck and back issues required surgery and Anderson began training to return to the ring.  While in the gym, someone came up behind him and patted him on the back while saying hello and Anderson lost all feeling in his hand.  Realizing what that meant if he was going to try and resume performing in the ring, Anderson opted to announce his surgery.

When WCW was purchased by WWE in March 2001 at the end of the Monday Night War, Anderson was brought back to the company.  Initially cast as an announcer for the WWE version of WCW, that idea was soon scuttled and Anderson slid into a behind the scenes role as a Producer, making cameo appearances across WWE programming.

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