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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-20 12:04:00

On the latest episode of The Road to Double or Nothing, it was announced the 5/25 event in Las Vegas will feature the return of the "Over the Budget Battle Royal" -

Announced for the Battle Royal thus far are Sonny Kiss, British cruiserweight star Kip Sabian and Brandon Cutler.

Previously announced for the event:

*Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega.

*Adam Page vs. PAC fka Neville.

*SCU vs. CIMA and two partners to be announced.

*(Likely but not announced) - The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers.

Cody commented on Tye Dillinger asking for a WWE release:

Chris Jericho is signing at the New Jersey Horror Convention on 3/30.

Paul Jordan sent the following....WWE Hall of Famer and former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr. is on the latest edition of Talk Is Jericho discussing many aspects of his legendary 50 year career.

Steven Fernandes reporting:

AEW's application for the 'All Elite Wrestling' trademark has been given an initial refusal as they need to amend their classification and Identification of Goods and Services as some identifications they provided need to be clarified. They also need to pay the proper fee,as according to the USPTO, they classified 13 classes and only paid for 9. As well, a disclaimer is required that they are not claiming exclusive right to use the word "wrestling".

Their applications for 'AEW', the AEW logo and 'Change the Universe' have all been given initial refusals for the same amending of classification and Identification of Goods and Services, and paying the proper fee as above. 

In addition to the above two reasons, their trademark for 'AEW All Out' has also been given an initial refusal due to two pending active applications using the word 'All Out' which if registered might have an effect on AEW's application being registered. 

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