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By Larry Simon on 2019-02-17 09:48:00

The crowd was down a bit from night one but looked mostly full.

Interesting to note the posters advertising the tapings featured Konnan, LAX, Tessa Blanchard, Fenix, Johnny Impact and Pentagon Jr.

*Trey of the Rascalz pinned Daga.

*Rich Swann pinned Ethan Page.   OVE confronted Swann and said this is the night Swann joins OVE.  Swann joins, then lays them all out with superkicks and rips the shirt off.

*Ace Austin pinned Jake Atlas in a good match.

*They did a segment where the Desi Hit Squad confronted Alisha Edwards.  Edwards noted her contract is expiring and they told her they were happy she is leaving because women should be home.  She slapped one of them and Eddie Edwards made the save but was worked over.  Eli Drake hit the ring, but saved Edwards and they had a staredown.

*Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace & Rosemary defeated Su Yung & Dark Allie & an Undead Bride with Jim Mitchell.  Rosemary drags Allie to the back after.

*They did a segment to set up Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Disco Inferno.

*Pentagon Jr. and Fenix defeated The Rascalz' Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz.  This was absolutely awesome!

*The Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey.  Good match.  Bey works a lot here and in California and is really one to watch.

*OVE defeated Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Willie Mack when Callihan pinned Dreamer.

*Disco Inferno pinned Japan's Kikutaro.

*Fallah Bahh and KM defeated Reno Scum.

*Jordynne Grace pinned Tessa Blanchard to become the top contender for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts title. This was very good.  Blanchard began losing her mind and attacked a ringside attendant, leading to Gail Kim making the save.

*Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake defeated The Desi Hit Squad.

*They filmed an angle to close the show where Killer Kross had a beaten up Johnny Impact (who was in a neck brace) and was going to destroy him with a cinder block.  Taya ad Brian Cage make the save and run off Kross, only for Taya to low blow Cage and Impact reveals he was fine and in cahoots with Kross (?)  Impact uses the cinder block on Cage, smashing it into his head with a chair and the show ends with Cage being carried out of the building.  

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