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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-08 10:00:00

What's with the Undertaker being on social media now?

He is starting to take outside bookings, like autograph sessions and Q&A events, so the accounts were set up to make it easier for those attempting to book him to directly reach his representatives.

What makes a gimmick successful?

If a gimmick gets over and sells tickets/PPVs/merchandise, it's a success in my eyes, even if diehard fans hate it.  For example, I've seen a lot of scorn towards Heavy Machinery, but if Otis turns into a character that sells t-shirts and merchandise, the gimmick has worked.  It's about getting fans to want to spend money to be entertained by it, nothing else.

I remember watching an old ECW show where there was a match called Ultimate Jeopardy, and the ending of the match was Shane Douglas pinning Terry Funk via the piledriver for the title. Could you help explain the history of this match as I also saw other wrestlers involved in this match as well?

Ultimate Jeopardy was a 1994 Steel Cage match that headlined a Valley Forge, PA ECW event. The match had Wargames rules with the idea that everyone was facing a stipulation if they lost. The result of the match saw Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and The Public Enemy defeating Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, Tazz and Terry Funk in a WarGames Match. Terry Funk's ECW Heavyweight Title on the Line. Douglas pinned Funk. As a result of stipulations, Douglas won the ECW Title. Had Hawk been pinned, he would have had to give up the Road Warrior gimmick. Had Douglas lost, his head would have been shaved. Public Enemy would have been forced to split up. Tazz & Sullivan would have been forced to split up, etc.  ECW did the stipulation again in 1996 where everyone had something to lose and it ended up with The Sandman pinning Raven substitute Steve Richards, winning the ECW title.

I am watching some old TNA PPVs and here is R-Truth doing the "What's Up" song that he currently uses in WWE.   How can WWE utilize that song if TNA owns it?

TNA didn't own it.  It was an original song and performance that Truth wrote for himself and would perform there and on independent shows and he brought that to WWE when he returned to the company.

I know that the Rhino was the last to have and still does have the ECW World Title, but does Rhino also have possession of the ECW TV Title, as he is listed as the last person to hold that belt as well. 

The ECW World Television championship was stolen out of the locker room of their final event at the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY in December 2000.   To the best of my knowledge, it was never recovered.

In watching the AEW press conference, the one thing that seems to be missing is the Cody Rhodes NWA title challenge, which was the best part of All In to me as an old school fan.  Any chance they are bringing the NWA title in for a similar story?

I haven't heard that and honestly, they should be focusing on building their own title, not using the NWA belt.  I also think that repeating Cody chasing the belt again wouldn't get them the same rewards the second time around.  The NWA has said they are open to working with anyone, but I don't think there's been any talks between the two sides in that regard.

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