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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-27 23:30:00

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Number one was Elias, who did his guitar and mic work.

Number two was WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who came out in his complete old 1990s Double J gimmick.  The fact Jerry Lawler was calling this cracked me up.  Jarrett did his old mic work.  Elias said he gets interrupted all the time, but rarely through someone who has something to bring to the table.  Elias said it is fate they are together.  He suggested Jarrett do a duet with Elias.  Jarrett asked if the crowd wanted a duet to kick off the Rumble.  Phoenix was into it and chanted "Yes!"  Elias said the people have spoken.  Oh man, I hope Honkytonk Man is number 3.

He asked Jeff to spell his name.  Jeff started but Elias nailed him.  Elias stomped the heck out of him and complained he's been compared to Jarrett his entire career.  Jarrett made a comeback with a series of rights.  Elias nailed him with the guitar and tossed Jarrett out.

Jeff Jarrett has been eliminated.

Number three was Shinsuke Nakamura, doing double duty.  Elias went right after him but was nailed with a leaping kick.  Nakamura looked good.  Elias walked the ropes and nailed Nakamura.  He clotheslined the United States Champion over the top but he landed on the apron.

Number four was WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.  He whipped out German suplexes on Elias and Nakamura.    He tossed Elias over the top and stomped him.  Elias returned to the ring and battled with Angle.

Number five was New Day's Big E.  He nailed Nakamura with a big overhead belly to belly suplex.  He nailed a big splash on Nakamura.  Angle and Elias battled in the corner.  E sent Nakamura over the top but Kurt grabbed him for an Angleslam.  Nakamura sent Angle into the ringpost shoulder-first.  He sent Kurt over the top and drilled him with a knee to knock Angle off the apron to the floor.

Kurt Angle has been eliminated.

Number six was NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano.  He nailed a rana on Elias and drilled Big E with a tornado DDT.  He nailed a slingshot spear into the ring on Elias.  The crowd chanted NXT.  Everyone battled.

Number seven was Jinder Mahal.   He was quickly dispatched by Gargano.

Jinder Mahal has been eliminated.

The Singhs tried to get involved but were beaten off by Elias and Big E.  Gargano, Big E and Elias sized up Nakamura as the countdown for the next competitor came down.

Number eight was Samoa Joe, who was making his Rumble debut.  The crowd chanted his name.  He attacked everyone.  Gargano tried to come off the ropes but Joe stepped out of the way.  Big E went after Joe but Joe overpowered him and tossed E to the floor.

Big E has been eliminated.

Number nine was Curt Hawkins.  He didn't last long as Joe choked him out.  Elias nailed Joe from behind.  Hawkins rolled to the floor to catch his breath.  He went underneath the ring like Zelina did earlier.

Number ten was Seth Rollins.  He hit the ring and cleaned house on everyone.  Elias was sent over the top and run into the ringpost.  He held onto the post but Seth smashed his hands and Elias crashed to the floor.

Elias has been eliminated.

Number eleven was Titus O'Neill.  He played up his entrance for laughs and made it to the ring without fail.  Hawkins looked up at him from under the ring.  Titus gave chase under the ring.  He chased Hawkins into the ring but Hawkins ducked down and held the ropes.  Titus crashed over the ropes to the floor.  Joe then dumped Hawkins.'

Hawkins and O'Neill have been eliminated.

Number 12 was New Day's Kofi Kingston.  Everyone battled.  Joe tried to toss Kofi, but he scrambled back into the ring.  Joe drilled him with a knee.  Rollins and Nakamura battled in a corner.

Number 13 was Mustafa Ali.  He went right after Joe and nailed a Facebuster.   Everyone  battled.  Ali and Nakamura battled.  Ali dropkicked him off the ropes and Nakamura crashed to the floor.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.

Ali nailed Gargano with a tornado DDT but was attacked by Joe.

Number 14 was Dean Ambrose.  Seth was waiting for him and they brawled in the center of the ring.   Ambrose knocked Kingston over the top and sent him to the floor.  Kofi's feet appeared to hit but they acted like they really hadn't.  He was able to roll himself over to the stairs and re-enter the ring.

Gargano was eliminated.

Number 15 was No Way Jose, who came out with a massive conga line.  Jose hit the ring and was immediately clotheslined over the top to the floor.  He danced all the way to the back with the conga line.  Okaayyyy.

Number 16 was Drew McIntyre.  He beat up Jose and a few members of the Conga Line.  He then hit the ring and laid out everyone with the Claymore Kick until he found Samoa Joe.  They brawled until Drew wiped him out with a Claymore Kick as well.  Drew tried to toss Rollins over the top.

Number 17 was New Day's Xavier Woods.  Kofi was tossed but saved by Xavier, who got him back in.  Drew then clotheslined them over the top to the floor.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have been eliminated.

Number 18 was UK Champion Pete Dunne.  I like it!  Dunne starts laying waste to everyone with kicks and strikes.  He goes after McIntyre and brings him to his knee manipulating his arm.  He tried to toss Seth over the top but Rollins holds on.  Dean tried to toss Dunne.

Number 19 was Andrade.  He hit the ring and went right after Dunne and tried to toss him out.  Andrade smashed Dunne, flipping him inside out.  Everyone brawled.

Number 20 was Apollo Crews.  Everyone battled.  Drew was almost eliminated by Rollins.

Number 21 was Aleister Black, who got a big pop.  Big NXT chant.  Black worked over everyone until he came across Drew.  They battled back and forth.  Ali tried to hit a move off the ropes but Black kicked him out of the sky.  Ambrose attacked him and drilled him with right hands.  Black came back with a big kick that sent Dean over the top to the floor.

Ambrose eliminated.

Number 22 was Shelton Benjamin.  Benjamin showed some good athleticism.  

Ali tossed Joe, which treated like a big shock.

Samoa Joe has been eliminated.

Baron Corbin was number 23.  Corbin nailed Deep Six on Ali and sent him over the top but he held on.  Apollo was tossed over.

Apollo Crews has been eliminated.

Number 24 was Jeff Hardy, who got a big pop.  He hit the ring and nailed the Cruncher legdrop on Black.  He nailed a jawbreaker on Ali and the Twist of Fate on Benjamin.  He was sent into the corner by Corbin but fought his way out and nailed a twisting moonsault into everyone.  Dunne attacked Black's fingers and nailed an enziguiri.  Drew drilled Dunne with a big kick.  Baron tossed Black out.

Aleister Black has been eliminated.

Pete Dunne grabbed Baron's hand but Drew smashed him with the Claymore Kick and tossed him to the floor.

Pete Dunne has been eliminated.

Number 25 was Rey Mysterio.  He nailed Corbin wth a kick and nailed a bodypress into the ring, only to be caught and driven down over Corbin's knee with a backbreaker.  Everyone battled.  Andrade powerbombed Rey.  Drew tried to eliminate Hardy.  Rollins and Corbin battled.

Number 26 was Bobby Lashley.  He went right after Seth and ended up eliminated almost immediately.    He lost it and attacked Rollins and slammed him from one announcers' table through another.  

Number 27 was Braun Strowman.  He battled with Corbin and sent him over the top to the floor.

Corbin is eliminated.

Strowman tossed Shelton Benjamin over the top to the floor.  He was eliminated.  Everyone battled.

Jeff Hardy was tossed over the top and has been eliminated.

Number 28 is Dolph Ziggler.  Braun nailed Drew, which allowed Ziggler to superkick him.  He then tossed Drew over the top.

Number 29 is Randy Orton.  He tried to RKO Braun but Braun was too powerful and tossed him off. Braun went after Andrade who was trying to superplex Mustafa Ali.  Andrade lifted him up while on Braun's shoulder.  Rey came off the top with a a bodypress on everyone.  Orton smashed Braun into the ringpost and he went through the ropes.  Orton rolled to the floor and was holding his arm as if it was injured.

Number 30 was R-Truth, who did his song..,,,until Nia Jax attacked Truth and beat the hell out of him.  Jax went to the ring to join the match!

Jax laid out everyone with clotheslines.  She headbutt and eliminated Ali.    Orton went to hit the RKO out of nowhere but she turned around.  They faced off.  He went for the RKO but she shoved him off and hit a big shoulderblock.  They set him up for Rey to go for a 619 but she grabbed him and was going to toss him.  Ziggler nailed her with a superkick.  Rey nailed her with the 619.  Randy nailed her with the RKO.   Rey and Randy tossed her over the top.  She landed on the apron, but Rey kicked her off.

Nia Jax has been eliminated.

Randy nailed Rey with the RKO and tossed him.  Andrade tossed Orton.

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have been eliminated.

Ziggler and Andrade battled back and forth.  Remember, Seth and Braun are still out on the floor.  Strowman returned and blasted them.  He smashed Andrade in the corner, then Ziggler.    Rollins finally got to his feet but Braun saw him coming and laid him out on the floor.  He tossed Seth back into the ring.  Everyone began nailing their big moves on Braun, trying to take him down.  Rollins went to the top and nailed a frog splash.

Andrade was eliminated.  Braun clotheslined Ziggler and Strowman over the top.  Ziggler was knocked off the apron and was eliminated.

Rollins was fought off by Strowman, who returned to the ring.  Seth was picked up for a powerslam but Rollins, when he went over the top, grabbed a front guillotine and pulled him over the top.  Braun was sent into the ringpost and then kicked off by Seth.

Your winner, Seth Rollins!


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