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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-27 23:30:00

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

They had some really good back and forth wrestling early on.  They seemed to be pacing themselves slowly early on.  Bryan was trying to stall a bit.  Styles worked him over with a chinlock.   Bryan sent him into the corner and then to the floor, where Styles was selling he hurt his arm.  Bryan capitalized on that, running him shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Bryan continued working over Styles’ arm, trying to get the submission.  Bryan worked over Styles with a series of right hands.  Styles nailed a big standing dropkick to stun Bryan.  He nailed a running forearm in the corner, then drilled him with a big backbreaker  Styles followed up with a Neckbreaker for a two count.  It looked like Styles might be bleeding from the nose.  Bryan nailed a drop toehold inton the corner and followed up with a series of kicks.  He nailed a running kick in the corner.  Styles caught him going for another but Bryan slipped behind him and nailed Dragon suplex for a two count.

They battled to the floor, where Styles hit his moonsault into his inverted DDT on the floor.  Styles brought Bryan back into the ring and went for a springboard 450 splash.  Bryan pulled his knees up and locked on the LeBell Lock in the center of the ring.  Styles was able to escape and scored a two count, then locked in a Calf Crusher.

Erick Rowan showed up at ringside, wearing a flannel shirt.  So, he’s going to be associated with Daniel Bryan, I guess playing Luke Gallows to his CM Punk.

The referee got bumped by Bryan.  Styles hit the Styles Clash.  Rowan entered the ring, placed a claw on Styles’ head and slammed him to the mat.  Bryan scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan!

This was OK.   The match was good, but then the ending just turned it into a TV angle.

Rowan held Styles up for Bryan to nail with a running leg lariat.

They pushed the Halftime Heat special for next Sunday.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor

Balor went right after Brock and attacked him in the corner.  Brock cast him aside, sending him over the top to the floor, but Balor continued to attack.  Brock finally caught him with a big belly to belly suplex overhead that sent Balor to the floor.

Lesnar attacked Balor on the floor and worked him over, sending him to the barricade.  Lesnar tossed Balor, who crashed to the floor.  Brock set up the announce table for destruction but Lesnar was smashed into the table by Balor, driving his mid-section into the corner of the table.  Balor was able to do that a second time.  Lesnar cut him off with a knee but sold that he was hurt.

Balor attacked him and began working over the mid-section.  Lesnar sent him flying into the buckles and drove his shoulder into Balor over and over.    Brock nailed a big overhead suplex but was selling his ribs or mid-section was injured.  He drove Balor again into the corner and drilled him with another suplex.

Lesnar charged but was kicked away and nailed with a Slingblade.  Brock fired back with a clothesline that wiped a charging Balor down with authority.  Brock went to nail a back suplex but couldn't lift Balor.  He went for an F-5 but Balor countered and turned it into a DDT for a close two count.  Balor began stomping away at the injury and Lesnar rolled to the floor.  Balor nailed a flip dive to the floor.  He nailed another one.  Balor waited for Brock to return to his feet and nailed a third one.

Balor nailed a dropkick in the corner and hit the coup de grace.  The building was shocked by this.  Balor covered him but Brock kicked up at the last second and cinched in the Kimura.  Balor tried to fight out of it, but tapped out.

Your winner and still Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

It was a really well put together match in terms of making the audience think Lesnar was truly on the ropes and was in danger of losing, only to have Balor's victory snatched away and snuffed out.

Lesnar attacked Balor and began whipping out back suplexes after the match.  He nailed Balor with the F-5.

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