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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-12 22:21:00

Former Impact Wrestling star Trevor Lee, 25 years old, announced in the ring tonight at the end of a CWF Mid-Atlantic event in Gibsonville, NC that he has officially signed with WWE. reported last year that Lee was done with Impact and was expected to enter the WWE NXT system.  Lee had denied he was done with Impact, but obviously said that because he could not publicly acknowledge his WWE deal.

The son of Tracy Caddell, who was one of the founding members of OMEGA and wrestled under several personas, including T.C. Brimstone and T.C. Flexer, Lee has been a central figure in the North Carolina independent scene for years.  He broke out in 2014 during a run in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  He debuted with Impact in 2015 as part of the Global Force Wrestling invasion, as he had been wrestling for Jeff Jarrett's promotion.  That opened the door for Lee to transition into a full-time Impact roster spot, where he was paired with Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley.

Lee was the reigning CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion and technically still is, teasing that he could return and defend the title.  The promotion announced a Six Way for the title for their 2/2 return to Gibsonville.  Lee's promo included announcing he would be at the 2/2 event in that match.

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