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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-01-08 21:57:00

We are in Jacksonville, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Daniel Bryan is at the concession stand and he says AJ Styles would be out here with the people.  He is here to take AJ on an educational journey.  This is a 'concession stand', but the only concessions being made are to your health.  You at the people around you.  Are you happy and healthy?  How do you feel after eating this garbage.  You eat this because you are filling a void.  You shove candy and popcorn down your throat.  That is why you cheer for AJ Styles.  You cheer for him to fill a void in your lives.  AJ Styles is like this hot dog as he takes it out of a fan's hand.  It is toxic, just like the people who chant for AJ.

Bryan throws the hot dog back to the fan.  Daniel Bryan says they take a large cup of high fructose syrup and you drink it with a plastic straw.  He throws the drink at the fan and calls him fickle.  Daniel asks the merchandise stand employee for a Yes Movement T-Shirt but there aren't any because the Yes Movement is Dead.  He does not want to pollute this world with this merchandise.  Look at the AJ Styles shirts and gloves.  It makes it look like he actually cares.  It is just useless plastic garbage.

Daniel goes to the aisle and he says he is making this world a better place.  In order to get change, you need to change.  These people are weak, submissive, and impotent.  These people reek and are submissive.  Daniel says he is here changing the planet one person at a time.  Daniel grabs an AJ Styles sign and says he is the champion.  AJ fills a void for 30 seconds.  AJ says he will tear apart that void and fill it with something meaningful and valuable.  Daniel says he will build this world with something these children can be proud of.  

Daniel says you boo him but he is changing the planet for the better while you change it for the worse.

R Truth attacks Daniel Bryan at ringside as he waits for Bryan to come to the ring for his match.  The referee pulls Truth away after Bryan is sent into the ringside barrier.

Match Number One:  Daniel Bryan versus R Truth in a Non Title Match

The match is joined in progress and Truth with a hip toss followed by punches.  Truth with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner but Truth with a drop kick.  Bryan with kicks in the corner followed by a snap mare and kick to the back.  Bryan slaps Truth and he calls Truth the problem.  Truth with punches but Bryan with a European uppercut and he sends Truth into the turnbuckles.  More kicks from Bryan and a running drop kick into the corner.  Bryan with a second one.  Bryan goes for a third one but Truth with a flying corkscrew forearm.  Truth with a suplex into a cutter for a near fall.  

Bryan lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex.  Bryan avoids a splash into the corner and Bryan with a flying knee for the three count.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan gets to the stage and AJ Styles attacks him.  Security stops AJ for a moment but AJ outsmarts them and sends Bryan into the matrix board.  Styles picks up a chair and Bryan goes to the back.  Styles throws the chair down.

Match Number Two:  Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali versus Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) and Samoa Joe

Ali and Joe start things off and Joe pushes Ali on the break.  They lock up and Joe misses a back fist and Ali with forearms.  Ali with a running forearm and Joe with a shoulder tackle.  Joe with a chop and Joe with jabs.  Ali with drop kicks but Joe stays on his feet.  Rey tags in and they hit a double drop kick to knock Joe down.  Joe tags Almas in.  Almas with a kick to the midsection followed by a hammer lock.  Rey with a slingshot flying mare followed by a kick.  Almas gets Rey on his shoulders but Rey with a satellite arm drag.  Rey flips over Almas but Almas with a spinning back elbow for a near fall.

Joe tags in and he punches Rey.  Joe sends Rey into the turnbuckles and connects with jabs and elbows.  Joe tags Almas back in and Almas chops Rey.  Rey with punches and Rey with a wheelbarrow into a victory gourdbuster.  Ali tags in and he hits a head scissors.  Ali sends Almas into the turnbuckles and chops Almas.  Ali slides out of the way and connects with an enzuigiri.  Ali with a rolling X Factor for a near fall.  

Almas with a back elbow but Ali with a drop kick.  Joe tags in and Ali drop kicks Almas into Joe.  Ali with a tornado DDT and Ali goes for a pescado onto Almas but Joe catches him and hits a fallaway slam onto the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ali is in the tree of woe but he sends Almas to the mat from the turnbuckles.  Ali gets out of the turnbuckles and he crawls to make the tag.  Almas misses and Rey tags in.  Rey with a springboard head scissors take down.  Almas with a sunset flip but you don't sunset flip Rey and Rey rolls through and hits a drop kick.  Joe interferes but Rey with a springboard seated splash.  Rey with a Destroyer to Almas but Joe breaks up the cover.  Joe misses a splash in the corner and hits a 619 on Joe.  Ali goes up top and hits the 450 splash on Joe.  Ali lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Rey sends Almas into the ropes and Ali with a plancha onto Joe.  Almas blocks a 619 and hits a gutbuster and hammer lock DDT for the three count.

Winners:  Samoa Joe and Andrade Almas

Carmella says she hears what they are saying.  No one thinks she can win tonight.  They call her the third wheel.  Is it because Charlotte used a kendo stick or because Becky found a personality?  Carmella says that she was champion for 130 days and she beat Charlotte and Asuka twice.  All she needs is an opportunity.  She will use that opportunity to prove that she is everything that she says she is.  Mella is Money.

The Usos are in the back and Jimmy asks if they only have to beat the Bar for a tag title opportunity.  They are going to step up tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz knocks on the door and enters.  Miz wants to know if Shane had anything to do about the Usos' match.  He says it must have been another McMahon who gave them the match since they are tag title contenders.  Shane says they are not close to the title.  Miz says that they can take short cuts since he is a McMahon.  Shane says he will not use short cuts.  They need to train and scout their opponents.  Shane asks if they are on the same page and Miz says they are.  Miz asks about their outfits and he brings up the white leather.  Shane has to take a phone call and walks away.

United States Champion Rusev is in the ring and he has something to say.

He says last week, Lana, his wife, his love, his heart, got hurt because of the selfish actions of one man, Shinsuke Nakamura.  Lana is at home resting, but he stands before you, not as a United States Champion.  He stands before not as the Bulgarian Brute with the body of a thousand Hemsworth brothers.  He stands before you as a husband.   You can mess with him all you want, but Shinsuke, once you mess with his wife, you cross a line.  You cross a line you cannot come back from.  He tells Shinsuke to come out and he will break every bone in your fragile body.  Rusev vows to crush Nakamura.

We see Shinsuke Nakamura in the production truck and he tells Rusev you want people to believe it was his fault that Lana got hurt.  You are the one seeking sympathy.  Nakamura is going to prove that this is not his fault, but it is Rusev's fault.

We see the footage from last week.

Rusev, you crushed Lana.  

Rusev says that if you don't come to him, he will come to you.

Rusev looks for the TV Truck but it is a trap and Nakamura attacks Rusev and uses a production case.  Nakamura kicks Rusev and then he is asked to leave by agents and officials.

Nakamura with a running boot to the head and he leaves.

Becky Lynch says she has to jump through hoops to get back to the championship no one beat her to have.  The title that woke up the entire industry.  She can do whatever she wants.  At the Royal Rumble, Asuka will have to do a lot more than climb a ladder.   She knows she is on borrowed time until the Man settles the score.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Mean Gene Okerlund tribute from Raw.

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