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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-06 19:36:00

Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack.

Mack went right after Callihan and OVE’s Dave Crist.  He nailed Callihan on the floor and brought him back into the ring.  Callihan went for a clothesline but Mack kept control.  They continued until he went to the floor to confront Crist, only to be clotheslined by Callihan as he rebounded the corner in pursuit of Crist.

Callihan drilled him into the apron over the over and pulled the ring skirt over Mack before nailing a pump kick to the head.   Callihan pulled him into the ring and drilled Mack with another kick.  He brought Mack into the corner and chopped him hard across the chest, snapmared him down and locked in a chinlock.  Mack fought his way to his feet but Callihan gored his eyes.

Mack made a comeback and hit a big cannonball in the corner.  He went for a stunner but was shoved off.  Callihan caught him out of the corner with a powerbomb then followed up with a V-Trigger knee for a two count.  Callihan tried to nail Mack who evaded a move and nailed a stunner for a two count.    Mack went to the top, but Dave Crist grabbed him.  Mack fought him off but was nailed by Callihan.

Callihan nailed a Death Valley Driver off the top rope for a two count.    They went back and forth until Callihan nailed a piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

You knew what you were going to get here, a lot of fun back and forth action and they delivered.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake, who was wearing a blindfold a la Birdbox.  He was standing in the place where Abyss first appeared in Impact two decades ago, saying he stepped out of the garbage heap.  Drake said that he's never going to let Abyss have a chance to grab his previous Janice.  He scoffed at the idea he was afraid of Abyss.  He said that before Abyss can grab a weapon, he's going to be Gravy Trained.  

Eli Drake vs. Abyss – Monster’s Ball Match.

Drake attacked Abyss from behind, hitting him with a staple gun.  Drake tried to whip him into the ropes but couldn’t budge him and was nailed with a right.  Abyss nailed a clothesline and hit an Avalanche in the corner.  Abyss brandished the staple gun, but Drake blocked it and kicked him.  He went for a sunset flip, but Abyss bent down and stapled him in the chest.

Abyss set up several tables at ringside and tossed a trash can into the ring.  He grabbed Drake for a chokeslam through the table but was kicked.  Drake went to nail him, but Abyss sidestepped him, and Drake ended up in the crowd.   Drake nailed Abyss and charged at him with a production case on wheels.   Drake argued with the referee, but Abyss charged with the case, nailing him from behind.

Abyss brought him back into the ring and set up a trash can in between two buckles.  He went to grab Drake, who nailed him with several trash can shots to the head.  Drake followed up with cookie sheet shots.  Drake charged at Abyss, who was against the ropes but was caught and suplexed over the top to the tables on the floor.  He cleared the first table and crashed through the second, farther table.  The momentum sent Abyss to the floor as well.  He came up limping.

Abyss dumped thumb tacks into the ring and he called for the chokeslam.  Drake kicked Abyss and grabbed some tacks.  He tossed them at Abyss who moved, and they hit the referee in the face.  The ref went down.  Abyss nailed the chokeslam and went for the pin.  The crowd counted the pinfall but there was no referee. 

Drake drilled Abyss into the trash can in the corner and covered him for a two count.   Abyss made a comeback and went to the floor for Janice.  Drake was scared and grabbed a chair, nailing Abyss in the mid-section.  He went to use Janice, but Abyss nailed him and chokeslammed Drake on the tacks.  There were a TON on Drake's back. 

Drake made a comeback and went to the floor.  He grabbed several zip ties and tied Abyss’ wrists.  Abyss broke free but was beaten over and over with chairshots to the back.  He covered Abyss who still kicked up.   Drake grabbed a paddle.   He worked over Abyss, breaking the paddle over his back with a stiff shot and scored the pin.

Your winner, Eli Drake!

This was an entertaining Monster's Ball with some really crazy bumps from Drake, especially the table and the tacks.  Abyss looked to be hurting towards the end.  They worked hard and the crowd enjoyed the plunder. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Killer Kross.  He isn't wrestling tonight but said he made his intentions crystal clear from day one.  He said he and Johnny Impact are different sides of the same coin.  He said everyone's talking about Option C but they are going to talk about Option X tonight, meaning him.  He said Johnny has to do whatever he has to do, but in the end, everyone pays the toll.

They showed several cast members of Survivor, including this year's winner, sitting ringside to support Johnny Impact.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX vs. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix.

It was all insane action right out of the gate with the Lucha Brothers going insane with tag team maneuvers and Fenix hitting a big date to the outside on Ortiz.  They were going to double-team Santana, but he sent them into each other in the corner.  LAX began trashing them and Ortiz hit a tope con hilo to the outside on Fenix.  Santana hit a big Asai moonsault to the outside on Santana.

LAX worked over Pentagon, scoring a two count.  The match was back and forth action at hyper-speed.  Fenix and Pentagon each hit big dives on LAX.  The crowd chanted “This is awesome.”  If you like fast paced Highspots and moves, this was your jam.  Fenix hit a big double stomp on Santana as he was held by Pentagon.  

Seriously, I am apologizing right now because there’s no way I can even process what’s happening.  Pentagon hit this ridiculously awesome Canadian piledriver.  Pentagon and Ortiz began superkicking each other.  All four brawled in the center of the ring, chopping and punching each other.  They began laying each other out with kicks and it ended with all four laid out in the middle of the ring.

LAX nailed the Street Sweeper on Pentagon.  Fenix broke it up.  The crowd chanted, “fight forever.”  LAX finally wiped out Fenix with an inside out powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winners, LAX!

Easily the best thing on the show.  If you are into MOVES and all sorts of crazy spots, this was the match for you.  This could have been the main event and everyone would have gone home happy.  I am pretty sure the biggest talking point coming out of this show will be this match.

Konnan came out and said he didn’t think they would be able to separate the professional from the personal but he was wrong.  He said it was going to be a historic match and what better place to host it than Nashville, the home of Impact.  The crowd popped for that.

Everyone hugged and raised each other hands after the bout.

McKenzie Mitchell was special guest referee Gail Kim.  She said she truly believed Bound for Glory was her last time in the ring but she’s here tonight because of how Tessa Blanchard abuses referees and authorities.  She’s here not to play favorites but to call it down the line and make sure the right woman walks out Knockouts Champion.

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