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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-06 19:36:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing Impact Wrestling Homecoming PPV coverage from Nashville, TN at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena!  Tonight's show is airing on PPV as well as Fite.TV.

Pre-Show Notes:

Early Impact star Chris Harris is backstage.

The Kickoff Show is all video packages.

They opened up the show with a nice video feature showing all sorts of old clips as well as clips of the current stars.

Josh Mathews welcomed everyone to the PPV, saying they were live at the “world famous” Asylum.  He and

Ultimate X to crown new X-Division Champion: Jake Crist vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel.

Dave Crist came out with Jake, but returned to the back.

All four faced off at the start.  They all raced to the ropes but were knocked down one by one.  Swann and Page each hit ranas.  Page went to the ropes, but Crist nailed him with an enziguri.  Swann and Crist battled on the floor.  Page slammed Miguel off the ropes onto them on the floor.

Page tried to make it across the ropes but was pulled down.   Everyone battled with kicks and superkicks aplenty, wiping each other out. The crowd chanted “Impact Wrestling.”  Page was trapped in the buckles.  Miguel and Swann hit him with stereo kicks.  Swann and Miguel battled atop another corner, knocking Crist off the ropes in the process.  He crotched them. 

Page made his way across the ropes.  Crist tried to intercept but was kicked away.  Page dropped down, nailing him.  Swann unleashed a flurry of offense on Page, culminating with a cutter.  Miguel kicked him down, backflipped over him, then nailed a dropkick to the back of Swann’s head.  Trey made his way across the ropes, but Page pulled him down into a powerslam position and drove him down over his knees.

Crist nailed a tornado DDT off the apron to the floor on Miguel.  Swann hit a nice twisting dive to the outside on everyone.   Swann climbed up to the structure but was met by the others.  They all battled in that corner.  Swann was knocked off the structure down onto Page and Crist.  Miguel climbed up but moonsaulted off the structure.  They almost missed it live but showed it on the replay. 

They all battled into the ring where Page was triple-teamed with a Tower of Doom-like powerbomb out of the corner as Miguel drove his knees down.  Swann went for a dive, but Crist nailed him with a kick.  Crist then nailed him with a tombstone on the metal entrance ramp.  He carried Swann towards the entrance, with the idea that he was farther away and would be out of the way.  Crist was limping a little.

Crist went across the ropes.  Page made it to the top turnbuckle and speared him off the ropes into the ring.  Swann and Miguel battled in the ring.  Swann took control and made it across the ropes to the belt, pulling it down just as Miguel made his way towards him.

Your winner and new X-Division Champion Rich Swann!

An OK opener with some fun moments.  There were some cool spots here, especially the dives and the big spear from Page, but it didn’t feel like they had built any consistent momentum as it wasn't about telling a story as much as the spots.  I appreciate the effort because they are a hell of a lot more fearless than I’ll ever be.  

Don Callis and Josh Mathews ran down the lineup.

Brian Cage was interviewed tonight.  He said he cashed in his title shot and tonight, there's only one outcome, Cage walking out with the title.  He said he's sacrificed his soon to be wife, his daughter's birth, his wedding and more for pro wrestling.  He said he and Johnny Impact are friends but he's sacrificing that tonight too and said tonight Impact isn't getting his friend, but the Machine, Brian Cage.  Decent promo.

They aired a video recap on the Allie situation.

Su Yung & Allie vs. Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace

This is Grace’s PPV debut.

Grace and Allie started out with Grace using her power to score several near falls.  Allie ended up tagging out quickly to Yung.  Kiera tagged in and nailed a series of hip attacks in the corner.  She made the cover, but Allie broke up the pinfall.  Allie tagged back in and began playing mind games with Hogan, avoiding her and going to the floor.  She antagonized Grace, who went after her, but the referee blocked Jordynne on the floor.  This allowed Yung to lay out Hogan.

Yung and Allie worked over Hogan in their corner.   She was hung in the corner and nailed with a series of kicks to the back, then drilled by Yung with a Neckbreaker for a two count.   Allie and Yung whipped each other into the corner, smashing Hogan.  Yung nailed a lungblower for another two count.  Hogan fought out a chinlock.  She and Yung went back and forth but wiped each other out.

Grace got the hot tag and cleaned house.  She sent Allie to the floor but was sent out of the rung by Yung.  Hogan nailed a dive to the outside.   Yung went for one but was kicked.  They battled back in the ring.  Hogan went for a pinfall with a bridge, but Yung broke it up.  All four battled in the ring.  They Grace showed off her power, hitting a powerslam on Allie and a powerbomb on Yung at the same time.  That was pretty damn cool.

Allie kicked out and grabbed Hogan by the throat.  Grace broke it but was spewed in the face with mist.  Hogan checked on Grace but was laid out.  Yung handed Allie a glove and she put it on, then locked on The Mandible Claw on Hogan,

Your winners, Allie and Su Yung!

Yung attacked Hogan and beat her with fists.

Out came a bunch of Undead Bridesmaids with a coffin. Allie and Yung worked over Hogan with the idea they were going to put her in the coffin.  They sent her to the floor but when the coffin was opened, Rosemary was inside.    She began beating of the Bridesmaids and sent Yung flying into the rest, who went down like bowling pins.

Rosemary made her way to the ring and faced off with Allie.  She went to touch Allie, who freaked and retreated to the floor, looking shocked.

The match was OK.  The crowd really liked the angle, which made sense given the cameo Rosemary made during the Bound for Glory vignette.   They seemed to be protecting Grace, which makes sense since there's a lot of potential in her vs. Tessa Blanchard down the line.  There were a few rough moments but nothing that made time stand still.

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Falls Count Anywhere.

Moose had the most ridiculous golden ring gear ever, and I mean that in a good way.  It was perfect for pro wrestling.

Edwards attacked Moose as he made his way to the ring and they brawled around the ringside area.  Edwards unloaded with chops but was drilled into the guard rail.  Moose bridged a piece of the rail off the apron.  Edwards made a comeback and tossed Moose into the crowd.  They brawled all over the place and just like the old Wednesday night PPVs, it was too dark to see some of it.  They battled into the bleachers Jeff Jarrett always ended up fighting in.  Moose left Edwards down and returned to the floor but Edwards dove off, which got the biggest pop thus far tonight and a "holy sh**" chant.

They battled back to the ring.  Moose low blowed Edwards as they returned to the ring and knocked him off the apron into the ringside barricade.  Moose sent him into the ring post and tossed chairs into the ring.  He dumped Edwards back into the ring.  Edwards was bleeding.  Moose worked over the cut with punches and bit his forehead.  Moose began tossing chairs atop of Edwards and went to the top.  Edwards tossed a chair at his head, then nailed him with another.

Edwards set up the chairs in a pile and nailed a superplex into the pile.  Moose battled back and they exchanged chops in the center of the ring.  Moose nailed a pump kick.  Moose charged Edwards but was backdropped over the top onto the bridged guard rail, which broke.   Edwards tossed him back into the ring and grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring.  He began beating him with the stick but Edwards' wife Alisha came out and took the stick from him, only to cane Moose herself.  That got a pop.

Edwards nailed Moose and scored the pin.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

A really entertaining brawl.  These two have shown they had some good chemistry in the past, especially their NYC bout, and this was more of the same.  What the heck happened to the Falls Count Anywhere stip?  No one ever went for a pin!

The crowd chanted for Eddie after.

Backstage, Sami Callihan said he figured by now, people would have figured out not to step into his business.  He said Willie Mack is going to be wishing and praying and begging he had listened to Rich Swann who knows what OVE is all about.  He said he was Impact Wrestling.

Coverage continues on Page 2!

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