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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-22 16:15:00

With Impact Wrestling being moved to Pursuit HD as of next month, one question has been asked quite a bit is whether AroLucha, which had commercials airing during Impact Wrestling broadcasts on Pop, teasing the promotion would be "coming soon", would now be replacing Impact on Pop.

It would appear the answer is no, not at this time. inquired with a source at Pop TV about AroLucha's potential on the cable network due to the aforementioned commercials.  After checking, the source confirmed that none of the Aro Lucha commercials were slotted on the broadcasts by Pop itself, but were instead placed there by Impact Wrestling as Impact included the commercials in the master copy Impact Wrestling provided to the network.   While it's certainly possible AroLucha (or other promotions) could try to strike a deal with Pop down the line, since the commercials aired as part of a deal made between Aro Lucha and Impact Wrestling  they are not an indication that something is forthcoming.

As previously reported by, Aroluxe  had been funding Impact tapings in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the company.  As we broke back in 2016, Aroluxe was in a position to claim ownership over Impact Wrestling had Dixie Carter not maintained regular payments reimbursing Aroluxe.  As it turned out, Anthem would come in as an investor and eventually take control of Impact when they decided to calling in the debt Carter's company Impact Ventures LLC had garnered from Anthem's loans.  That move left Aroluxe out in the cold as they were not retained as Impact's production company. 

It is believed by several sources that Anthem makes regular payments to Aroluxe, buying out their ownership percentage.  It is possible that a deal was made to air the commercials as part of that payment process, in order to help Aroluxe try and get AroLucha off the ground.

AroLucha had announced that it would tape "season one" of their TV series this year, but obviously, that did not happen.  The company has hired former Impact Wrestling Chief Strategy Officer Eric Sherman to head their distribution efforts.  Sherman and AroLucha partner Ron Harris were in Los Angeles in October, meeting with potential television network partners for the series.

Since Aro Lucha's pilot TV taping in Nashville, the company has run several live events in Texas, utilizing a number of talents, including John Hennigan, Low Ki, LAX, Shane "Hurricane" Helms, Juventud Guerrera, Sammy Guevara,  Chavo Guerrero Jr., Blue Demon Jr., James Storm, Demius,  Taya, Lady Apache, Maximo, Laredo Kid, Keyra, Xtra Talented, Steve Pain, Mascarita Dorada.  Konnan is in charge of the creative end of the company while Helms works as a producer behind the scenes as well.   Mysterio had been announced as a minority owner of the promotion prior to his official return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Twitter account for Aro Lucha promises, "High-energy Lucha Libre for the entire Authentic family.  Authentic stars, characters & stories. Live events & digital content. Lucha for the fans by the fans."

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