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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-16 22:55:00

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio - Chairs match.

They locked up.  Rey tossed Mysterio to the floor and said it was too easy as he grabbed a chair.  Rey grabbed one of his own and began beating Orton with it.  He brought Orton back into the ring and nailed him in the mid-section and across the back.  Mysterio drilled him in the corner, then grabbed a second chair.  He placed it in front of Orton in the corner.  He charged and dove off the chair but Orton escaped and drilled Rey in the back with the chair.

Orton picked up Rey for a suplex on the apron but Rey landed on his feet in the ring.  Mysterio knocked Orton off the apron.  He charged with the chair and slid off the apron with it as if it was a Boogie Board, crashing down onto Orton on the floor.  That was different!  Mysterio began beating Orton on the floor with chairs.  He kicked at Orton, who slammed him into the apron.  Rey fired back and sat Orton in a chair.  Rey came off the apron with a seated senton but Orton ducked and Rey crashed and burned through the chair.  OUCH!

Orton stalked Rey on the floor and beat him with a chair before preparing an announcers' table as a weapon to use on Rey.  He placed a chair across the announcing table and drove Rey face-first down onto the table and chair.  Orton began putting chairs into the ring.  Orton tossed him into the ring and scored a two count.  Orton wedged a chair in between the buckles.  He tried to run Rey into it but Rey slipped off his back and sent Orton facefirst into the chair.  Rey tried to capitalize but is caught with a snap powerslam for a two count.

Rey made a comeback with a kick to the head and went to the top rope but as he dove off, Orton tossed a chair at him, scoring a two count on the stunned Mysterio.   Mysterio mounted a comeback with a chair across the back and a 619.  Rey went to the top rope for a splash but was again taken out.     Orton worked over Rey and tossed several chairs into the ring.  He drove Mysterio's head against a chair wedged between turnbuckles.  

Orton lined up a series of chairs, four across, in the ring.  Orton tried to nail an RKO on them but Rey slipped out and nailed a drop toehold on Orton before turning him into a forward roll for the pin.

Your winner, Rey Mysterio!

Solid all the way through with Mysterio doing way more than you'd expect given all his knee surgeries.  Orton was very good methodically here and they told a good, physical story.  I wouldn't say it was a great match but it told the story they needed.

Backstage, Finn Balor was interviewed by Charlie Caruso.  He said it was a huge win over Drew but he didn't know why Ziggler was there.  Ziggler showed up taking credit and told Balor he was lucky he was there.  Balor told him to keep his nose out of Balor's business.  Balor was attacked and tossed over an equipment case as Ziggler stalked off.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax.

They circled each other with Rousey jabbing.  Nia threatened her with the right hand.  Rousey took her down with an armbar attempt but Nia powered up and powerbombed the Champion down for a two count.   Rousey nailed a splash in the corner and hit a big Beel toss across the ring.  Nia dropped an elbow for a two count.  Rousey came back and attempted an armbar but Jax made her way under the ropes to the floor. Rousey held on but was sent hard, slammed into the barricade.

Rousey made a comeback, nailing a flying bodypress off the top rope to the floor.   Rousey rolled Jax into the ring, scoring a two count.  Rousey called for Jax to get up and psyched herself before nailing a series of strikes and a stepup knee.  She followed up with a right hand that rocked Jax for a two count.  Jax cut her off and nailed a Samoan Drop for a close two count.  Jax drilled her with a headbutt with Rousey collapsing to the mat.

Jax picked up Rousey on her shoulders and climbed the ropes, attempting another Samoan Drop.  Rousey nailed a series of elbows to escape and attempted a sunset flip powerbomb, scoring a two count.  Rousey pulled herself to her feet and went for the armbar as Jax screamed "No."  Tamina tried to distract Rousey, which allowed Jax to nail her from behind.  Jax went for the Facebreaker but Rousey ducked it and finally snapped the armbar, dedicating it to Tamina, yanking back.  Jax quickly tapped.

Your winner and still Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey!

A good back and forth match.

Nia was walking in the back holding her injured arm.  She encountered Becky.  Becky asked if she remembered when Nia broke her face, kicked her and beat her down.  She told Nia, "Keep my name out of your mouth" and walked off.  Tamina came up to a beaten and hurt Nia as they returned to the announcers.

AJ Styles did a promo where he said he let Daniel Bryan push his buttons long enough, so tonight, "he plays mine."

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles.

Bryan was being very arrogant and hesitant early.  Styles caught him and nailed several chops and a rana.  Styles drilled him in the corner with a series of shoulderblocks.    Styles rocked him with several right hands and whipped him into the ropes, but Bryan came back with a kick to the shoulder.  Styles sent him to the floor and went for a pescado but was kicked on the way down.

Bryan sent the challenger into the barricade.  Bryan brought him back into the ring and drilled him in the mid-section after sending Styles into the ropes.  Styles' back was worked over as Bryan began tying him up on the mat.  Bryan continued to work him over, nailing a headbutt and drilling Styles with chops in the corner.   Bryan kept verbally harassing Styles, but that fired him up, bringing forth chops of his own.  Bryan choked Styles with a chinlock after tying him upside down in the corner.  Bryan stood over Styles, staring down.  He continued beating Styles while daring him to get to his feet.

Bryan nailed a series of Yes Kicks against the ropes on Styles, knocking him to the outside.    Bryan continued the assault with a series of dropkicks in the corner.  Styles finally exploded out of the ring with a clothesline that turned Bryan inside out.  Bryan tried drill Styles, who blocked and took control with a series of punches.    Styles nailed a spinning backfist for a two count.  Styles nailed a series of rights.  Styles went for the Styles Clash but Bryan rolled out of the ring to escape.

Styles followed him to the floor and sent Bryan into the ringpost several times.  Styles continued to assault Bryan and brought him back into the ring as Bryan begged off.  Bryan then charged but Styles snatched him into a Fireman's Carry into a neckbreaker over the knee.  Styles went for a suplex but Bryan came down with a knee to the face.  Styles went for the moonsault into an inverted DDT but Bryan drilled him with several knee strikes, locked him in a cravate before snapping him over with a hard suplex.

Styles finally mounted a comeback and went for the Phenomenal Forearm.  Bryan went to nail him but Styles saw it coming and dropped down and nailed a Dragonscrew Legwhip.  Bryan's leg was beaten against the ring post over and over.   Bryan was nailed with a chop block from behind.  Styles grabbed his leg but that allowed Bryan to nail an enziguiri.  Bryan unloaded with kicks in the corner.  Bryan went for a move but Styles rolled through for a two count, then went for a Styles Clash.  Bryan kicked away at him but AJ grabbed the leg and turned it into a single-leg Boston Crab.  Bryan struggled to make it to the ropes but was dragged back to the center of the ring.  Bryan teased tapping out but escaped and transitioned into the LeBell Lock, finally trapping Styles in it.

Styles escaped but was rocked by Bryan with a kick.  Bryan was nailed with a Pele Kick.  Fans chanted "This is awesome."

They battled back and forth with strikes and punches.   Bryan kicked Styles in the ribs.  He charged but Styles nailed a dropkick.    Styles drilled Bryan with a springboard 450 splash for a two count, although he aggravated all the damage done to his mid-section executing the move.  Bryan kicked up before he could score the three count.  The crowd chanted for Styles.  Styles was driven into the corner by Bryan.

Bryan was trapped in the Calf Crusher but Bryan, after struggling, finally made the ropes.  Bryan pulled himself out but Styles tossed him back in.  Before AJ could even capitalize, Bryan rolled back out.  They battled on the floor.  Styles nailed the Phenomenal Forearm off the barricade.  Bryan was dumped back in the ring.  Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan ducked.  Styles almost nailed the referee.  Bryan charged with the flying knee but Styles ducked.  Styles nailed a small package but Bryan reversed and scored the pin.

MISTER SMALL PACKAGE IS BACK!  For months in ROH, Bryan teased a new secret move and it turned out to be a small package that no one could escape.  He returned to that tonight.

Your winner and still ROH (just kidding...WWE) Champion, Daniel Bryan!

Great match with some awesome back and forth action.  This was likely one of the best WWE PPV bouts of the year.

Backstage, Ronda Rousey was interviewed by Charly Caruso.  She reminded Charlotte Flair that payback is a b***ch.  

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