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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-08 23:40:00

Former WWE star Big Cass went into a seizure and fell to the floor in the lobby of the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA just as tonight’s event went to intermission.    He had just walked into the lobby from backstage so he could sell autographs and photos.

An ambulance has been called and EMTs are currently tending to Cass, who was scheduled to appear on the second half of the show but obviously, that won’t be happening.   

10:33 PM Update: Cass has been taken to the hospital.  We are told he was coherent and speaking when he left.

For those who will undoubtedly, ask, this was not a work and not part of the show.

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring and asked fans to say a prayer for Cass.  Dreamer said that there was a lot of things that happened leading into this show. Edge’s mother passed away and Dreamer put her over and said she was Edge’s rock.  Marko Stunt was to be a surprise but broke his leg.  Joey Ryan tore his pec.  PCO canceled on him last night and he said, “Thanks buddy.”  The crowd booed that.  He said PCO opted not to come because he signed a contract with a bigger company.  Dreamer said if he wants to no show him, that’s cool but when you no show these people, you show your ass.  He said that when you see me, “Don’t hey brother me.”   Dreamer said he was trying to replace him with a WWE star and joked that didn’t happen because Triple H was mad HOH outdrew NXT in Wisconsin. 

He said he spent $20,000 on this show and now he doesn't have an opponent.  He said he wasn't going to add himself to another match.  He said that all we have is what we have today and we have to remember how lucky we have it that we are here and healthy.  He then told a story about how he was traveling so much around Thanksgiving.  He had flown to Portland and landed when his wife and kids called crying because they were driving home from Michigan when their car was hit by a deer but somehow his wife, kids and his two dogs all somehow were OK.  He said we are all here by the grace of God and everyone is so lucky to be alive.  Dreamer said if he was gone tomorrow, everyone here supported him and would support him.  He told the fans he loved them and thanked them for all the support they gave him and House of Hardcore this year.

Dreamer said he wanted to thank Joe Koff from ROH for the favor he did for House of Hardcore tonight and said he owes Koff and ROH a favor.  He thanked everyone again for their support.

Rich Swann & Teddy Hart vs. Mystery Opponents

It's the Briscoes.  Huge pop.  That was the favor.

The crowd was subdued for Swann’s “All Night Long” entrance.  Hart came out with his cat.

Big pop for the Briscoes, who came out to no music, which added to the surprise.

They went balls to the wall insane right out of the gate.  Swann and Hart each nailed dropkicks on Mark Briscoe.  Hart nailed a powerbomb across his knees on Briscoe, then hit a big quebrada off the top for a two count.

Swann and Hart tagged in and out, taking turns working over Mark.  Jay finally had enough and hit the ring and the Briscoes took control.  Mark worked over Swann in the corner, choking him with his boot.  Jay locked on a chinlock.  Swann fought back but was backdropped into the air by Jay.  Hart tagged in and went on a tear with big moves and aerial spots, bringing down the house.  Hart hit an incredible moonsault.

Swann nailed a great twisting dive to the floor.  Hart then hit a crazy springboard moonsault off the top to the floor.  Hart has been wrestling like he’s trying to get hired.  The Briscoes regained control and went to double Suplex him to the outside but Swann attacked them, and Hart transitioned into a stunner on Mark.

The insane action continued with The Briscoes beating down Swann and nailing a big powerbomb on him.   They went back and forth with near falls, which brought up a standing ovation from a good portion of the crowd.  The crowd chanted “HOH.”

The battle went back and forth until The Briscoes nailed the Doomsday Device on Teddy Hart and pinned him.

Your winners, The Briscoes!

Just an insanely ridiculously fun “let’s throw it all out there and see what the hell happens” match.  I couldn't keep up with 90% of what was going on here.  It was damn great.

A few fans actually threw streamers after the bout.

Hart took the mic and said he wanted to thank Tommy Dreamer for letting him wrestle in the most famous Arena in the world.  That got him an ECW chant.  He thanked the fans and told them God bless them and that he was so happy to wrestle for them.  The crowd chanted "Teddy Fn' Hart."

After the ring cleared, Joey Ryan's music played and he made his way to the ring.  He noted he was injured so he was here to thumb wrestle and issued an open challenge.  Out came The Blue Meanie.  Yep.  Meanie said if there's two things he knows about, it's catering and thumb wrestling.  Ryan said for them to send a referee out here so they can do it.  The referee was standing behind him.  OK, that was funny.

They did the thumb war.  Ryan tried to distract Meanie by putting a blowpop in his mouth.  Meanie made a comeback and won.  Ryan was so upset he nailed the D-flip on the ref.  Just another Saturday in South Philly.  The crowd enjoyed it.

HOH TV & NWA National Champion Willie Mack vs. Shane Strickland.

They went back and forth with some good action early.  They battled to the top, where Mack went for a superplex but Strickland nailed him and caught him on ropes, nailing a double stomp for a two count.  He nailed several stomps on Mack in the corner.   Strickland nailed the divorce court on Mack for a two count.   He began working over Mack's arms, trying to tie him into a pinning position.  Strickland rode Mack's back as he rode to his feet and took him back down, focusing the attack on his wrist.    He backed Mack against the ropes and chopped him hard against the ropes.

Mack made a comeback and scored a comeback with a standing moonsault.  Strickland used the ropes as leverage.  Swann came off the ropes with a big kick but was caught and nailed with a knee strike.  Strickland nailed another.   He nailed another stomp.  They battled back and forth with punches and strikes.  Mack nailed a big right hand.   They slapped each other hard.  Mack charged but was hit with a big kick.  He swung the momentum back with a double knee strike that drove Strickland down to the mat.

They battled to the floor, where Strickland charged all the way around but was sent into the air and nailed with a big punch.  They battled back and forth in the ring with big kicks and hard strikes.  Mack caught him with a stunner out of nowhere.  Mack pulled himself up with the ropes and drilled Strickland with a hard chop on the apron, then followed up with another.   Mack went for another but Strickland pounced and rolled him up for a two count.  Strickland slammed him and went to the top where he nailed a big double stomp.    Strickland nailed a 450 splash off the top for a CLOSE near fall.  

Mack made a comeback and nailed a big uppercut.  Strickland tried to lock a legs scissor around Mack's throat, trying to choke him out.  Mack powers him up and turns him into a stunner.  Mack flies off the top and scored the pin with a top rope splash.

Your winner and still Champion, Willie Mack!

A really great main event to close the night.  Some tremendous wrestling here.  The only thing that probably would have helped this is if there was a strong babyface vs. heel dynamic as you could tell the crowd was enjoying it but they weren't really rooting a babyface on as much as just popping for the big spots and near falls.  

This was easily the strongest HOH show I have seen in a long time.

Thanks for logging into tonight and all your support!

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