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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-08 23:40:00

VIk Dalishus, who had been a really strong undercard heel here before breaking his leg last year elsewhere, came to the ring.  He said he missed the crowd, who booed him.  He said he asked for the chance to speak to the crowd.  They booed that and he said he deserved it.  He said his job in HOH was to make people hate him and he did a good job.  He explained that last year, he shattered his right leg.  He explained his father in law died, and he broke his leg again and then it got infected.  All of this was 100% true but the loving folks in Philly kept booing.

Dalishus said that he was told if took another bad shot on the leg, he may never walk again.  He said that he's a father with children and he's got to retire because he can't compete any more.  He thanked Hale Collins for being a good friend and opponent.  He thanked the Double Duprees for being with him in HOH.  A number of HOH staff and wrestlers came out.  He said that in 2011, he approached Tommy Dreamer about starting a wrestling school and out of that came House of Hardcore.  He thanked Dreamer.  He said he doesn't know what he's going to do and it sucks so, so bad that he can't do it anymore, but he's got a 4 year old, a 3 year old and other family members depending on him.  The crowd went from booing him to cheering and applauding over the course of this.

Dalishus began hugging everyone but when he got to Alex Reynolds, Reynolds attacked him from behind and nailed his bad leg.  Reynolds grabbed the cane Dalishus was using and attacked his leg with it.  Reynold teased he was going to drill the Duprees with it but instead they aligned themselves with him.  The crowd chanted "A**hole" and got some nice heat for all this.  He walked out.  They spent a lot of time getting Dalishus out of the ring due to his injury.

David Arquette & RJ City vs. Robert Strauss (aka Robbie E) & Tyrus

City started out with Strauss and went back and forth.  Tyrus tagged in and Arquette tagged in.  He nailed a dropkick that sent him to the floor.  He went to the top for a dive to the floor, but City made him get down and tag himself out.

Strauss snapped City on the ring ropes and stomped away at him.  He yelled at Arquette and stomped away at City.  Tyrus tagged in and manhandled City, slamming him down and ramming him into the turnbuckles.  Strauss tagged in but was nailed with a back Suplex.  The crowd chanted for Arquette to tag in, but City refused.

Finally, Tyrus nailed City into Arquette who tagged in.  His clotheslines had no effect, but Arquette nailed a jawbreaker.  He drilled Tyrus with some chops.  The crowd chanted for him.  Arquette went for a stunner but was thrown off.  Tyrus scored a two-count following an elbow but City broke it up.

Strauss went to the top but Tyrus was shoved into him.  Arquette hit a bodypress off the top onto Tyrus on the floor.  He nailed a stunner on Strauss for the pin.

Your winners, RJ City & David Arquette!
Arquette took the mic and said he wanted to thank the fans because that’s what it’s all about.  He said he loves Philadelphia and loves this Arena.  He thanked House of Hardcore for having him and said he just wants to bring attention to wrestling. 

He was thanking everyone when City attacked him from behind.  City took the mic and said he’s been carrying Arquette for months and he carried him tonight.  He told Arquette he does B movies and an episode of Friends, but tonight is the RJ City show and he’s got some pictures to sell.  Good promo.

City brought a table into the ring and worked over Arquette, getting him on the table when The Sandman's music hit.  The place popped for his grand entrance and chanted "ECW."  Sandman hit the ring and caned City.  That got, by far, the biggest pop of the night.  The fans chanted ECW again.  With City run off, Sandman offered Arquette a beer and they were drinking when Bully Ray attacked Sandman from behind.

Bully attacked Arquette and rudely powerbombed him through the table.    Ray teased caning him but dropped the cane and walked off.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Brian Cage

Aldis read a long proclamation that turned out to be that it was named National Wrestling Alliance day recently in Pittsburgh.  The crowd turned as soon as he named The Steel City.  Cage took the mic and said today, he was going to win the title and “get my sh** in.”

Aldis attacked him from behind and rammed him into the turnbuckles.  Cage drilled Aldis with right hands and forearms.  Aldis caught him with a Suplex but Aldis snatched him into a delayed vertical Suplex.  Cage nailed a series of clotheslines in the corner.  Aldis took a powder and went to the floor, trying to quell his momentum.

Cage followed the NWA Champion to the floor but was nailed.  Aldis returned to the ring and hit a sliding kick to the outside.  Aldis worked him over for a long time, slamming Cage and scored a two count.    Aldis went to the top but Cage met him in the ropes.  Cage nailed a superplex but was too spent to take advantage of it.

Cage nailed a neckbreaker and drilled Aldis with a big release German Suplex.  Cage rammed him into the buckles and nailed a back Suplex into a backbreaker.  Cage came off the ropes but was caught and turned into a Texas Cloverleaf.  Cage finally made it to the ropes.  He cut off Aldis and went for a Suplex, but Aldis landed on his feet.  Aldis caught him with a low blow and rolled up Cage for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion, Nick Aldis!

Solid match, very much designed to be an old school style bout.

We are now at intermission!

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