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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-12-03 22:59:00

Baron Corbin is in the ring and he says in two short weeks, he will be Raw's General Manager.  What a journey it has been.  From winning Money in the Bank to being championship caliber to being constable to General Manager Elect.  Baron says if you are born better than everyone else, you can achieve anything.

Baron says he has had a few thorns in his side.  The Shield, Finn Balor, Kurt Angle, and Braun Strowman.  With the help of one person this journey has been pain free.  Tonight is Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night.

Baron brings out Drew McIntyre.

Baron thanks Drew for all of his hard work and unwavering support.  He says Drew is on the right side of history.  There needs to be something to commemorate all that Drew has done.

Baron gives Drew a Gold Medal of Excellence.

Drew says he did what no one else would do.  He is here to eradicate complacency.  People were in the back playing games on their phones.  They were happy to collect their paychecks.  Drew says they were responding to thinks said about them on social media.

Drew says he made Raw in his image.  Drew says it is something that has to happen every day, not just Monday.  Drew says that Finn Balor thinks he is the voice of these pathetic people.  Finn is nothing more than a boy in a man's world.  At TLC, he will hurt Finn and break his spirit.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. 

Dolph asks Drew if he is having some memory problems.  He brought Drew to Raw and they were dominating.  Dolph says he was the brains and Drew was the muscle.  Dolph says his invitation got lost in the mail.  

Drew tells Dolph the truth is that he was never invited.  Drew says you don't quite meet the height requirement for one.  Drew says he is going to drop a truth bomb on Dolph.  He was always the brains and brawl.  Drew says he is the whole damn package.  The relationship was working, but it is not working any more.  Your role was to get him in a prominent position and you did it.  You succeeded for once in your life.  Drew thanks Dolph and tells him to leave.

Drew tells Dolph he can leave at any time.  Drew says his thanks isn't good enough for Dolph.  Drew wonders if Dolph is going to cry.  Drew says that he is the reason Dolph is relevant for the first time in ten years.

Dolph punches Drew and Dolph with a Zig Zag.

Baron tells Dolph that he is not going to ruin Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night.  You have a match right now.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Drew McIntyre versus Dolph Ziggler

The match is joined in progress and Drew says something to Dolph.  Dolph with a punch but Drew blocks a kick and takes Dolph to the mat and catapults Dolph into the ring post and Dolph goes to the floor.  Drew gets Dolph on his shoulders and Drew tosses Dolph back into the ring.  Drew kicks Dolph and applies an arm bar.  Drew runs his other arm across Dolph's face after sending Dolph back to the mat.  

Dolph stomps on the foot and punches Drew.  Dolph with chops and he goes for the hesitation DDT but Drew holds on and hits a back drop on Dolph.  Drew with a chop and Dolph is sent to the floor.  Drew says he has been taking it easy on Dolph so he will think that Dolph is Finn Balor.  Drew runs Ziggler into the ring apron, ringside barrier and then hits a spinebuster.  They return to the ring and Drew blocks a punch and chops Dolph.  

Finn Balor makes his way to the stage.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with chops while we see Balor at ringside.  Ziggler with an elbow and boot to Drew.  Drew with an elbow in the corner and then he hits a reverse Alabama slam.for a near fall.  Drew puts Ziggler on the turnbuckles and chops Dolph.  Drew with a chop across the chest and he sets for a superplex but Ziggler with punches.  Drew goes to the mat and Ziggler goes for a hesitation DDT and he hits it.  Dolph gets a near fall.  Ziggler with an elbow and he sends Drew over the top rope to the floor.  Dolph comes off the apron and he punches Drew.

Dolph with chops against the ringside barrier.  Drew with a head butt to Ziggler and then he drops Ziggler on the ringside barrier.  Drew sends Ziggler back into the ring and the referee goes down.  Balor with a drop kick to Drew.  The referee starts his count and Drew beats the count into the ring.  Ziggler with a super kick for the three count.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

We take a look at what happened to Elias last week on Raw.

Elias walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew McIntyre is asked about what he did to Dolph Ziggler.  Drew says that Dolph was never his friend.  He was a means to an end.  Dolph is an enemy.  Dolph knows how twisted and sick he can be.  Drew says he is the mountain and he will come crashing down on Dolph Ziggler.  Finn Balor is a marked man.

Elias is in the ring.  Elias says he has been looking for Bobby Lashley.  He says that Bobby is harder to find in this arena than Carmello Anthony.  Bobby is hiding because he is afraid of the living truth.  He can see the fear that Bobby is carrying around.  At TLC, there will be no more hiding.  On that night, Bobby Lashley will know what WWE stands for.   Elias says he has a song for everyone.  

Lio Rush interrupts and introduces Bobby Lashley.  Lio says that while we would all love to hear Elias play a song, the spotlight belongs to Bobby Lashley.  You saw and felt the power and strength of Bobby Lashley last week.  At TLC you will feel it again.   Lio says that Bobby is like a Greek God.

Elias interrupts the pose down and comes up the ramp.  Lashley punches Elias.  Lashley tries to send Elias into the LED board but Elias reverses it and then he goes after Lio Rush but Lio escapes.  Lashley goes to the back and Elias follows.  

Lio gets back on the stage and Elias hits Lio in the back with the guitar.  We see Finn Balor on the floor and it appears Lio was sent onto the stage by Balor.

Baron Corbin is in his office and Jinder Mahal is in there with the Singhs.  Jinder tells him of the job that Baron is doing on Raw.  Jinder says Baron will put an end to Braun Strowman.  Jinder asks Baron to take care of Finn Balor for him.  

Baron talks to Rhyno and Heath Slater.  Baron says he has been crunching some numbers and there is only enough room on Raw for one of them.  Baron says that one can quit to save the other's job.  Slater says he cannot quit.  He has kids.  Rhyno says he has worked hard for everything.  Baron says if they cannot figure it out, they can handle things in the ring.    The winner keeps his job and the loser is fired.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Drake Maverick versus Bobby Roode in an If Roode wins, him and Chad Gable get another Tag Title Match but Gable and AOP are Banned from Ringside Match

Drake throws his vest at Roode and runs into a punch.  Roode kicks Drake in the corner.

We see Akam and Rezar attacking Gable in the back and sending him into some trays.  Baron Corbin says it is now a three on two handicap match.

Akam and Rezar make their way to the ring while Roode pulls Maverick back into the ring.  Drake with a punch to the midsection but Roode with a kick and Glorious DDT but Akam and Rezar break sup the cover.  Roode is sent shoulder first into the ring post.  Rezar with hammer fists to the back of the head.  Rezar with more forearms to Roode.  Akam tags in and connects with a boot off the turnbuckles while Rezar hits a side slam.   

Akam kicks Roode.  Gable walks to the ring and Akam and Rezar focus on Gable.  Gable with forearms and elbows to Akam and Rezar.  Rezar with a boot after Akam hits a reverse atomic drop.  Akam and Rezar with Super Collider and power bombs.  Drake wants the tag and he covers Roode and gets the three count.

Winners:  Drake Maverick, Akam, and Rezar

We go to commercial.

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