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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-18 22:33:00

They aired a Lars Sullivan coming soon promo.

Elimination Match: Team Raw: Bobby Lashley & Finn Balor & Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman (with Baron Corbin) vs. Team SmackDown: The Miz & Shane McMahon & Rey Mysterio & Samoa Joe & Jeff Hardy.

Braun and Samoa Joe were going to start but Drew tagged himself in.  Drew and Braun argued, allowing Joe to grab him in the Cocquina Clutch.  Drew escaped but was snatched in it again.  Drew tossed him off and nailed the Claymore Kick on Samoa Joe, pinning him.

Joe is eliminated.  Raw 5, Smackdown 4.

The crowd in SoCal HATED seeing their hometown boy Joe being eliminated and chanted “Bullsh**.”  I hope WWE management is listening, because, yeah, that was BS.

Drew faced off with Jeff Hardy.  Hardy and Drew battled back and forth. Drew cut him off with a clothesline.  Ziggler tagged in and set up for a superkick.  He went for it, but Hardy avoided it and backed into a tag from Shane McMahon. 

Ziggler and Shane faced off, rematching the World Cup.     Ziggler caught him with a dropkick but Shane fired back with punches.  Shane nailed several armdrags but was pulled into a forward roll for a two count.

Ziggler nailed a DDT for a two count.   Ziggler went for a superkick but Shane avoided it.  Shane was nailed with a ZigZag but Miz broke up the pinfall.  It actually looked like the referee counted three.  Miz and Ziggler went back and forth until Dolph nailed a dropkick and tagged in Braun.  Miz looked like he was going to die and he knew it, but Drew tagged himself in again.

Braun and Drew argued and started brawling as their partners tried to stop it.  Smackdown attacked the Raw team and everyone brawled.  Team Smackdown tried to work over Braun but he fought them all off.  Rey hit the 619 on Braun and they tossed Braun from the ring.  Miz tossed Drew into the ring post.  Team Smackdown began setting up one of the announcing tables.    They forced Strowman onto the table.  Shane went to the top and flew off with a flying elbow that smashed Strowman through it.

McIntyre was working over Miz when he had issues with Finn Balor, who kicked him in the head and attacked Miz.  He drove him hard into the mat.  He went for the Slingblade but Miz reversed it and went for the Skull Crushing Finale.  Balor rolled him up for a two count.  Balor began wiping out Smackdown members outside the ring and dropkicked Miz into the barriade.  Mysterio tagged in and hitting a sitting senton splash on Balor.  Balor nailed an inverted DDT for a two count.  Balor continued to work over Rey until Rey hit a head scissor to set him up for the 619.  Balor escaped it and nailed another Slingblade.  He dropkicked Rey into the corner.  Mysterio nailed him and came off the ropes with a springboard splash for the pin.

Balor eliminated.  Raw 4, Smackdown 4

Drew attacked Rey, then attacked Balor.  Rey set him up for a 619 but Lashley tagged in and kicked Rey in the face.  He pressed Rey overhead, but Mysterio escaped, only to be caught and rag-dolled into the corner.  Lashley nailed a neckbreaker.  Lashley held him up for a long time with a vertical suplex.  Mysterio battled back.  Rey ducked down as Lashley charged.  Lashley went over the top to the floor.  Ziggler had tagged in and attacked Rey who fought him off and made the hot tag to Hardy.

Hardy cleaned house on Dolph.  He nailed an inverted atomic drop on Dolph.  He nailed a legdrop for a two count.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Hardy was shoved into the corner.  McIntyre tried to get involved but was knocked off the apron and hit with a tornado DDT.  Hardy returned to the ring but was nailed with a DDT for a close two count.  Hardy avoided a superkick and nailed the Twist of Fate.  He went to the top for a swanton bomb but Ziggler pulled his knees up.  Ziggler began grabbing at his knees and wasn't able to take advantage.  Hardy tagged Miz, who nailed a leaping lariat in the corner.  

 Miz tagged in Shane, who finally returned from the flying elbow through the table.  Miz held Ziggler in place for the Coast to Coast.  Shane nailed it and covered Ziggler for the pin.

Ziggler eliminated.  Smackdown 4, Raw 3.

Lashley attacked Shane by the throat.  He didn't pee his pants.  Shane tagged in Miz, who was tossed in by Lashley.  Lashley went for a tackle but Miz sidestepped him and hit the ring post shoulder-first.  Miz tagged Shane back in and called for another Coast to Coast.  McMahon was selling he was truly hurt but still went for it.  Miz held Lashley.  Shane went for it but Braun returned and clotheslined him in the middle of the execution, wiping him out of flight.  Braun covered Shane but Rey broke up the pinfall and dragged Shane back to their corner.  Hardy faced off with Braun and went for the Twist of Fate but was stopped and powerslammed.  Braun pinned Hardy.

Hardy eliminated.  3 vs. 3.

Mysterio came off the top and worked over Braun with kicks.  He sewt him up for the 619 but Braun caught him and powerslammmed Rey, scoring the pin.

Mysterio eliminated.  Raw 3, Smackdown 2.

Shane was dead unconscious in the corner and Miz begged off and went to the floor.  He tried to wake up Shane but Strowman charged around the ring and kicked Shane down.  Miz was caught by Strowman and tossed into the ring.  Powerslam and pin.

The Miz eliminated.  Raw 3, Smackdown 1.

Shane tried to fight off Braun but was beaten and powerslammed!

Your winners and Survivors, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman.

Baron Corbin attacked Strowman from behind immediately, knowing that the deal with Stepohanie means that he's now an open target for Strowman.  Corbin left with Drew and Lashley.

Brand vs. Brand: Raw 4, Smackdown 0.

A pretty damn entertaining match.

The announcers talked about all the wild fires in California and noted several WWE stars visited the Ventura County Red Cross Shelter.  They asked everyone to donate to the Red Cross.

Seth Rollins did a promo backstage and said Dean Ambrose will have nowhere to hide at TLC.

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