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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-18 22:33:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing WWE Survivor Series 2018 PPV coverage!


The Kickoff panel is Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler, David Otunga and Beth Phoenix.

They aired a video package on Daniel Bryan capturing the WWE Championship. 

The panel discussed Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar.

The panel then recapped the events that led to Charlotte Flair replacing Becky Lynch against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.  They ran through the footage from Raw.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss spoke to the Raw Women's team and said she wanted total annhilation tonight.  Nia Jax said that wouldn't be a problem and asked if everyone saw what she did to Becky Lynch's face.  Ruby Riott asked Natalya if he was done gluing her father's sunglasses back together.  Natalya attacked her and beat her down until they were separated.  Alexa told Riott and Natalya that if they couldn't get along, they would both be off the team.

They ran a graphic for the women's match, removing Riott and Natalya from the Raw team, so we'll see who ends up in the bout.

Paige and Baron Corbin joined the panel.  Paige said Smackdown is a family and would win tonight.  Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley showed up.  Rush put over Lashley and said everyone was missing his man Lashley.  He said his pecs were sculpted by Michelangelo and that his body is art.  Lashley began posing.  Rush said Lashley is art.  They left.  Corbin wondered by Paige believed her brand was going to win after seeing Lashley up close.  Paige said Smackdown is a unit and has been training so hard every week.  They are run by her, not an acting General Manager.  Corbin said he just needs his brand to get along for one night and those who don't get along, will get along tonight.  He put over the Raw champions and wondered how Daniel Bryan would last two minutes with Brock Lesnar.

Corbin was asked about the issues with the Raw women's team.  He said you are going to have egos clash but they will have it together by the bell.  Smackdown attacked them like cowards and Shane McMahon stole the World Cup but they will walk out as the winners tonight and Corbin will be officially named General Manager.

Paige said they have different options for the final member on their team and didn't want to let anyone know because Corbin was there but she will perfectly fit the team.  Watch it be Eva Marie!

They aired a video on Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey   The panel discussed the importance of the match, then discussed the back and forth social media battle between Rousey and Lynch.  They made it a point that neither have had a lot of time to train for the other.

Charly Caruso interviewed Charlotte Flair backstage.  She was asked how she feels about Ronda Rousey's social media comments.  Flair said one day social media loves her, one day they hate her.  She said she's the only one with the birthright to hold up four fingers.  Tessa Blanchard must love hearing that.  Flair said that no one can lace her boots and the Baddest Woman on the Planet is going to bow down to the Queen.  She said even Becky Lynch knows that she is reliable and unbreakable.  She said she fights for Smackdown and herself tonight.

The panel discussed the match.  Otunga said Flair may have a bit of an advantage as she's more used to opponents changes at the last moment.

Backstage, Naomi spoke with the Smackdown Team.  She said she feels she can step in as captain.  They have Raw on the ropes and they have to stay united.   She said they have to unite the fifth member of Smackdown.  R-Truth showed up and thanked them.  Naomi said that he wasn't even a woman and wasn't the fifth member.  He asked why she had to bring science into this.  Naomi introduced Mandy Rose as the newest member.  Rose sort of apologized for knocking them and being a little too truthful a few weeks ago.

The panel discussed the women's elimination match.

They then began breaking down Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Drake Maverik joined the panel to discuss the Cruiserweight title bout.  He said the Cruisers are the best and most exciting hour on the WWE Network.  He said he knew he would make the AOP the Raw Tag Team Champions within two months of taking over their career.  They are here to destroy people while the Bar are concerned about choreographing their entrance.  He blew off the potential interference of Big Show, saying he has been dealing with giants his entire life and isn't afraid of the Big Show.  He said he's the smartest man in WWE and has the brain of a giant.  He scoffed anyone would doubt him.

A video package on NXT star Lars Sullivan aired, teasing he was "coming soon."  They did not specify what brand.

The package did not specify what brand he was heading towards.

Booker T joined the panel as they ran down the lineup for the PPV again.   He said you should never underestimate Daniel Bryan.  He can make history tonight.  It's not about the Yes Moment, but his moment.

Beth was asked about how Ronda Rousey's preparation changed with the announcement of Charlotte Flair being announced.  Phoenix said she's focused and is an Olympic level athlete.  David Otunga said all she has to do is grab an arm once.

Elimination Match: Team Raw: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, The Ascension, The Revival, The Lucha House Party & The B-Team vs. Team Smackdown: The Usos & New Day & The Colons & Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows & Sanity (Kickoff Show)

New Day tossed blue pancakes out to the crowd.  The crowd booed every mention of Monday Night Raw during the New Day's promo before the match.  They personally introduced their partners, one by one.  No Nikki Cross with Sanity.

Chad Gable said they are going to kick off tonight with a win for Team Raw.  Roode said it would be "Glorious."

Kalisto and Epico started out.  Kalisto lit him up with some kicks but avoided a head scissor takeover.  Epico nailed a big suplex for a two count.  Kalisto landed on his feet coming out of a suplex attempt and appeared to tweak his knee but still fought him off and tahhed out to Lince Dorado.  Lucha House Party double teamed Epico for a near fall.  Epico regained control and tagged out to Primo, who looked good hitting several offensive maneuvers.  Kalisto came back and went for a springboard move but missed and began grabbing at his knee.  The Revival had blond-tagged in and hit Epico with the Shatter Machine and scored the pin.

The Colons have been eliminated.  Raw: 5 teams, Smackdown 4 teams.

Kalisto and Gran Metallik switched places.

The B-Team worked over Karl Anderson, who kicked out.  Anderson comes back with a spinebuster and pinned Bo Dallas.

The B-Team has been eliminated.  They are tied up with 4 teams each.

Killian Dane and Chad Gable faced off.  That wasn't working out so well for Gable.  Young and Dane double-teamed Gable but Bobby Roode made the save.  Roode and Gable came back to hit Eric Young with the neckbreaker/moonsault combo and pinned him.

Sanity has been eliminated.  Raw - 4, Smackdown - 3 teams.

Big E and Konnor faced off.  E trapped Konnor in an abdominal stretch and well, spanked him.  Xavier Woods tagged in but was nailed by Konnor and hit with a Fall Away Slam.  The Ascension worked over Woods.

Big E came back to hit the Big Ending on Viktor.

The Ascension eliminated.  Three teams left on each side.

Metallik tagged in to face off with E but Luke Gallows tagged in.  Dorado tagged in but was caught by Gallows.  They set up for the Magic Killer but Dorado nailed a rana on Anderson and hit a stunner on Luke.  He went for another move but Anderson caught him for a powerbomb attempt.  They turned into a other rana, sending him to the floor.  Metallik and Dorado hit stereo Asai moonsaults to the floor on Gallows and Anderson.  Metallik hit a swanton off the top on Anderson for the pin.

Gallows & Anderson eliminated.  Smackdown -3, Raw - 2

Metallik and Jimmy Uso went back and forth.  Dorado tagged in and chopped Jimmy hard.  He rolled upo Jimmy for a two count.  Dorado nailed a quebrada on Usos for another near fall, then hit a spinning head scissor takeout.  Jey tagged in and wiped out Dorado, scoring the pin.

Lucha House Party Eliminated.  2 vs. 2 left.

The Revival regained the momentum for Raw, working over Xavier Woods. They knocked the Usos off the apron.  Xavier rolled up Dawson for a two count.  Woods knocked Roode and Gable off the apron and hit a nice missile dropkick on Dawson.  Wilder and Big E tagged in.  E hit a ton of hot offense, including a big belly to belly suplex.  E went for the big splash but Dawson returned to the ring.  That led to Wilder rolling him up for a two count.  Gable tagged in and hit the rolling German suplex into a neckbreaker by Roode for a close two count.  Roode called for the Glorious DDT but E drilled him hard with an elbow to escape.  Woods tagged in.  E nailed a big uranage at the same time Woods nailed a backstabber for a two count.  Dawson whipped out a dive on the Usos. Wilder whipped out a tornado DDT off the apron on one of the Usos.  E drilled him through the ropes with a spear.  Roode backdropped his own partner over the top onto everyone.  Just great sequences.  Roode teased a dive but Jey Uso came out of nowhere with a big superkick.  Uso then nailed an awesome dive to the outside.    Jey went to the top but Gable grabbed him and nailed a GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR, crashing down onto everyone.  Once they got down to the final four teams, the sequences have been out of this world fun.

Gable went to the top but Woods knocked Roode into the ropes, crotching his partner.  Woods hit the Honor Roll clothesline on Roode.  The New Day hit the UpUpDownDown on Gable and pinned him.

Gable and Roode eliminated.  Smackdown -2 teams. Raw - 1 team.

The Revival fought like their lives depended on it.  They have shown here how good and underrated they remain.  Woods went for a dive off the ropes but they caught him in the Shatter Machine.

The New Day Eliminated.  1 vs. 1.

The two teams faced off and began sparring in the middle of the ring.  Dawson and Jey battled to the floor.  Jey was smashed into the stairs.  Dawson hit a top rope bulldog on Jimmy, who was elevated by Wilder aka the old Steiners finisher in WWE.  Jimmy came back with an enziguiri on Dawson.  Dawson nailed a big right hand to catch him on the top.  The Revival hit the Powerplex but Jey Uso broke up the pinfall at the very last second.   The Revival went for the Shatter Machine on Jimmy but Jey superkicked Wilder.  The Usos began whipping out superkicks like crazy.  Jimmy hit the Superfly splash off the top, paying tribute to Roman Reigns by cocking his fist on the way down, scoring the pin.

Your winners and Survivors, The Usos!

Brand vs. Brand: Smackdown 1, Raw 0

This was a great match, especially once they got down to the final four teams.  It really showed how underutilized the tag team division is.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss asked Sasha Banks and Bayley to join Team Raw.  They don't like anyone else on the team and after tonight, they are coming for them.  Smackdown crossed a line, so they will show that Raw is the dominant team tonight.

The panel discussed the deal Braun Strowman made with Stephanie McMahon.


Elimination Match: Team Raw: Bayley & Sasha Banks & Tamina & Nia Jax & Mickie James (with Alexa Bliss) vs. Team SmackDown: Asuka & Carmella & Mandy Rose & Naomi & Sonya Deville.

Nia was booed out of the building when she came out.

Tamina and Naomi started off.  The crowd chanted for Becky Lynch.  Tamina knocked Naomi down, then knocked the Smackdown team off the apron.  They hit the ring, and everyone brawled in the center of the squared circle.  Naomi hit a springboard kick on Nia, which popped the house but was superkicked by Tamina and pinned.

Naomi eliminated.  Raw 5, Smackdown 4.

Carmella rolled up Tamina and pinned her.

Tamina eliminated.  Raw 4, Smackdown 4.

Carmella did her dance act.  Nia entered the ring behind her.  Carmella tried to roll her up as well but was grabbed by the throat and throttled into the air.  Carmella escaped and tagged out to Mandy Rose.  Nia drilled her with a punch, but Rose kicked up.  Rose came back with a flurry of knees and strikes to Nia.

Mickie tagged in and nailed a neckbreaker on Rose for a two count.     Mandy came back to cinch in an abdominal stretch.  James took her down and eventually locked in the Muta Lock but Rose made it to the ring.  Asuka tagged in and faced off with Mickie.  The crowd popped and chanted Asuka’s name.

Asuka psyched herself up and nailed James with a hip attack.  Asuka locked the Octopus on James.  Asuka nailed a backfist and tagged into Sonya Deville.  Deville drilled James into the corner with a series of shoulderblocks.   James nailed a head scissors takedown.  James ducked a right hand, but Bayley blind tagged in as she rebounded off the ropes.  James was annoyed she had been tagged out.

Bayley and Sasha teamed up on Deville.  James tagged herself back in and hit a Lou Thesz Press off the ropes for a two count.    Deville caught her with a spear.  Deville hit a knee strike, but Rose tagged herself in and scored the pinfall.

Mickie James eliminated.  Smackdown 4, Raw 3

Bayley battled Carmella.  Carmella locked her in a front facelock and did a moonwalk.  She nailed a DDT.  Bayley caught her coming in with a Bayley to Belly suplex and pinned her.

Carmella eliminated.  They are even with three competitors each.

Rose immediately attacked Bayley and nailed a series of kicks in the corner and choked Bayley against the ropes.  Bayley finally drilled an elbow and tagged out to Banks.   Banks hit some offense, setting up for the Bank Statement.  Rose tapped.

Rose eliminated.  Raw 3, Smackdown 2.

Asuka and Deville worked over Banks.  Asuka scored a two count.    Deville tagged in and tagged Banks with several kicks.  She mounted her back, trying to force her to tap to a body scissors.  Bayley finally tagged in and nailed a running knee.  Deville nailed a spinebuster for a two count.  Nia broke up the pinfall and soaked in the boos.  She was sent into the ringpost.  Banks hit a double knee strike off the apron to the floor on Asuka.

Bayley and Deville crashed through the ropes to the floor.   They battled on the floor.  Deville was hit with a Bayley to Belly on the floor.  They were each counted out.

Bayley and Deville eliminated.  Raw 2, Smackdown 1.

Asuka is left against Banks and Nia.  Asuka and Banks trade dropkicks  Banks goes for the Bank Statement but Asuka escaped and nailed a knee to the face.  Asuka nailed her with a big German suplex.    She nailed a hip attack to knock Jax off the apron.  Asuka and Banks battled in the corner.  Banks was sent to the floor.  Asuka went for a kick off the apron but was caught and smashed down to the apron.  Asuka comes back to nail a hip attack on the floor on Banks. 

Asuka nailed a nice missile dropkick for a two count.  They continued to battle back and forth.  Banks escaped the Asuka Lock attempt by pushing off the turnbuckles and landing atop of Asuka for a two count.  Banks ascended to the top rope but Nia shoved her off the ropes.  Asuka snatched her in the Asuka Lock and choked her out.

Banks has been eliminated.  1 vs. 1.

The crowd booed Jax as she nailed a series of legdrops on Asuka, who was caught on the mat as she was releasing the submission.  Nia nailed a Samoan Drop and scored the pin.

Your winner and Survivor, Nia Jax!

Brand vs. Brand: Raw -1, Smackdown -1 

A decent match that turned out to continue the big push for Jax.  Lots of decent wrestling here, but if you were looking for them to out-do last night's NXT stuff, keep waiting.  Deville looked really good.  The crowd still loves Asuka.  James, Banks and Bayley all had their moments.  Naomi being eliminated so early was a bit of a surprise.

Baron Corbin was backstage with Stephanie McMahon.  He said that was Raw 1, Smackdown 0.  Apparently no one watched the Kickoff Show.  Corbin guaranteed Raw would stand strong tonight.  Paige and Shane McMahon joined the scene.  Paige said they might be feeling a little "blue" tonight.  Stephanie said they aren't going to steal Raw's victory tonight.  Corbin said Smackdown is like Lebron James, overrated and over hyped, but can't get the job done.  He knocked them for not having Becky Lynch and AJ Styles there.  Shane said the best part of the night is when Smackdown wins and Stephanie fires Corbin later.

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