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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-11-17 18:29:00

We take a look at the League of Legends contest between NXT and WWE.

Match Number Five:  War Games Match:  Undisputed Era (NXT Tag Team Champion Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish) versus NXT North American Champion Ricochet, War Raiders (Hanson and Raymond Rowe), and NXT UK Men's Champion Pete Dunne

Adam Cole will start the match for Unidsputed Era.  Ricochet will start for his team.

They start off in separate rings and have words for each other.  Cole tells Ricochet to come into his ring but Ricochet isn't ready.  Cole with forearms when Ricochet enters the ring.  Ricochet with punches and a European uppercut.  Ricochet with a chop.  Ricochet with a handstand head scissors and drop kick that sends Cole to the other ring.  Ricochet with a forearm and chop.  Ricochet with a European uppercut but Cole with an Irish whip.  Ricochet with an elbow.  Cole with a lungblower as Ricochet comes off the turnbuckles for a back elbow.  Cole punches Ricochet.  

Cole with a neck breaker and he tries to send Ricochet into the cage but Ricochet blocks it.  Cole gets Ricochet onto his shoulders for an Ushigoroshi.  Cole sends Ricochet into the other ring and hits a forearm and knee to the back.  Cole with another knee to the back.  Cole chokes Ricochet in the ropes and then rubs his forehead against the cage.  Cole with a forearm.  Ricochet with a boot and drop kick to send Cole into the other ring.  RIcochet with a springboard European uppercut from the ropes in one ring into the other.

Kyle O'Reilly is the next entrant for Undisputed Era.

Kyle with punches and knees to Ricochet.  Kyle with a sliding knee to the ribs.  Ricochet with forearms to Kyle and Cole between the rings.  Kyle with a dragon screw to Ricochet.  Cole with knees to Ricochet followed by a kick from Kyle.  Cole with a boot to Ricochet's chest and Kyle with a kick to the back.  Kyle kicks Ricochet and so does Cole as Ricochet tries to get away from them.  Ricochet sends Cole into Kyle and Ricochet with a forearm to Kyle.  Cole with a boot to Ricochet followed by knees from Kyle.  Cole with an Ushigoroshi and Kyle adds his knee to the impact.

The next entrant is Hanson.

Cole and Kyle with forearms to Hanson but Hanson pushes them away.  Hanson with a side slam to Kyle.  Hanson with a cross body to Kyle and then he hits a power slam on Cole.  Hanson misses a splash into the corner but he hits a seated splash on Kyle.  Hanson with a cartwheel and clothesline  Hanson with infinity clotheslines until he can clothesline no more.  Hanson puts Cole and Kyle in the same corner and he hits a bronco buster.  Hanson checks on Ricochet and brings him into the ring to join the fun.  Hanson goes to his knees and Ricochet with a shooting star press off Hanson's back onto Kyle.

Cole with an elbow to Hanson and Hanson has Cole up for a slam but Kyle chop blocks Hanson.  Ricochet with a clothesline to Kyle.  Ricochet chops Cole.  

The next entrant is Roderick Strong.

Strong with forearms and chops to Ricochet and Hanson.  Strong with a drop kick to Ricochet and a chop to Hanson.  Strong with a running knee to Ricochet and then to Hanson.  Strong with a half nelson back breaker and a second one.  Strong with a double knee back breaker from a torture rack.  Cole kicks Hanson and Kyle with knees.  Strong with an Olympic Slam on Hanson.  Kyle with knees to Hanson while Strong kicks Ricochet.  

Kyle with a knee to Hanson and then Cole joins in.  Strong chops Ricochet while Kyle kicks him.  Strong with a running forearm to Hanson.  Strong with a gutbuster and Kyle with a knee to the back of the head off the turnbuckles.  Kyle kicks Ricochet and Strong kicks Hanson.

The next entrant is Raymond Rowe.

Rowe with shoulder tackles and Rowe with an exploder to Strong.  Rowe with a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster and then Rowe with a flying boot to Cole.  Rowe with a rolling elbow to Strong.  Kyle with a rear naked choke on Rowe.  Rowe with a back drop to Cole and then he hits a power bomb and power slam on Strong and Kyle.  Strong is sent into the cage and then Cole is surrounded and Hanson and Rowe toss Cole into the side of the cage.  Rowe with forearms to Cole and Hanson with a punch.  Ricochet with a forearm to Strong followed by a chop.  

Bobby Fish is the final entrant for the Undisputed Era and he pulls Dunne into the cage and he adds another lock to the cage and Fish takes the key.

Fish throws the key into the crowd.  Fish brings some chairs into the cage.  Fish and Kyle with a conchairto to Hanson and then they hit Hanson, Rowe, and Ricochet with chairs.  They jam the chairs into the ribs of each man.  The Undisputed Era go into the other ring to work over Hanson.  Kyle and Cole hold the ropes open so Strong and Fish can send Hanson into the cage.  Strong with a uranage to Rowe through a chair.  Fish punches Ricochet and then they all focus on War Raiders.  Rowe is sent through the ropes into the cage.  Hanson is sent into the cage.   Strong with a forearm to Ricochet between the rings.  

Pete Dunne is the final entrant into the match.  They only have the key for one of the locks so they try to get Dunne out.

All of the members of Undisputed Era with knees to Ricochet against the cage.  Strong and Kyle work on Hanson while Cole and Fish work on Rowe.  Strong with a German superplex to Hanson and Fish with one to Rowe.  Cole climbs to the top rope and he has some words for Dunne and then he blows a kiss.  They get bolt cutters and Dunne is freed from the cage.

Fish and Kyle try to keep the cage door closed but Dunne finds a kendo stick and hits Fish and Kyle.  Dunne hits Cole in the arm with the kendo stick.  Strong with a forearm to Dunne but Dunne hits Strong with the cage door.  Ricochet with a cross body onto the members of Undisputed Era.  Dunne gets a trash can and throws it into the ring.  Dunne makes sure that he has all the weapons necessary since leaving the cage will lead to a forfeit.  Dunne brings a table into the ring.  Hanson and Rowe set up a table against the cage.  Dunne gets another table.  The table is moved between the two rings.

The cage is closed and the Match Beyond beings.

Dunne hits Strong with the kendo stick. Dunne hits Strong, Cole, and Fish with the kendo stick.  Rowe and Ricochet have kendo sticks while Dunne has a chain and Hanson has a chair.  They work over all four members of Undisputed Era.  Dunne works on Kyle'a fingers while Rowe hits Strong with the chair.  Ricochet hits Fish in the midsection with the kendo stick.  Dunne pulls at Kyle's fingers while Kyle calls for help.  Dunne with an X Plex of Strong onto Kyle.  Kyle tries to hit Hanson with a chair but the chair bounces off the ropes and hits Kyle.  Hanson with a boot. 

Hanson puts the trash can on top of Cole and Rowe runs Hanson into Cole.  Rowe slams Hanson onto Kyle between the rings.  Rowe holds Strong for a springboard clothesline and German suplex combination.  Hanson gets a near fall on Strong.  Hanson is hit in the head with a trash can.  Fish with kicks to the back of the leg on Rowe and then Kyle and Bobby with kicks to Rowe's chest and back.  Strong with a knee to Ricochet and then Strong with a double knee gutbuster followed by a lungblower from Cole.  Undisputed Era surround Dunne and Dunne with forearms to everyone.  Strong is sent into the cage and Dunne with a German suplex.  Dunne with an enzuigiri to Kyle.  Dunne with a knee bar on Fish.  

Kyle breaks up the submission.  Kyle gets the chain and wraps it around Dunne's ankle.  Dunne with a Kimura on Kyle using the chain.  Fish hits Dunne with a chair.  Kyle wraps the chain around Dunne's leg and he applies an ankle lock.  Fish and Cole hold everyone at bay while Strong has a chair around the head.  Ricochet is able to get Dunne out.  Hanson back drops Strong between rings.  Hanson with a forearm to Kyle.  Rowe and Strong battle in the other ring and Hanson has Kyle on the turnbuckles as well.  Fish stops Hanson by hitting him in the back of the knee.  Ricochet punches Kyle on the turnbuckles.  Dunne takes care of Fish.

Dunne limps to the turnbuckles as Ricochet goes up top as well.  Ricochet with a Frankensteiner while Dunne hits a butterfly superplex on Strong.  Hanson and Rowe move the table into the second ring and Hanson sets it up.  Cole is put on the table and the table breaks while Hanson punches Cole.  The table is set up again and Rowe sets Cole for a power bomb through the table between the rings but Cole blocks it.  Rowe sends Cole to Hanson for a pop up power slam.

Fish hits Rowe in the back wit ha kendo stick and Fish spears Rowe through the table between the rings.  Cole grabs Ricochet and adjusts the table.  Cole with a forearm and he puts Ricochet on the turnbuckles.  Cole sets for a superplex but Ricochet escapes and he kicks Cole and puts him in the tree of woe.  Ricochet with forearms to Kyle and Kyle is on the table.  Ricochet with punches to try to immobilize Kyle.  Strong with a jumping knee to Ricochet and Kyle with triangle on the table.  Hanson with a splash through the table but Strong breaks up the cover.

Everyone is down in the two rings while the referees try to clean up some of the carnage.  Cole is back to his feet first.    Cole climbs to the top of the cage and Ricochet gets to the top of the cage as well.  They exchange punches on top of the cage.  Strong climbs the cage and connects with forearms.  Ricochet fights to stay in the cage and Ricochet kicks Strong away.  Dunne climbs the cage and pulls at the fingers.  Dunne sets for a superplex but Kyle stops Dunne and punches Dunne.  Rowe climbs the cage and then Strong joins in.  Fish is on Hanson's back and Hanson is able to hit the Tower of Doom.

Ricochet remains on the top of the cage and he hits a 630 splash onto everyone.  All eight men start to stir and we have each team in separate rings.  They stagger toward the middle and they go between the rings and it is forearm flurry.  Rowe with a forearm to Fish.  Fish with a spear to send Rowe into the second ring.  Fish has a kick blocked by Rowe and Rowe with a knee to the head.  They set for Fallout and hit it on Fish.  Kyle breaks up the cover and Strong with a flying boot to Rowe.  Hanson with a handspring double back elbow to Strong and Kyle.  Cole with a super kick.

Ricochet with a double jump attempt into a super kick.  Dunne goes for Bitter End and Cole with a DDT.  Cole with a shoulder breaker and Last Shot on Dunne for a near fall.  Cole misses Last Shot and Dunne with Butter End and Ricochet with a splash for the three count.

Winners:  Ricochet, War Raiders, and Pete Dunne

Dunne and Ricochet pose on top of the cage with their title belts.

We go to credits.



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