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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-11-17 18:29:00

Welcome to's coverage of NXT Takeover War Games II from Los Angeles, California.  Make sure to check out all of the coverage on the site.  In addition to the live coverage, check out the audio preview, Tip Sheet, live blogs, and more.

We are in Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

Matt Riddle makes his way to the ring and he has a mic.

Matt says he is not scheduled to have a match on Takeover, but if you watched the Kickoff Show, a certain someone, a certain Kassius Ohno interrupted him.  Matt says they are scheduled to wrestle next Wednesday, but we are chillin in LA and they have two rings.  Riddle tells Ohno he will knock him out in both rings . . . BRO.

Kassius Ohno comes out and he tells Riddle that he is too stupid to know that he isn't supposed to be out here.  Riddle is too stupid to know that he is not ready for Takeover.  He says that since there is a referee, let's have a match.  He says that Matt will not remember this match after he knocks him out.

Match Number One:  Matt Riddle versus Kassius Ohno

Ohno charges at Riddle and Riddle with a jumping knee for the three count.

Winner:  Matt Riddle

Match Number Two:  NXT Women's Championship Match:  NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler versus Kairi Sane in a Two Out of Three Falls Match

Fall Number One

Sane goes after Baszler as the bell rings and gets her into the corner.  Sane with a kick and punches to Baszler followed by a leap frog neck breaker and she hits a second one.  Sane with chops to Baszler.  Sane with a Sliding D and Baszler goes to the floor.  Sane with a flying forearm off the apron.  

Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke show up and they pull Sane off the apron and send her into the ring post.

Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch and Sane taps.

Winner Fall Number One:  Shayna Baszler

Fall Number Two

Baszler with a slam for a near fall.  Baszler goes for the Kirifuda Clutch again and she locks it in.  Sane cannot grab the ropes but she gets her foot on the ropes to force Baszler to break the hold.  Baszler blocks a kick and applies a single leg Boston Crab and she stomps on the head.  Baszler traps the leg as she works on Sane's neck.  Sane gets a near fall.  Baszler with a kick and she tries for a suplex but Sane counters for a near fall.  Baszler with the Kirifuda Clutch and Sane floats over to get a near fall.

Sane with punches in the corner but Baszler with a kick.  Sane with more strikes as Baszler connects with punches.  Baszler with a clothesline.  Baszler goes to the apron and she moves when Sane goes for a shoulder.  Baszler goes for a gourdbuster on the apron but Kairi counters into a DDT on the apron.  Shafir and Duke check on Baszler and then they go after Sane but Sane avoids them.  Sane goes up top and hits an elbow on all three.

Sane with the elbow drop for the three count.

Winner Fall Number Two:  Kairi Sane

Fall Number Three

Sane with a spear and connects with a second one.  Sane hits a third spear and then hits a few spinning back fists.  Sane goes up top again but Baszler stops her.  Baszler goes for a superplex but Sane with a head butt.  Sane and Baszler exchange strikes.  Baszler with forearms to the back and she sets for a gutwrench superplex but Sane counters into a sunset flip power bomb and Sane gets a near fall.  Sane with an Alabama Slam.

Duke goes to the apron to distract the referee and Duke pushes Sane off the turnbuckles.  Dakota Kai makes her way to the ring to attack Shafir and Duke.  Duke and Shafir use the numbers advantage on Kai.  Io Shirai comes to the ring and hits a moonsault onto Kai, Shafir, and Duke.

Sane goes up top and goes for the elbow but Baszler catches her and gets the three count with a crucifix.

Winner:  Shayna Baszler (Retains Championship Two Falls to One)

We see X Pac in the front row.

We see Tommaso Ciampa in the back with Goldie having a moment before his NXT Men's Championship Match.  

Match Number Three:  Aleister Black versus Johnny Gargano

Gargano and Black stand in their respective corners waiting to see who will make the first move.  They go to the center of the ring and Gargano slaps Black.  Black with a boot to the head followed by punches.  Gargano sends Black to the floor and Gargano goes to the floor but Black moves.  Gargano lands on his feet and Black with a kick.  They return to the ring and Black misses a running boot and Gargano with a chop.  Gargano with punches as he avoids punches from Black.  Black misses a kick and Gargano rolls through and kicks Black.  Gargano with a chop but Black misses a punch.

Gargano with a punch.  Black floats over and connects with a knee to the head.  Black traps the arm and connects with a few knees and a series of kicks that sends Gargano to the floor.  Black hits a quebrada into a seated position and Gargano with a drop kick.  Gargano kicks Black in the corner.  Black goes for a suplex and Gargano lands on his feet.  Gargano with an O'Connor Roll for a near fall.  Gargano with a rocking chair submission.  

Gargano goes for a rollup but Black blocks it and gets a near fall of his own.  Gargano with an elevated elbow to the chest for a near fall.  Gargano stomps on Black's hands.  Gargano sends Black into the turnbuckles and punches him.  Gargano with punches and chops.  Black with forearms as he blocks punches from Gargano.  Gargano floats over and misses a round kick.  Gargano with a forearm and Black with a knee to the midsection.  Black teases a dive when Gargano moves.  Black with a kick to Gargano followed by a plancha.  

Black puts Gargano in the corner and connects with a series of kicks.  Black with a leg sweep and quebrada for a near fall.  Black goes to the turnbuckles but Gargano with kicks.  Black with a waist lock and Gargano escapes.  Black with a super kick and Gargano goes to the floor.  Gargano moves when Black goes for a moonsault off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Gargano wtih a suicide dive into a tornado DDT.  Gargano with a slingshot DDT for a near fall.  

Black blocks a kick and hits a spinning back elbow.  Gargano with an enzuigiri.  Black and Gargano both go for clotheslines.  Black misses round kicks but Gargano hits a reverse rana.  Black with a flying knee to Gargano and both men are down.  Gargano crawls between the rings and Gargano with a forearm.  Black punches Gargano and Gargano fires back.  Black with a boot to Gargano and then Black with a boot when Gargano goes for a slingshot spear.  Black with kicks and a German suplex for a near fall.  

Black misses a kick and Gargano with a clothesline.  Gargano with La Mistica into the GargaNo Escape.  Black rolls Gargano up for a near fall.  Gargano with a thrust kick and then he sets for the lawn dart and hits it.  Gargano picks Black up using his boot and Black sets for a super kick.  Black tells Gargano to wait a second and Black sits down to wait for the kick.  Black avoids the kick and rolls Gargano up.  Gargano with a super kick and running knee for a near fall.  

Gargano with forearms to Black.  Black with a forearm and then they exchange forearms.  Black with strikes to Gargano and then he hits a knee.  Black goes for a springboard move and Gargano sends Black over the top rope to the floor.  Gargano sets for a suicide dive and Black with a knee to the head.  Black sends Gargano back into the ring and Gargano begs for mercy.  Black picks up Gargano using his bott and then Gargano rolls up Black on Black Mass for a near fall.  Gargano with GargaNo Escape and Black tries to get to the ropes but Gargano rolls back into the ring.  

Black with a rollup for a near fall.  Black with a spinning knee to the head.  Black pulls down the knee pad and hits a jumping knee and then he picks up Gargano with his foot and he hits Black Mass.  Black holds Gargano and he tells Johnny it is over and he hits Black Mass for the three count.

Winner:  Aleister Black

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