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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-17 02:21:00 can confirm Marko Stunt suffered a broken shin during tonight's Joey Janela's L.A. Confidential event.  Stunt was injured performing what appeared to be a Canadian Destroyer off a stage through a piece of wood.   We are told it appeared he hit his leg on the corner of the stage and that's what caused the injury.  He was taken to the hospital. can also confirm something went awry in the final moments of Nick Gage vs. David Arquette in the main event.  It appeared that Arquette became legitimately concerned for his own well being after a spot where Gage drilled him hard with a light tube across the back of his head and neck.  While there had been other light tube spots in the match, that appeared to have been the final straw for the "Scream" star and he left the ring holding his hand to his neck and went to leave the ringside area before turning back and re-entering the ring.  He was kicked and went right down, expecting to be pinned but that didn't happen.  Gage nailed him again with another light tube, at which point Arquette, upset fired up and went after Gage legitimately (so yes, Arquette briefly tried to shoot in the ring with Nick Gage, of all people, it seems), but was quickly snapped down to the mat with a Judo Toss and was then pinned,  He got right up and left, never removing his hand from his neck during all of this.  There were some angry backstage at how that all went down.  We are told Arquette was concerned about how much he was bleeding by the end of the match.  He is going to the hospital to have a deep cut in his neck checked out.  

Before he left for the hospital, Arquette did film footage for the documentary that is being made on his return to the wrestling world.  Luke Perry (90210) was interviewed as well.  Perry was at the show as his son, Jungle Boy, worked the event.

WWE stars Sheamus, Matt Riddle and Kassius Ohno were backstage.  Ohno gave out a bunch of free t-shirts to fans outside the show.

CZW Hall of Famer Nick Mondo was also at the show.


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