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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-15 12:24:00 has confirmed that World Wrestling Entertainment has hired Giancarlo Dittamo to join the company's production team. 

Dittamo has worked for several promotions in a production capacity and was one of the best kept secrets in professional wrestling.  In the past, he held major positions with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, CZW (where he was the top writer for a time) and other promotions, as well as lots of other film, TV and digital media work outside of
professional wrestling.

Perhaps Dittamo's biggest accomplishment was his massive part in the marketing and promotion of independent star Joey Janela as Janela burst out as a star on social media and as a draw on the independent scene.

Many of the online videos and vignettes that were used to build Janela, which really resonated with fans and helped build Janela's "Bad Boy" personality, Dittamo and Janela crafted together and they were very much a tag team working towards the goal of making Janela a player on the indy wrestling scene, which they more than accomplished.

The success at building Janela worked so well that it cascaded into the creation of Gamechanger Wrestling's Joey Janela's Spring Break events, which took place over the last several Wrestlemania weekends.  Those raucous shows really resonated with the audiences that congregated on Mania weekend, leading to similar shows being held last August in NYC over Summerslam weekend and this weekend in Los Angeles. confirmed today that Dittamo started with WWE several weeks ago and was in Germany filming for WWE at their recent tryouts there last week.  His signing means a massive void has left left behind for the Northeast independent scene in terms of creating promotional buzz for talents and events, but if Dittamo is given the chance to do anything similar on a much larger, WWE-level scale, there will be massive benefits for the talents involved.


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