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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-11-08 22:25:00

ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs Christopher Daniels

Cobb overpowers Daniels to start and takes him to the mat to lock him down by working over the arm.  Daniels is completely unable to combat Cobb's power early on, and Cobb easily hoists Daniels up for a delayed vertical superplex for 2, then follows that right up with a standing moonsault for another 2.  Cobb is dominant, turning Daniels inside out with another clothesline for 2.  Daniels finally hits a Flatliner into the Koji clutch, and for the first time he has Cobb in trouble.  Cobb tries to lift Daniels out of the move, and Daniels counters midstream into a rollup for 2.  Cobb goes to the second rope, but Daniels nails him and hits a super Frankensteiner, then hits Angel's Wings, makes a cover, and Cobb somehow kicks out at 1!  Daniels is in stunned disbelief, he goes for a uranage, but Cobb easily whips him off, hits a spinning backdrop suplex, and the Tour of the Islands finishes it.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

This was a totally one-sided match, and it shows what a monster they want to push Cobb as that they had him kick out of Angel's Wings at 1.  Daniels is despondent, but he follows the code of Honor and raises Cobb's hand before leaving the champion to his moment.

Cody vs Mark Briscoe

They start off brawling, with Mark getting the advantage and Cody rolling to the floor to catch a break.  Back into the ring for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, and Cody gets the better of the next strike exchange with the drop-down Dustin punch.  Mark circles the outside of the ring and blindsides Cody, tries to toss him out of the ring, and Cody skins the cat back in, knocks Mark to the floor, and wipes him out with a dive through the ropes.  Back into the ring, where Mark begs off and scoots right back out to the floor.  Cody chases Mark around ringside, and Mark uses Brandi as a human shield to get away, running back into the ring and kicking the middle rope into Cody's ding ding as he tries to re-enter the ring.  Mark tosses Cody right back out to the floor, chokes him with production cable, and suplexes him on the floor before hitting the Cactus Elbow.  Mark continues the assault for several minutes until Mark goes to the top and Cody runs up the corner for a belly-to-belly suplex.  Mark comes right back with a suplex of his own, but Cody connects with a moonsault to turn the tide.  They go to the floor where Mark hits a blockbuster off the apron, then back into the ring where Mark hits Froggy Bow for 2.  Cody catches Mark with a low blow followed by CrossRhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody

Match was okay, and the announcers comment on the somewhat cheap tactics Cody used at the end there.

Hangman Page vs Tetsuya Naito

I always look at Naito during his entrance and see Leisure Suit Larry.  Slow to start, then they quickly pick up the pace with a back and forth where Page dumps Naito to the floor, then mocks Naito's sexy pose.  He doesn't keep his eyes on Naito, who connects with a baseball slide to the back of his head and then does his own sexy pose.  They head out to the floor (seems to be the cool thing to do tonight) and rams Page into the barricade, then back into the ring where he chokes Page over the top rope.  Page ducks a wild leap by Naito and gets an O'Connor roll for a close 2, then flattens Naito with a hard clothesline.  They trade shots in the middle of the ring, and another back and forth ends with Page catching Naito with another big clothesline, with one more sending Naito over the top rope to the floor.  Page with a dive through the ropes, then back into the ring where Page hits an IED in the corner and a bridging German suplex for a super close 2 count.  Naito catches Page with a step up tornado DDT out of nowhere, then sits Page up top for a super Frankensteiner, followed by a deathdrop for 2.  Naito escapes a Rite of Passage attempt, but Page hits a roaring clothesline for 2, dumps Naito to the floor, and goes to the top for a moonsault to the floor.  I cringe every time I see someone try that move.  Page dumps Naito back into the ring and hits the buckshot lariat, goes for the Rite of Passage, Naito counters to a deathdrop, and Page just barely gets the shoulder up before 3 in what looked like a blown finish.  They trade shots, Naito spits in Page's face, Page superkicks him and charges, Naito pops him over his head onto the top turnbuckle and hits a Snowplow for 2.  Naito hits his twisty deathdrop again, and this time gets the fall.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

This match kicked 17 types of butt, blown spot notwithstanding.  Page looked like a superstar here.  Great stuff.


ROH Champion Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs The Young Bucks vs Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA vs TK O'Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia

Lethal and KUSHIDA start us off, and a series of shoulderblocks lead us nowhere, Lethal tries the hiptoss into the cartwheel dropkick, KUSHIDA avoid it and hits a cartwheel dropkick of his own.  Blind tag to Gresham, who comes in and catches KUSHIDA in a leapfrog and counters to a German suplex.  KUSHIDA gets caught in the Lethal/Gresham corner for a bit, but KUSHIDA tags in Sabin for a double team punt on Gresham.  Gresham rolls to the Kingdom corner and Marseglia tags himself in, setting up a series of Kingdom double teams on Sabin for 2.  Bucks tag in off of Sabin to hit a series of their own patented double teams on the Kingdom, then Lethal.  Gresham comes in to fight both Bucks, and winds up on the receiving end of a wheelbarrow facebuster.  Kingdom disrupts a series of dives by the Bucks, then hti a senton/legdrop combo on Nick.  Sabin recovers, outmaneuvering the Kingdom and running them into each other before hitting the Dream Sequence on TK.  TK goes ot the floor and Sabin takes him out with a dive, Lethal dropkicks KUSHIDA to the floor, and both Lethal and Gresham hit dives out opposite sides of the ring, then switch sides and do it again.  Bucks disrupt a third attempt with a pair of superkicks, and then Nick hits a twisting dive to the floor.  We finally boil down to Matt Jackson and TK in the ring, but Marseglia jumps Matt from behind and is promptly dropkicked by Nick, who follows up with a lungblower on TK.  Bucks and Time Machine go face-to-face, and they start trading blows in the middle of the ring.  Time Machine with stereo punts to the Bucks, then stereo dives to the floor onto the Kingdom.  Gresham and KUSHIDA trade forearms in the ring, and Lethal comes in for an assisted dragon screw legwhip on KUSHIDA, followed by a double rolling Ace Crusher for 2.  Gresham with the Royal Octopus on Sabin, and Lethal repeatedly superkicks Sabin in the head while Gresham has him in the hold.  Now everyone comes in and get submission holds on each other.  Now everyone comes in to hit one high impact strike after another, and Time Machine winds up on top.  They go for Skull & Crossbones on Gresham, but Gresham escapes, dumps KUSHIDA to the floor, then takes Sabin out with a springboard moonsault, wipes everyone else out with a dive, Lethal hits Sabin with Lethal Injection and hits another dive of his own, then Gresham hits a shooting star press on Sabin for the win.

Winners: Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

Lethal and Gresham have amazing chemistry as both opponents and a team.  I can see these guys winning tag gold down the line.  Other than that, too much action for me to capture everything in play-by-play, but everyone worked their butts off and left it all in the ring.  Great action to end the show.

Thanks for following's live coverage of ROH Global Wars 2018!

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