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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-11-08 22:25:00

Brandi Rhodes joines Ian and Colt for our next match...

Proving Ground Match: Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai vs Jenny Rose

If Jenny Rose can last 15 minutes here, she gets a future shot at the WOH Title.  Sumie uses her speed to outmaneuver the larger Rose and pepper her with quick shots, and Rose catches her with an avalanche, rolls back out of the corner, but Sumie catches her with a dropkick.  Rose bridges out of a pin attempt and right up to her feet, takes Sumie down, and gets her in a crossbow.  Sumie gets out, and Rose hits a sliding clothesline for 2.  Sumie catches Rose with a rolling leg cradle and goes for a cross armbreaker, but Rose is keeping her fingers locked.  Rose fights and fights and finally makes it to the ropes, but Sumie immediately keeps the pressure up with a baseball slide that drives Rose to the floor.  Sumie comes off the apron with a running dropkick, and she tries to roll Rose back in, but Jenny blocks and just skee balls Sakai into the barricade before turning her inside out with a spear on the floor.  They go back into the ring where Rose goes to the top and connects with a flying clothesline for 2.  Rose picks Sakai up in an electric chair, but Sakai reverses to a victory roll for 2.  Rose quickly takes Sakai's head off with a clothesline and covers for a very close 2.  Sakai tries reversing a uranage to a victory roll, but Rose blocks that and counters to a German suplex for 2.  Sakai ducks a lariat and nearly folds Rose in half with a backdrop suplex, then they trade chops and forearms in the middle of the ring.  Rose gets the advantage, but Sakai turns her inside out with a sort of pump handle back suplex, then a running crossbody gets 2 for Sakai.  Sakai goes for Smashmouth, but Rose counters to a drop down victory roll for 2.  Sakai gets a spinning fisherman's buster, Rose rolls to the corner, Sakai charges, Rose moves and hits a Codebreaker.  Rose goes to the second rope, Sakai follows her up and hits a nasty top rope Frankensteiner for the win.

Winner: Sumie Sakai

Really good match, Rose looked like a million bucks in this one.  Sumie is awesome as always.  Rose looks like she took a bad bump on the head on that finish.  They follow the Code of Honor as the referee gives Rose an ice pack for the back of her head.

ROH Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky vs Jay Briscoe

Jay jumps Sky during his entrance and proceeds to beat the ever-loving pee pee out of him.  Jay takes the brawl out to the floor, but Sky rushes Jay when they head back inside, hammer him with punches, then connect with a flying headscissors.  Sky dodges a big boot, but Jay connects with a dropkick and they go back to the floor.  Jay goes for a vertical suplex on the floor, and Sky reverses, dropping Jay with an audible thud.  Back into the ring, where Sky silngshots back into the ring and Jay catches him with an Ace Crusher.  Jay continues the onslaught, but Sky manages to hit a hanging neckbreaker to turn the tide.  They trade shots in the middle of the ring, but sky connects with a boot to the face, leaping kneestrike, and a Codebreaker for 2.  Jay is on his knees taking repeated punches from Sky, dares him to give him more, and pops up to drop Sky with a neckbreaker of his own for 2.    Jay goes for the Jay Driller, sky rolls through with a jackknife cradle for 2, then connects with a double stomp to Jay's back.  Sky with a slingshot Ace Crusher for 2.  Sky goes for a superplex, but Mark Briscoe comes out of nowhere to hang onto Jay to block the move.  Kazarian comes out to attack Mark, and Jay grabs a chair while the referee is distracted with Mark and Kazarian, but sky ducks the wild swing and rolls Jay up for 3.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Another good match, the Briscoes work so great as heels, especially given that the fans want to treat them like babyfaces.

Bully Ray & Silas Young vs EVIL & SANADA

Bubba teases walking out when the fans hurl disparaging chants about the Yankees at him, but he comes to the ring, gets the mic, and reminds the fans that he's from New York City.  The fans throw streamers at him, and he says nobody here can hit anything.  He takes a twenty dollar bill out and says he bets not one person can hit his hat with any of those streamers, and he keeps running down the fans as one after another tries and fails to connect.  finally one hits his hat (after bouncing off his shoulder) and he admits that he may be a scumbag, but he's a man of his word, so he goes to ringside...tears up the twenty, and tosses it in the face of the fan who threw it.

Feeling out process to start between Young and Sanada, with neither man getting an advantage.  Young applauds him, and Bubba yells at him to stop clapping, so Silas takes his shirt off, throws it at Bubba, and says he knows what he's doing.  He offers Sanada a handshake, Sanada takes it, and Young kicks him.  Sanada quickly connects with a dropkick and Young backs to his corner, and Bubba tells him he did a great job and throws his shirt at him.  Bubba tags in, circles Sanada, throws a cheap chop at EVIL, and turns back to Sanada, who promptly tags EVIL in.  They growl at each other, Bubba takes EVIL down with a shoulderblock, and he mocks the Muta mist-spewing pose.  Bubba tells EVIL to try again, another shoulderblock, same result.  Bubba charges in after him, EVIL dodges and tries a charge of his own, Bubba catches him with a back elbow, but misses a second shot and EVIL knocks Bubba down with a running shoulderblock.  A second one drives Bubba down again.  EVIL goes for a slam, and that doesn't go so well.  Bubba knocks him down and tags Silas in, and Silas immediately takes a side suplex for 2.  EVIL doesn't see Bubba tag himself in, allowing Bubba to come in from behind and get him in an electric chair so Silas can hit the Doomsday Device.  Now EVIL is in trouble, and Bubba talks smack at him from the apron while Silas works him over.  Bubba mocks EVIL by teasing a crane kick, EVIL responds with a superkick to the breadbasket, but a slam attempt ends with Bubba landing on top of him.  Bubba goes to the top, Sanada distracts him, and EVIL is able to get up and slam Bubba off the top.  WHAM!  EVIL makes the hot tag, and Sanada comes in to clean house.  Sanada with a snap dropkick to Silas, followed by a TKO for 2.  Bubba comes in but gets dumped to the floor by EVIL, who follows him out and rakes his eyes.  Sanada puts Silas in the Paradise Lock, but is stopped before connecting by a hard clothesline from Bubba.  An errant clothesline from Bubba hits Silas, and Sanada and EVIL hit a double suplex to Bubba, followed by the Magic Killer to Silas for the win.

Winners: SANADA & EVIL

Fun, Memphis-style tag match.  Bubba and Silas argue after the match, and that leads to a shoving match, but an imminent slugfest is stopped when Bubba goes for a hug, and Silas just shoves him off and heads to the back.

The show continues on Page 3!

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