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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-11-04 21:45:00

Welcome to's live coverage of ROH Survival of the Fittest 2018!

Our hosts Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana run down tonight's card, then we go to the ring for our opening match...

Survival of the Fittest first round match: Christopher Daniels vs Beer City Bruiser

Scorpio Sky informs the crowd that this is the worst town they've ever been in, but Daniels says nonetheless, this is a badass town full of badass wrestling fans, and that makes it a perfect town for the World Tag Team Champions of the World to watch the Fallen Angel win Survival of the Fittest, and then go on to become the World Champion.  Kazarian has three letters for us, and the fans sing along.

Bruiser comes out, and the match gets underway, with Bruiser getting the jump on Daniels and hitting a corner avalanche for 2.  Second rope Vader splash gets another 2 for Bruiser.  Daniels avoids an elbowdrop and tries a couple of running forearms to no avail, but uses his speed to avoid some wild wings and hit a leaping enziguiri.  Daniels goes for Angel's Wings, but Bruiser backdrops and lands back first on Daniels, crushing him.  Bruiser goes to the top rope forthe splash, but Daniels rolls out of the way.  Daniels hits the BME for a quick win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Well, they didn't waste any time, but they packed a ton of great action into what they had.  The announcers are playing up that Daniels took such a pounding that he might not have much left for the finals.

Survival of the Fittest first round match: Colin Delaney vs Dalton Castle vs Hangman Page

Can you believe it's already been over ten years since Delaney had his run in WWE's ECW?  The announcers make a big deal out of the huge wrap on Dalton's leg, and the fact that he's wearing his t-shirt during the match and speculate that he's got another wrap under it to protect his back since this is his first match back.  Dalton quickly clears both Page and Delaney out of the ring, teases a dive, then changes his mind and struts instead.  Delaney armdrags Dalton out, and Page comes in and boots Delaney right in the face.  Page puts the boots to Delaney in the corner, then hits a bridging fallaway slam for 2.  Dalton goes for a quick cover on Delaney, and of course Page breaks that up.  Dalton gets sent back to the outside, then Page turns Delaney inside out with a hard clothesline.  Dalton is back in and goes face to face with Page, and they trade right hands in the middle of the ring as the announcers point out that Dalton's back wrap is now visible poking out under the back of his shirt.  Dalton and Page trade big boots, then they dodge a double missile dropkick attempt from Delaney.  Delaney hits a twisting stunner on Page, then one on Dalton, then snaps Dalton's neck down on the top rope before springboarding in with another stunner to Page for 2.  Delaney and Page go up top, Dalton joins them, and they go for a double superplex on Page.  Page fights them off, so Delaney hits Dalton with a sliding German suplex, then goes to the floor where Page hits the shooting star press off the apron.  Page is taking it to both opponents and nearly gets a pinfall off a dropsault on Delaney for 2.  Delaney blocks the Rite of Passage, but eats a missile dropkick in the corner, then Dalton hits a gutwrench powerbomb on Delaney for a very close 2.  Dalton hoists Delaney back up to his feet, drills him with a running knee, then hits a diving knee off the apron on Page before taking Delaney out with a dive to the floor.  Dalton with a twisting bulldog on Delaney for another close 2.  Dalton slaps Delaney around before going for the Bangarang, Delaney breaks it up, everyone goes at it in the ring hitting big moves on each other, and Page takes them both out with the slingshot lariat.  Page hits the Rite of Passage on Delaney, and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Hangman Page

A bit disjointed at times, but a good match, and if Dalton isn't still far from 100%, they did a great job making us think he is.

Survival of the Fittest first round match: Jonathan Gresham vs Tracy Williams

They go right to the mat, with Williams getting an early advantage.  Gresham goes to his ankle to break that up and torques pretty heavily on Tracy's leg, but Williams gets loose and regains top control on Gresham.  Williams goes to a Fujiwara armbar, and we get a rope break.  Williams shoves Gresham, Gresham shoves back and tries a kick, but Williams catches the foot and dishes out some chops on Gresham before folding him in half with a backdrop suplex for 2.  Williams ties Gresham up on the mat again, but Gresham goes to the arm and winds up taking another suplex as a result.  Williams covers for 2, then drills Gresham with a hard right hand, but Gresham comes off the second rope with a dropkick, and Williams is rattled.  Gresham with a running chop in the corner, a second, then Gresham runs right through a chop from Williams to hammer him with yet a third big chop.  Gresham finally powers Williams up into a suplex and covers for 2.  Gresham punts the elbow of Williams and goes for the Royal Octopus, Williams blocks it and goes to the second rope, but Gresham dropkicks his injured arm and goes for a superplex.  Williams blocks and gets an IMPLANT DDT ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!  YIPES!  Williams comes off the top rope with a second DDT for 2.  Gresham counters a fireman's carry to an arm crank, but Williams pops him back up, Gresham tries a Frankensteiner, Williams rolls through into a sunset flip for 2, then gets a DVD on Gresham for another 2.  Gresham blocks a piledriver, they trade forearms, Gresham blocks another piledriver attempt, back to trading shots, Gresham hits a leaping enziguiri, Williams hits a roaring lariat, and Williams finally gets the piledriver, but only gets 2.  Williams is dumped to the floor, Gresham hits a flying knee off the apron and rolls Williams back in, Gresham goes to the top for a crossbody, Williams rolls through and gets 2.  Gresham with a backslide for 2, a kneedrop to the bad arm, and Gresham gets the Royal Octopus and pounds on the bad arm until Williams taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

That was an AMAZING match!  If you didn't know Tracy Williams before, you know him now.  Great debut.

The show continues on Page 2!

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