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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-10-29 23:07:00

We see photos of the Battle Royal from Evolution that was won by Nia Jax.

Nia Jax is in the interview area.  Nia is asked about her title match and when she will challenge Ronda Rousey.  Nia says that she will wait until after Ronda defeats Becky Lynch.  It is mentioned that Nia eliminated four people but the person who eliminated five people is brought in.  Ember Moon talks about catching lightning in a bottle.  Nia interrupts and points out that she won and if Ember is going to be asked any more questions than the winner of the match. 

Ember thanks Nia for the guidance she was given and the respect that she gave Nia.  She asks Nia to respect her and challenges Nia to a match.  Nia accepts the challenge.

We see what Dean Ambrose did to Seth Rollins last week on Raw.

We have a video package for the Brothers of Destruction versus DX match on Friday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias is in the ring.  Elias says he is the living truth and the truth will set you free.  Everything this company will be will be hoisted on his shoulders.  Elias says he came into Charlotte early because Ric Flair wants to spend time with Elias.  Flair told Elias he was his favorite but Elias tells Ric that he is everyone's favorite.  Flair told Elias that he liked what Elias did to Baron Corbin.

We see what happened last week.

Elias says as much as it pains him to break one of his Fenders, it felt good.  Elias says he was planning on singing a song to Baron, but he saw what happened to Baron earlier and he probably couldn't make it out here.  Elias says he will still perform that song and he will do it to Baron's face.

Elias makes his way up the ramp and to the back.  

We see Elias in the back and Dana Brooke stops Elias to ask him to play her a song.  Elias says no.  Elias tells someone to take a cake to his dressing room.  Elias knocks on Baron's door and Baron says he does not want anyone to talk to him.

Elias sings that Baron Corbin had potential.  He could have been the best.  He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a coward above the rest.  He left him lying in the dirt and showed that he is a taller, stupider version.  He says that Baron's career is in the ditch and he is nothing more than Stephanie's . . . 

Jinder Mahal attacks Elias from behind and kicks him in the ribs.

Baron goes into the hallway and he tells Elias it looks like Jinder tuned him up.  Baron tells Elias that his match is next.

Match Number Three:  Elias versus Jinder Mahal (with Sunil Singh and Samir Singh)

They lock up and Mahal backs Elias into the corner.  Mahal with a waist lock but Elias with a punch and chops.  Elias with a clothesline but Mahal with a belly-to-back suplex.  Mahal kicks Elias in the ribs.  Samir stretches Elias around the ring post while Sunil distracts the referee.  Mahal with a rear chin lock.  Mahal with an abdominal stretch and Mahal turns it into a waist lock.  Elias with an elbow and punches but Mahal with a knee to stop Elias.  Elias floats over in the corner and hits a mule kick.  Elias punches Jinder in the corner and the referee warns Elias.

Mahal gets Elias on his shoulders but Elias escapes.  Mahal misses a knee into the turnbuckles and Elias hits Drift Away for the three count.

Winner:  Elias

We are back and Michael Cole reminds us that John Cena is out of World Cup.

We take a look at the brackets.  On the Raw side, Seth Rollins faces Bobby Lashley while Kurt Angle faces Dolph Ziggler.  Rey Mysterio faces Randy Orton while The Miz faces Jeff Hardy on the Smackdown side.

We have a video package for Kurt Angle.  He says he was born to win the Olympic Gold Medal.  He says it was the proudest moment of his life, but his destiny was to entertain the fans in the WWE.

Kurt says he hears the whispers in the locker room and hears about how social media is saying that Kurt is out of his mind if he thinks he will the World Cup.  Was he out of his mind when he won the Royal Rumble in 2000?  Was he out of his mind when he won the WWE Title in his rookie year?  Was he out of his mind when he won a gold medal with a broken freakin' neck?  Maybe.  Kurt says he is not coming to Crown Jewel to prove that he has one more match.  He is coming to prove that he is the best in the world.  

Chad Gable asks Bobby how much his robe costs and the thread count.  Roode says it is priceless.  Chad says it is glorious.  

Match Number Four;  Konnor and Viktor versus Chad Gable and Bobby Roode versus Akam and Rezar (with Drake Maverick)

Akam and Rezar are targeted by the other four men before the bell rings.  Roode and Gable send Rezar into the ring steps and Akam is sent into the ring post by Konnor and Viktor.

We go to commercial.

The match starts during commercial and Gable with a jaw breaker.  Viktor pulls Roode off the apron while Konnor hits a spinebuster.  Akam confronts Konnor and Gable drop kicks Konnor into Akam.  Viktor tags in and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex on Gable but Gable escapes.  Roode tags in and Gable with Chaos Theory accompanied by a neck breaker from Roode for the three count.

Winners;  Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

After the match, Akam and Rezar attack all four men.  They hit Super Collider on Roode and Gable.

We see footage of Roman Reigns visiting child cancer patients in Dallas.  We see their comments of support for Roman Reigns.

We have a video package showing what happened when Dean Ambrose decided to put aside the emotion of winning the tag titles for Roman Reigns to attack his partner.

We go to commercial.

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