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By Mike Johnson and on 2018-10-28 17:57:00

They ran down the top matches for Crown Jewel.  You could hear the crowd booing that.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella.

Brie Bella came out with Nikki, carrying a Bella Army flag.

Nikki looked scared at the start of the match.

Rousey was tossing her around with the idea that she was showing Bella she could take her out at any point.  The idea here is the wrestler screwing with the Diva who isn’t in her league.  Beall kicked the ropes in frustration.  Bella was tossed again and this time, Nikki rolled to the outside.  Rousey followed but when she went to grab her, Brie got in her face.  That allowed Nikki to blast her and send her into the ringpost.

Nikki tossed Rousey back in the ring and scored several two counts.  Brie began yelling asking Rousey where her mom was.  Bella locked in a rear chinlock on the mat.  Brie smacked Ronda's head into the ringpost when the ref was distracted.  Bella worked over Rousey with a head scissor, even doing push-ups to knock Ronda.  Brie nailed Ronda from the floor when the referee was distracted again.  Rousey powered up but was trapped in an abdominal stretch.  Rousey finally tossed her off but before she could capitalized, Nikki nailed a springboard kick to the face for a two count.

Nikki nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  The fans had dueling chants.  Rousey was placed on the ropes and Nikki set up for a superplex.  Rousey battled back and sent her into the ring.  Rousey went for a flying bodypress but Nikki ducked.   Nikki went for a sliding kick but Rousey pulled herself up with the ropes.  Nikki grabbed at her neck immediately and was checked by Brie.

Nikki returned to the ring.  Ronda pulled her up on her shoulders.  Brie grabbed Nikki to stop it but was instead pulled atop of Nikki and Rousey nailed them both with what was I guess a DVDR.  Rousey psyched herself up and kicked off a Nikki charge.  Rousey began beating her with a series of punches, then mounted her for more.  Rousey snapped her down to the mat and told her to get back up.  Nikki begged off in the corner so Rousey stopped and slapped her across the face.  She tossed Bella with a Judo Throw.

Bella rolled to the outside and tried to escape but was grabbed at the barried and tossed back into the ring.  Brie nailed her but was stopped doing it a second time and tossed over the announcers' table.  Rousey returned to the ring, where Bella hit her with an Alabama Slam for a two count.  Rousey was sent into the ringpost shoulder-first and hit with the Rack Attack TKO for a close two count.

Bella went to the ropes and yelled for Brie Mode in honor of her sister, but Rousey nailed her.  Nikki kicked her off but Rousey got her again and snatched her down to the mat and locked in the armbar.  Nikki immediately tapped out.

Your winner and still Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey!

A good match that told a nice story.  

Rousey celebrated for a long time in the ring before going to the floor and kissing her husband.  She made her way around the ring and when she returned up the aisle, pretty much every performer on the card was waiting to greet her and they went off the air with everyone celebrating the moment of the show.

They aired a music video with highlights of the PPV as they went off the air.

Before you go, wants to know what you thought of the PPV, what the best match was and most importantly, when should WWE hold their next all-women's show  You can weigh in with your opinions by clicking here!

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