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By Mike Johnson and on 2018-10-28 17:57:00

WWE NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler

They showed a number of NXT talents at ringside, including Bianca Belair, Lacey Evans, Candice LaRae and of course, Four Horsewomen members Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

NXT chant at the bell.

They went back and forth immediately.  Sane went for a spinning backfist but was grabbed in a sleeper.  Sane fought her way out and nailed a sliding clothesline, the Sliding D, then nailed a big boot to the gut.   They battled to the floor, where Baszler gained control when she kicked her in the face and sent her into the stairs.  Back in the ring, Baszler nailed a gutwrench face-first suplex for a two count.  Baszler stomped on Sane's hand after snapping her arm in an awkward position.

Baszler locked on a Keylock, but was rolled up for a two count.  Baszler took her back to the mat and worked over the arm.

Sane fought back and had some great fire.  Baszler began selling her arm.  Sane speared her.  She set up and speared her hard in the corner, then nailed a neckbreaker for another two count.  Baszler made a comeback and while standing on the corner, lifted her in the air with an armbar.  That looked just EVIL.

Sane was dropped to the floor.  Baszler tossed her back in and went for a suplex, but the NXT Champion turned it into a DDT.  She went to the top for the insane elbow, but Baszler rolled to the outside.  Sane hit a flying bodypress to the outside, wiping her out.  She backdropped Baszler into the first row where the women were sitting.

Kane tossed Baszler back into the ring but was grabbed by Jessamyn Duke.  Sane nailed a back fist.  Sane went to top but Marina Shafir got on the apron.  Sane fought her off with a backfist as well but was grabbed in a sleeper.  Sane rolled over and almost scored the pin.  She rolled up Shayna for a two count but when the challenger kicked up, Duke nailed Sane from outside the ring.

Sane groggily stumbled into the sleeper.  She fought and fought for the ropes but was out.  The official gave her a chance to fight back and respond but when she was obviously out, the ref called it.

Your winner and new WWE NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler!

Baszler kicked off her second reign with a really good title win and the official TV introduction of her Four Horsewomen mates.  Good stuff.  Baszler is the first ever multi-time champ.

Another feature with comments on the show.  They featured Vickie Guerrero, which was the first time she was seen on the show.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair: Last Woman Standing Match.

Fans were chanting for Becky before she ever came out and she got a big reaction.  Flair was pretty much booed out of the place.

They had each other scouted early on.  Lynch gained control and nailed a legdrop, then told the referee to count.  Flair was up at the four count.  Lynch sent Charlotte into the corner, where she did the Flair flop and returned to shoulderblock into the ring on Becky.  Lynch returned with an exploder.  Lynch went to come off the ropes, but Charlotte avoided her and nailed a big boot.  The referee began counting down Lynch.

Lynch came back to toss Charlotte to the floor.  Lynch pulled out a Singapore Cane and began beating Flair with it.  The crowd chanted for a table.  Lynch instead grabbed a chair.  Flair began tossing chairs into the ring as well.  The crowd chanted “ECW” at this.  Flair went for a table but Lynch charged around the ring and nailed a flying forearm.  She tried to bring Flair back into the ring but was hit with a Head & Arms Tazplex on the floor.    Lynch was counted down but returned at the five count and grabbed a chair.  She nailed Charlotte, who was setting up the table, across the back and then followed up with a shot to the mid-section.  The crowd chanted, "You deserve it."

Lynch brought Flair back into the ring and told the referee to begin counting her down.   Lynch slammed her into the chairs.  She began stacking the chairs and attempted to hit an exploder onto them.  Charlotte elbowed her way and nailed a back suplex onto them.  Both women were down and the referee began counting them down.  Flair returned to her feet and brought a table into the ring only to be blasted by Lynch and sent to the floor.  Lynch set up the table as the referee counted Flair down.  Charlotte used the announcer's table to pull herself up.

Flair returned to the ring but Lynch nailed a Rock Bottom onto the chairs.  Flair got to her feet at the count of eight but Lynch attacked her and slammed her head-first into the table.  Lynch went to the top but Flair got off the table and attacked Becky.  Charlotte began stomping away at her as the Nassau Coliseum booed.  Lynch was placed on the table.   Flair went to the top and hit a moonsault, but overshot it, landing on the edge of the table.  The table didn't break at all and turned over with Lynch falling off.  Flair placed her back on the table and came off with a swanton, this time hitting the mark and smashing the table.

The referee counted both women but Flair rolled to the outside and pulled out a ladder.  Lynch nailed her before she could use it.   The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."  Lynch slammed her on the ladder.  Flair came back and tried to lock on a figure eight through the ladder it appeared.  Lynch's leg was through one of the rungs, so Charlotte stomped and beat on it.  She locked on the figure eight and even bridged it.    Lynch grabbed a chair and beat Flair's leg with it to finally break it.  A dueling back and forth chant began.  They ended up on the floor, where Lynch shoved Flair into the ring steps.  Flair was counted down by the referee as Lynch screamed at her to stay down.

At the five count, Lynch met a rising Flair and ran her into the ringpost.  The referee began counting again.  Lynch grabbed the Smackdown Women's title and walked out through the crowd as if the match was over.  Flair charged her and attacked as they chopped back and forth in the crowd.    They battled back into the ringside area.  Flair set up one of the announcer's table to prepare to use it, then slammed Lynch's head over and over into another table.

Flair pulled out another ladder on the floor and set it up.  Lynch drilled her with the title belt and placed Flair on the announcer's table.  Lynch ascended the ladder Flair has set up and nailed a legdrop off the ladder through the table.  Sabu would have been proud of that spot.  It looked great.  The referee began counting Flair down but she pulled herself up to her knees and asked Lynch if that was all she had. Lynch viciously attacked her with a stiff boot, then began throwing all the furniture atop of her, including the announcers' chairs.  The referee began dramatically counting Flair down but she escaped and returned at nine.

Lynch was shocked as she stared at Flair.  Flair began begging off.  Flair grabbed the Singapore Cane and began teeing off on her over and over.  Flair speared her on the floor.  Flair grabbed a table and set it up.  She slammed Lynch's head ito it and placed her atop the table.  I hope she's not going for another moonsault.  Oh no, she is.  Lynch rose to her feet and slipped underneath, nailing a rude powerbomb off the apron to the floor.  The referee began counting as Flair screamed and writhed on the floor.   She fought to her feet but couldn't make the count.  GREAT finish.

Your winner and still Smackdown Women's Champion, Becky Lynch!

I said this was going to be the heart and soul of the show and man, right now Nikki Bella and Ronda Rousey may be the unluckiest women on the planet having to follow this.  This was just an incredible spectacle with all the stunts being greatly magnified by the intensity and physicality of the work here.  This may have been the best "hardcore" match I've seen in a long, long time.  Just a great story with both competitors coming out looking like warriors who went to battle and wouldn't give each other an inch.  This is what we all love pro wrestling for.  Kudos to all involved, you just stole the show.  I don't know if this will be remembered as an all time classic, but the announcers really pushed it like it was.  It was easily the show stealer here.

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