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By Mike Johnson and on 2018-10-28 17:57:00

2018 Mae Young Classic tournament final: Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm.

They showed the other Semi-Finals at ringside.  NXT referee Jessica Carr was the official.

They shook hands before the bell.  Some nice back and forth technical wrestling early on.  Storm finally escaped a hold and held her hand out to Io to help her up.  The crowd chanted for Toni.   Storm caught Io with a dropkick and began to nail several forearms.

Io ducked a clothesline, did several backflips to throw Storm off and nailed her with a dropkick.   Io maneuvered her into a full nelson armbar on the mat, trying to force a submission.   Storm avoided a charge in the corner and snatched her up with a big suplex.  Storm nailed a big elbow and went to the top, but Io recovered and dropkicked her off the top to the floor.  Io nailed a moonsault from the top to the floor.

They battled to the apron.  They each avoided moves.  Storm nailed a headbutt and hit a German suplex on the apron.  I don’t expect to see that very often on the WWE main roster.  Io was almost counted out but made it back in the ring before the ten count.  Storm covered her for several two counts.  Io and Storm fired back and forth with forearms.

Shirai gained control and beat Storm down with punches to the back and a palm strike.  She rebounded off the roped but ate a clothesline.  Storm nailed her finisher Storm Zero but Io kicked up at the last second.   Shirai came back with a 619 and hit a springboard sunset flip into the ring for a two count.  Shirai continued controlling the bout until Storm pulled her knees up during a moonsault.  Toni Storm nailed Storm Zero and scored the pin.

Your winner, the 2018 Mae Young Classic Tournament champion, Toni Storm!

Storm was overwhelmed with emotion and looked around in awe that she had won before checking on Io.  The two embraced.

Triple H, Sara Amato and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring with flowers and the trophy.  Triple H and Stephanie presented to Storm, then gave flowers to Io as well.

They ran a plug for Crown Jewel.

Very good, athletic match that the crowd seemed to appreciate live.

They aired another video feature with women from past and present discussing what Evolution means to them.

The Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley & Natalya.

The Riott Squad came out dressed paying tribute to different horror characters.  Ruby was dressed as Jigsaw.  Liv was Pennywise.  Logan was Leatherface.

Natalya and Morgan started out.  Liv mocked her and got slapped for it.  Natalya and Sasha did a Hart Attack in tribute to the Hart Foundation.  Bayley worked over Logan, who went to the floor.  Bayley followed her to the floor and nailed a dropkick.  The Squad distracted Bayley, who went for a move through the ropes but was dropkicked into the ringpost by Logan.  They worked her over with kicks in the corner.  

The Riott Squad began tagging in and out, working over Bayley’s abdominal region.  

Bayley was worked over for a long time but broke free, only to see her partners pulled off the apron and attacked, preventing the tag.  Bayley fought back again and this time, Banks made the hot tag.  Banks came off the top with a big Thesz Press on Ruby for a two count.  She and Riott went back and forth with some really good action.

Banks nailed a Backstabber.  Bayley hit Riott with the Bayley to Belly but Liv knocked Sasha into Bayley and broke up the pinfall.  Banks fought back and went for a tope con hilo but got caught in the ropes.  Riott caught her and tossed her into the guard rail.  They brought her back into the ring and triple teamed her.  They nailed a Doomsday Device variation for a two count, but Natalya made the save.

Natalya was dumped out of the ring by Morgan.  Ruby went for a back senton splash off the top but Bayley dove on top of Banks, sacrificing herself.  They tossed Bayley to the outside and covered Banks for a two count.  The Riott Squad continued working her over until finally Natalya made the tag in.

Natalya nailed a suplex on Riott but Logan had blind-tagged in and nailed her.  Natalya slammed Logan and then Riott atop of her.  She then placed both in the Sharpshooter at the same time, but Liv Morgan attacked her from behind.   Morgan charged but Natalya caught her and powerbombed her.  Bayley tagged in and hit a flying elbow.  Banks came off the top with a frog splash, which the announcers said was in honor of Eddie Guerrero.  Bayley wiped out the other members of the Squad with a dive.  Banks scored the pin.

Your winners, Natalya & Sasha Banks & Bayley!

A very good back and forth six woman tag that told a good story and had some good storytelling and physicality.

Another round of comments from talents working the show.  Alicia Fox said tonight was the biggest match of her career and was crying.

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