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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-17 09:23:00

In regard to the Austin Aries situation, there were segments written for him for this week's TV tapings that were later changed after the Bound for Glory PPV.   Aries returned home to Las Vegas on Monday.  

One Impact source described the last few days of TV taping as the most "relaxing" and "easiest" production days in a long time for the company and noted that they ended up well ahead of pre-shoots and other logistics yesterday.

The original plan for the Eli Drake mystery partner was Joey Janela, who pulled off the date after suffering a knee injury.  The plan had been to use the segment to introduce Janela and use him going forward as a regular.  With Janela out, the company decided to bring in James Ellsworth.  There were rumors making the rounds that the company tried to bring in Low Ki for the segment, but one source denied that was correct.  We had not heard Ki was contacted.  There is no plan for Ellsworth to return at this point.

Impact will tape TV in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena on Monday 1/7/19, the day after their Homecoming PPV.

Willie Mack will be in as a regular going forward.

Impact loved the Melrose Ballroom for atmosphere and is open to returning to the venue down the line.

Expect a sit-down interview with Moose to air on an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer worked last night's taping as a producer.  

This Thursday's Impact Wrestling will air at 8 PM with a 10 PM replay on Pop.  Next week's episode will shift over to the new 10 PM timeslot.

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